King’s Raid is consistently voted as one of the most popular RPGs across all regions. One of the main reasons why this is the case is because Vespa Inc., the developers who acquired the rights to the game in 2017, have a keen eye for what the players want. To give you an idea, their Reddit community has over 24,000 active members. Recently, they also gave up on the gacha system in favor of a more user-friendly one.

We have to admit that, after several days of consistently engaging with the community, as well as progressing through the game, we think KR is one of the best side-scrollers you can spend your time on. If you want to get the most out of your play time, don’t forget to check out our tips and tricks for beginners.

Since you can now choose which heroes you get, this article is entirely dedicated the best in-game heroes you should spend your resources on. To help out beginners, our focus here will be PvE and utility, rather than PvP or overall strength.

The Starting Heroes

Naturally, you’ll want to know if any of the heroes you’re stuck with from the beginning of the game are any good. As it turns out, half of your rascal squad is very strong, while the other half… not so much. Because Roi and Kasel are not that amazing, we’ve left them out. Don’t get us wrong, they are exceptional. However, if you get any good replacement units for their position, you should likely skip over these two.

Frey – Magic Healer/Buffer

The cute starter Priestess is one of the most overpowered units in the game. And you get her in the very beginning. Her “Blessings of Light” shield absorbs a ridiculous amount of damage, making her the single, most powerful champion of the Priest class. She’s good in PvP too, but we wouldn’t count on her too much.

Rephy and Leo are superior Priest choices when fighting other players. Frey’s first ability, “Miraculous Light”, heals the target with the lowest HP, while her third, “Heaven’s Vengeance”, increases target’s damage taken by 25% at the first level. Much better.

Cleo – Magic DPS

Cleo is another tremendously powerful unit you get in your first hour of playing King’s Raid. A Wizard by class, her “Fire Rain” ability attacks all enemies with a ton of damage. If she also happens to Crit, her Crit DMG will benefit from 150% enhanced attack. With the right gear and team around her, Cleo hits like a truck in PvP as well.

Mirianne – Magic DPS Support

After receiving a considerable buff, the elf maiden Mirianne became one of the most popular heroes in KR. Viable in both PvE and PvP, this champion is one of the core Assassins you should collect and upgrade as soon as possible. Luckily for us, we got her by going through the campaign storyline.

For now, she seems to be doing as much DPS as Cleo, although she has considerably more burst. “Target Lock On” does insane amounts of single-target damage. If you want to end things fast, she’s your weapon of choice.

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The End-Game Powerhouses

These are, hands down, the most powerful units in King’s Raid so far. If you happen to get them in your Inn, jump on them like a Skyrim adventurer on a sweet roll.

Artemia – Main DPS/CC

One of the best wizards in the game, at least thus far, is Artemia. Her outstanding single and multiple damage output should make her your go-to choice for wrecking PvE monsters. She’s a core part of any magic line-up. Although she’s pretty good in PvP due to her “Light’s Judgement”, which stuns the entire map, there are better Wizards you might want to consider when facing other players, such as Maria, Nyx, Ophelia, or Pavel.

Annette – Utility/Damage Amplification

If you’re going with magic formations, then Annette is also someone you might want to consider for the long haul. She’s the one that stands out of the Mechanics. Her support capabilities are tremendous due to her unique combination of dispel, speed, and damage enhancements. You might be able to use her instead of a Priest healer if your formation has enough lifesteal, but it’s a longshot.

Luna – Main DPS

The best magic damage dealer out of the Archers is, hands down, Luna. She’s a great combination of DPS and utility at incredibly low casting costs. She has a unique approach to combat in that the further she is from her enemies, the more damage she deals. Her “Look Out Above” does almost 100k magic damage to opponents, stunning them for one second. The more distance between her and her target, the bigger the bang. If you’re going for a physical formation, though, you might want to consider Requina instead.

Viska – Dodge Tank

Viska is great either as a main or off-tank in magical groups. In the Warriors class, she’s slightly better than Theo overall, although both can pack a serious punch. This rogue demon disguised as a teenage girl relies on dispelling buffs, stunning her enemies, as well as healing herself up with the “Yummy Souls!” ability. We can’t wait to get her in our line-up.

Neraxis – Protector Tank

Last, but definitely not least, Neraxis is one of the best Knights if you’re going full on magic. His AoE crowd control, “Black Lightning Claw”, is useful in both PvE and PvP. His team-wide defence buffs give tremendous survivability and will easily carry you through a hard fight. Alternatively, if you’re going for a physical composition, Glenwys can definitely do the job.

Each and every one of these units is a powerhouse on their own. If you happen to get a chance at either of them, don’t hesitate to take it. They’ll carry you through the mid game and well into the late. More importantly, investing in them will pay off in spades in terms of your ability to progress through content at breakneck speed.

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