What are these mysterious events you keep hearing so much about in Idle Heroes? Well, in a nutshell, events are recurring (sometimes one-off) activities or, ehum, events, in which the player has to complete certain actions in order to be generously rewarded with loot and booty (no, not that kind of booty) if successful.

Now that’s all well and good, but these events come in many shapes and forms, and we here at BlueStacks will do our best to clarify and provide an overview and explanation of the different types of events.

As stated above, there’s many kinds of events, but the most important ones as well as the ones that this article will focus on, can be found by clicking the hourglass icon in the top right corner of the main screen, called “Limit Events” (it’s constantly moving, somewhat obnoxiously, so spotting it should not be a problem).

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

Once clicked, it will open up a list of currently available events. The majority of these events will have a timer associated with them, which you, being as smart as you are, have already figured out means that they’re time-limited. For the most part, each time-limited event is accessible for a week (168 hours). So, better get to work if you wish to claim all those juicy rewards before it’s over!

Summon Events

These events are pretty straightforward and revolve around claiming prizes for summoning high-level heroes. They’re probably the first type of event you’ll come in contact with, and consist of the following:

Summon Prizes

Summon heroes using Heroic Summon Scrolls (NOT Basic Summon Scrolls or Hearts). Each heroic summon earns you 1 point, up to a total of 550 for each event (550 Heroic Summons is a lot though, so don’t expect this to come easy). Currently, the top reward is 5 star, new hero(ine) Jahra. Sweet indeed, not to mention the powerful weapons, armor, and other items up for grabs along the way.

So, hold on to your Heroic Summon Scrolls until this event comes around if you’re able to!

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

Prophet Summon Event

The other major summon event in the game, Prophet Summon substitutes Heroic Summon Scrolls for Prophet Orbs. Now, we all know Prophet Orbs are admittedly a lot harder to come by than Heroic Summon Scrolls, so you “only” need 120 to claim all the rewards for this particular event. And what be these rewards, you ask greedily? Well, in our experience it’s a combination of rare and mighty heroes / hero shards as well as massive amounts of Gold.

Heroic Miracle

Similar to the Summon Prizes event, this summon event focuses on summoning a set number of 5-star heroes from each faction (rather than a great number of heroes). This can be something like:

  1. 2x 5-star heroes from the Light faction
  2. 2x 5-star heroes from the Dark faction
  3. 3x 5-star heroes from the Forest faction
  4. 3x 5-star heroes from the Fortress faction
  5. 3x 5-star heroes from the Abyss faction
  6. 3x 5-star heroes from the Shadow faction

Completing one of these objectives earns you a different reward, usually in the form of 2 pieces of fairly decent orange equipment as well as a couple of Prophet Orbs. Should you complete all the quests for this event (6 in total, 1 for each faction), expect a high-level 5-star hero to join your lineup!

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

Other Events

Luckily, not all events revolve around summoning heroes. So, if you’re short on Summon Scrolls and Prophet Orbs, don’t despair. Check out some of the following events:

Militants Event

Do you love spending your time in the arena, pitting your wits and hero ensemble against other players? Well, then this PvP event is for you.

It consists of a number of different quests, and as always, your goal should be to complete them all in order to claim the ultimate prize (usually a 5-star hero).

Most of these quests involve winning battles in the 2 PvP arenas (Crystal Crown League and Trial of the Champion), where each battle victory earns you 2 points. Once you reach the required number of points for a certain quest, you’ll be able to claim your reward (Gems and other items like Super Casino Chips, Artifacts and Prophet Orbs are common here).

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

Casino Prizes

Time to put on your gambling hat and join us in the casino! This event lets you spin the wheel of fortune, where each spin grants you 1 event point (for a total maximum of 600). But, as you probably know, one spin also sets you back one Chip, so you better keep a stash of Chips ready for when this event comes around. Especially considering you’ll need around 600 spins to be eligible for all the rewards.

You can, however, get this down to 480 Chips by investing some real dollars in VIP level 2 which enables you to spin 10 times at once for only 8 Chips a pop.

This event is only for the Common Casino, so using Super Chips in the Super Casino will unfortunately not count towards the 600 points. Should you partake in this event, in addition to the event rewards such as 5-star heroes and other goodies, you’ll obviously also get to keep all the treasures that you’d normally get from a night at the casino!

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

Fusion Event

Definitely the best time to fuse your heroes, since each fusion gives you obscene amounts of Gold, Magic Dust and other essential materials. There is a limit in place on how many fusions you can perform during this event, but considering how massively expensive it is to fuse heroes, we don’t think this will pose too much of a problem. Especially if you’re a relatively new player.

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

If you just started playing, you most likely won’t be able to get much out of this event at all unfortunately. So, better get out of the way and let the big boys play for now! But don’t cry too much, you’ll get there soon enough too if you keep collecting heroes.

A Guide to Recurring Events in Idle Heroes on PC

Broken Spaces

Not sure exactly why these places are considered more broken than the rest of the vile world of Idle Heroes, but they’re made up of the following:

  1. Human-Ghost United (rewards Gold)
  2. Hell Strike (rewards Magic Dust)
  3. Light Dark Union (rewards Monster Souls and Chaos Stones)

To enter one of these spaces, you’ll need a Challenge Badge, which you either receive for free in the mail or from looting enemies in the campaign (only while this event is active).