Infinity Kingdom is a real-time strategy game (RTS) that will put your decision-making skills to the test. In this game, the player is tasked with overseeing that their kingdom’s different sectors prosper in both military strength and economic stability. Managing your kingdom correctly allows the player to be better prepared for all the challenges they face. Not to mention, kingdom management will also make them better equipped to take on other players in the inevitable PvP factor of the game that they’ll eventually tackle head-on.

Looking at the game from an outside perspective makes it look easy, but in truth, the game can be pretty confusing for players who don’t have previous experience in the RTS genre. Most players fail at building their kingdom in the early stages of the game; this is why they become easy targets for veteran players to attack. This beginner’s guide aims to shed light on the steps that new players often skim over; keep these tips in mind when managing your first kingdom to get a higher chance of success.

Resource Production is Everything

Resource production is everything. The backbone of a strong kingdom lies in its ability to provide the resources to build structures, train troops, or research technology. While the game gives a generous amount of such resources at the start of the game, these freebies will eventually run out once you reach the higher castle levels because everything suddenly becomes ridiculously expensive. Make sure that your resources are all upgraded so that you’ll be able to reap the highest number of resources possible.

Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Of course, having high-leveled resource buildings is just the beginning. Players need to dedicate their time to collecting these resources by logging in every few hours so that the resources produced won’t reach the maximum capacity. This is important because when you waste time allowing your buildings to sit at max capacity, you waste overall production. Once a building produces enough resources, it’ll reach its capacity and stop making them; the more time you let your buildings sit in that state, the more time wasted that you could have spent creating a few more resources.

Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Train More Troops

Immortals are not the primary source of your kingdom’s military strength. Troops that comprise each Immortal’s squads are the main reason why you have a large army to begin with. As you send out your army to fight the dwarves or participate in the main story, you’ll lose troops. Most troops can be treated at the hospital, but a portion of the army will always end up lost. This implies that you’ll need to ensure that your Training Grounds is always at maximum capacity.

Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

A good tip that new players might find useful is to train as many troops as possible before you upgrade your Barracks to level 10. When your Barracks building reaches level 10, all of your Level 1 troops automatically get promoted to the next level. Furthermore, you will no longer be able to train level 1 troops; Level 2 troops will cost more resources. You will be able to conserve your resources by reaching the maximum capacity of troops before reaching Castle Level 10.

Keep Your Kingdom Busy

Whether it’s upgrading buildings, researching technology, upgrading your dragons, collecting resource tiles, or attacking world bosses, your kingdom should always be doing something. Once you slow down on upgrades and production, the kingdom will become idle and lag behind the competition; stronger kingdoms will eventually take you over. The best way to stay ahead of the race is always to keep your kingdom occupied with things to do.


Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

There’s always something to do in Infinity Kingdom. The only factors hindering you from doing everything at once are limited resources and long countdown timers. If you can collect resources consistently – like by sending your troops out to secure resource tiles – you shouldn’t have much of a problem. You can also spend gems to buy resources or skip countdown timers. There are even speedup items that you can use to accelerate your progression time.

Complete the Well of Time

The Well of Time isn’t just a place where you can indulge yourself in the lore surrounding Infinity Kingdom. Completing stages in the Well of Time also gives useful rewards such as treasures you can use to upgrade your Immortals. The Well of Time is locked by an energy system that limits the number of times you can enter. Maximize spending your energy by ensuring you always finish a few stages at a time to collect treasures you need to upgrade.

Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance features multiple benefits that can help you progress faster in the game. Whenever you upgrade a building or research new technology, you can request your allies to shorten the amount of time in a countdown timer by a small percentage. Alliances also serve as shields against potential attackers. The stronger your alliance is, the less likely other players are to attack you – that is unless they really want to start a fight.

Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Join in on the Conversation

Players often talk to each other in the World Chat. You can use this feature to build connections with other players or ask about things that you don’t understand about the game. By talking to other players, you can sharpen your knowledge about the game since veteran players will most likely be sharing tips and tricks that you can use to improve your gameplay. It’s also a fun way to pass the time if you’re waiting for short countdowns.

Beginner's Guide To Get Started In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Prepare Yourself for Battle

The early stages of the game might seem peaceful, especially if you have your shields up. However, once other players reach a high enough Castle Level and have amassed enough troops to become a threat, they’ll relieve their boredom by attacking other players on the map. This is just part of the game, so don’t get frustrated if there are players that keep attacking you multiple times a day. Become strong enough to defend yourself by accelerating your progress with the help of BlueStacks features!