Resources are an essential factor in Infinity Kingdom that you’ll need to progress through the game. The biggest problem with this game is that it only allows a fixed number of resource production buildings as you level up. This means that the game’s early stages become quite tricky, especially for new players who just want to upgrade buildings quickly and train as many troops as possible. Everything you do will cost resources, and the higher the level you upgrade your buildings, the more expensive they get.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways for players to get resources other than production. Most of these methods don’t require players to spend real money to get the much-needed resource, but it will require players to put in a bit of effort. There’s no need for players to dish out real money just to keep up with the higher-ranking players in the game. Veteran players who are knowledgeable of this game genre are often familiar with what they need to do. Here’s a guide about how you can manage your resources like a pro.

Complete Missions and Quests

Missions and quests provide the most amount of resources, and so are the best way to farm them. Whenever you upgrade a building or complete a different milestone, the system will reimburse a bit of the resource you spent as “rewards” for successfully progressing through the game. This is aimed at encouraging players to keep making progress so that they don’t get left behind. The rewards are reasonable and give players a sense of achievement whenever they do something in the game.

How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Inventory Resources

Clicking on your Items tab will redirect you to your inventory, where you can choose to use consumable items. Go to the Resources tab, and you’ll notice that there are stockpiled resources in it that you can open to refill the resources you have. You can also open chests on the Others tab to get more inventory resources that you can open later. You can even do this by clicking on the resource bars at the top of your screen to immediately redirect you to your inventory resources.

How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Resource Plots

Resource plots are areas in the overworld that you can attack to gain resources. The only downside of this method is that you’ll have to delegate troops to collect resources in the plot for long periods, which might leave your kingdom vulnerable to attack. If your map area is relatively peaceful, you can freely send all your troops to collect various resources plots in your vicinity. Monitor your account from time to time so that you’ll know if you need to withdraw your troops.

How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Wishing Fountain

The wishing fountain is a building you can use to get free resources every day. Each day, you are given 12 free resource collection attempts; all subsequent attempts past those 12 will cost gems. Attempting to pray for a resource has a chance to multiply the resource up to five times. The higher the level of your Wishing Fountain, the more considerable the number of resources it’ll give to you per prayer. Don’t hesitate to spend gems to further collect resources since you are given more gems than the game’s resources.


How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Attacking Other Players

The most common way for higher-level players to gather resources is by attacking other players. The higher the level of the opponent being attacked, the more likely you’ll receive higher amounts of resources in loot. This can also be a risky play since players who don’t have a strong military force might lose more than they gain. Read up on our Military Guide to ensure that you can successfully attack other players without losing too much on each skirmish.

How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Territorial Tax

Territorial tax is reserved for players who are members of Alliances that control different regions on the map. These players may benefit from being in an alliance by collecting the resources taxed for the map portion they control. When joining an alliance, make sure that you are entering an alliance that is relatively strong so that you’ll be able to reap this benefit. Make sure to use some of the resources you get this way by donating to the alliance research so that you won’t get kicked out for freeloading.

How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

The Market

The Market offers all kinds of useful items, including inventory resources. The prices of the things they sell on the market vary, even if items are of the same type and amount. Try to use your intuition to determine if the item the market is selling is worth the amount you are spending on it. Don’t make it a habit to buy inventory resources here unless you have loads of gems to spend. Reserve spending on the market for Dragon Soul Crystals or Immortal Shards; they’re much more valuable.

Buying Resources With Gems

You have the option of spending your gems to buy resources in the shop. For free-to-play players, this should never become an option unless you’re completely desperate. The price of the shop’s resources is high, so you’d be better off spending those gems on the Wishing Fountain or the Market. Players with more gems might not mind spending gems to buy these resources. After all, it makes it easy for them to get the resources they need whenever they want.

How To Get More Resources In Infinity Kingdom On PC

Games like these are often considered pay-to-win since players can buy advantages like resources and countdown reduction items to give them an edge in the game. While free-to-play players will most probably find it challenging to catch up, a little hard work will go a long way to ensure that you’re at least strong enough to keep up with paying players. 

Infinity Kingdom has quite a few difficult aspects surrounding it, but by learning the fundamentals, you’ll be able to master games like these in no time. The game might last you a couple of months, provided that you don’t get bored or get wiped out by stronger players. Enjoy the journey along the way with the BlueStacks client so that you’ll have all the advantages you need to keep up with the fierce competition in this real-time strategy game.