Celebrating 1-Year Of Iron Throne On BlueStacks

Celebrating 1-Year Of Iron Throne On BlueStacks

It has been a year since we published our first Iron Throne article: about pre-registration bonuses and if you read it, you are already playing with an exclusive gear set. Well, a lot of time has passed since and Iron Throne is celebrating its 1st anniversary nowadays:  This article talks about all the events you can join and goodies you can get as part of this celebration. we’ll also touch upon other new features that have been added to the game since launch. Enjoy!

New And Shiny Things Since Launch

They added new heroes.

As you already know from our other Iron Throne articles, this game contains heroes that you can assign to different jobs: Some are good for gathering, and some are good for fighting. Three new heroes have been added to the game and they are very easy to unlock: You don’t even need to purchase them. Here is everything you should know about these heroes:

Toma 5-day login award Gathering
Eldred 7-day login award Infantry
Rand 14-day login award Archer

They increased VIP levels.

The maximum VIP level in Iron Throne is 35 now. Since you can get bigger benefits with each level, being a VIP 35 player is quite advantageous: You get additional Lord Points, faster crafting, more troop health points, and additional VIP quests that can be completed every day. If you were thinking about becoming a VIP player, now is the time.  

They added building enhancements.

All buildings in the Iron Throne can be enhanced now. This is different from the level upgrade: Enhancing increases the effects of the buildings. For example, Watchtower already gives you information about the enemy army, but if you enhance this building, you can also put an attack debuff on the enemies.

Here is the list of full enhancements:

Citadel Faster Construction Speed
Command Center Enemy Infantry Attack Debuff
Warehouse Enemy Cavalry Attack Debuff
Wall Enemy Archer Attack Debuff
Academy Faster Research Speed
Embassy Extra Defense For Reinforced Troops
Hall of War Enemy HP debuff (All Units)
Marketplace Faster Resource Gathering Speed
Altar Execution Buff
Training Grounds Infantry Attack Buff
Stable Cavalry Attack Buff
Archery Range Archer Attack Buff
Siege Workshop Siege Attack Buff
Prison Troop Attack Buff

This process requires using a currency called “Orb Of Trial” which can be obtained from Ancient People’s Trial Steeple. And speaking of that…

They added new PvE modes.

There are two new PvE modes in Iron Throne: Ancient People’s Trial Steeple and Invasion Rifts. The Steeple is a big tower that you need to clear its floors one by one, just like in ARPGs. It is possible to solo this mode and so far, players managed to “climb” up to the 50th floor. Invasion Rifts, on the other hand, are Alliance events which cannot be soloed. It is basically the Monster Hunt on steroids: Once an Alliance member activates it, elite monsters will start to spawn near the Alliance Stronghold for 20 minutes. You can attack these monsters with your Alliance members.

Play Iron Throne on BlueStacks

1-Year-Anniversary Events

The first event is a festival, which you can do various things to participate in. These are very simple things actually, and you will complete most of them while playing the game. Basically, you are asked to use an item multiple times and take part in team deathmatch and battle royale features. Doing so will give lots and lots of resources. In fact, you can get 500.000 of each resource by completing a single goal.

Each player will also get 1 Lord AP potion, 100 War Coin, and 5.000 gold for free during the events.

Note that these will be daily activities, and the Iron Throne will ask you to complete a different set of goals every day, until the 1-year celebration is complete. So you may see different things when you log in to the game. In fact, you will see one of the following things each day:

  • Increased Battle Royale mode awards
  • Exclusive castle skins you can purchase
  • Additional Alliance contribution awards
  • Increased City Battle rewards
  • A cake in front of your city, which gives a different daily login reward for the next 14 days.

Well, if you were thinking about returning to Iron Throne, now is the time: New features look good and celebration awards will definitely give you a head start. Remember to check our other Iron Throne guides too, in order to remember the best tactics and strategies you can use. Oh and especially take a look at our BlueStacks setup guide, as it contains many tips about automatizing the game features and playing on multiple accounts. Let’s return back to the Iron Throne and conquer these lands together!

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