When you have a strong military, your standing in Infinity Kingdom is secured because other players are discouraged from taking advantage of you. The first step to establishing a powerful military is to raise a strong army capable of defending your kingdom from incoming threats. That army should also be able to attack other kingdoms without taking too many casualties. Players with mighty armies are often the ones who are capable of winning the game at the end of each season.

Building a strong army isn’t merely about having a large number of troops crammed into each squad. Several factors come into play when establishing an efficient military lineup capable of both repelling enemy forces and taking over other kingdoms. New players often miss some of these steps since they are too busy scrambling to manage both economic and military resources. In this military guide, we’ll teach you how to raise the strongest army in Infinity Kingdom.

Research Technology

In our Beginner’s Guide, we mentioned that players must ensure that their Training Grounds are always at max capacity with troops. The point of this is to ensure that you’ll never lose out on the numbers game. As it stands, however, the quality of troops defeats the quantity that is sent out. To make a powerful army, you’ll need to upgrade each soldier’s stats through researching new military techniques in the Academy. This will set your troops apart from kingdoms that are at your level or lower.

Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Researching troop technology can be very expensive and cost a lot of iron. Before prioritizing troop advancement research, make sure that your economy can support itself. Otherwise, you should hold off researching military advancements until you’ve completed researching economy; that is, unless another player is relentlessly attacking you. Try to determine which types of troops you use most often in your squads; then prioritize upgrading those units to maximize efficiency.

Upgrade Your Immortals

Immortals control your army in terms of efficiency and size. If you have a higher leveled immortal, that means that they can command more troops and increase your total army size. Even if you have the maximum number of soldiers in your training grounds, it won’t mean a lot unless they are assigned to an immortal. The purpose of having a large number of troops in stock is to ensure that even if an immortal loses some troops in a skirmish, they can replenish their numbers immediately. 

Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Fix Your Squad Lineup

An essential factor in building your army is organizing your squad lineups to make the distribution and bonuses more efficient. You should be prioritizing summoning your immortals regularly so that you can collect different types of immortals. Each immortal will have a set of troops, so the more choices you have, the easier it’ll be to organize your troops. These are some factors that you can do to improve your squad lineup and therefore maximize your army’s power.

  • Elemental Bonuses

Each immortal is aligned with a specific element from Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Holy, or Shadow. Having multiple immortals of the same element in the same squad will give both an increased damage buff and a damage reduction buff from enemies. Having four immortals and one dragon of the same element will provide the highest stat bonus, so try to get a full squad like this as soon as possible. Otherwise, a squad consisting of four elements will be your best option moving forward.

Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

  • Troop Distribution

At the beginning of the game, you’ll most likely only have units that use Cavalry and Bowmen. Depending on which faction you joined at the beginning of the game, you’ll want to add immortals that make use of other troops like Shieldmen or Spearmen to maximize the stat output of your squad. It also helps with control by distributing which troops die or get wounded. Training new troops will make it easier to replace lost troops when you have all of your facilities working at the same time.


Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

  • Raising Dragons

Dragons are a quintessential part of any strong army. To upgrade dragons beyond level 4, you’ll need to save up on Dragon Soul Crystals; you can find them on the Market or by defeating bosses on the map (which is significantly more difficult). Make sure always to try and get all the Dragon Soul crystals on the market, even if you don’t own a dragon of that element yet. This is to ensure that you’ll have a smoother time upgrading your dragon beyond level 4 faster.

Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Upgrade Your Barracks

Upgrading your barracks by increments of 10 will increase the quality of your troops. A good way to abuse this is by filling up your Training Grounds with troops first before upgrading your barracks; upgrading your barracks will automatically promote all existing troops in your army. Don’t try to rush to level 10 without establishing a sound economic standing first, though, so that you won’t lose too many resources trying to train expensive troops in your army.

Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Build Strong Defenses

To ensure that your army is kept safe from enemy attackers, you’ll need to build defenses and fortifications by upgrading your walls and building traps. This will make it difficult for enemies to siege your kingdom, even if they have a higher level than you. This is also the reason why defenders have a huge advantage when it comes to battling. Don’t forget to garrison your troops when an enemy is threatening to attack you or when you plan to be AFK (leave the game running unattended).

Raising The Strongest Army In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Mind the Costs of War

War isn’t something that you can decide upon without having repercussions. War is expensive because it’ll cost you a lot of troops and resources. Decide whether the cost of this war is worth the losses you will incur. Often, there are hidden costs to war, such as angering a strong guild or breaking diplomatic relationships with another person. Weigh every possibility first before charging into battle so that you won’t regret your decision in the end. Wise lords always know what battles are worth taking.