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King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

The selling point for King’s Throne might have to do with a lusty ruler and tens of willing maidens, but as we’ve discussed at length in our BlueStacks review of the game, there are many features to explore beyond the royal bedchambers. In fact, that’s what we love about it. As a king, we can entertain young women and make a bunch of interesting decisions in terms of empire management.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

For example, the band of heroes that reside at court and the way you choose to upgrade them can have a tremendous impact on the success of your kingdom. This is true to such an extent that if you press “Go” when the Main Quest asks you to increase your kingdom’s power, the game takes you directly to the heroes screen and suggests that you upgrade them. To put it briefly: when your heroes are strong, your people flourish.

And if only to entice more maidens, we all want a larger… kingdom.

Hero Skills and Empire Levies

In our guide to resources and diamonds, we mentioned the fact that, aside from the Main Quest, your most reliable sources of income are Levies. Through the latter, you can acquire gold and food, as well as recruit troops. The number of Levies you can stack and collect at a time is determined by the level of your kingdom, but the amount of gold, food, and troops is calculated by adding together the stats of your heroes, maidens, and children.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

As you can see in our example, heroes bring the largest contribution to all types of Levies and that’s mainly because of their skills. Some skills result in more food production, others in better taxation, and others still in boosting the troops’ morale and recruiting more units. To get a better idea of what hero does what, you can access their stats in the “Heroes” menu. For instance, let’s take a closer look at our Rollo.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

Under the “Details” tab, we see Rollo’s overall Skill Quality and Attribute Score, as well as his contribution to campaign fights (Military), gold (Fortune), food (Provisions), and troops (Inspiration). By pressing the little button with tomes on the bottom right-hand side, we can spend random or specific knowledge tomes to increase these stats by anywhere from 100 to 5,000 at a time. You can also directly increase a hero’s stats by using the experience of his bounded maiden, but more about this in our guide to maidens and intimacy.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

Once we move to the “Quality Skills” tab, we can evaluate Rollo’s skills. These increase a hero’s stats by a certain amount for each additional hero level, which means the boosts we get from upgrading them are exponentially higher than what we would otherwise get by using tomes. Of course, upgrading skills is also far more difficult.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

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To upgrade Rollo’s “Hearty Appetite lv:6,” for example, we need to use a Provision’s Manuscript or 1,000 points of Quality Skill Exp. While the former can be obtained through quests (albeit rarely), the latter can be boosted through training (at the Training Grounds) or through Quality Skill Exp. Scrolls (for 50 Exp. each). The higher the level of the skill, the less likely it is that the scroll is successful and the more exp points are required per upgrade. The boost to our empire’s food production is all the more significant, though.

Heroes and Campaign Bosses

Although apparently a great farmer and merchant, Rollo is pretty lackluster in terms of his basic Military stat. To help us during campaigns, then, we turn to heroes such as Robin, Don Juan, Guillaume d’Orange, or El Cid. A hero’s Military stat does not contribute to any form of empire production. It does, however, ensure that you lose fewer troops during campaign engagements.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

Furthermore, each chapter of the campaign features 5 battles, the last of which is against a Boss. In a Boss fight, you no longer use or lose troops, but you must put forward a hero that is strong enough to defeat the opposing character. This is not difficult to do, at least at first, especially if you use some Military Tomes on your best fighting character.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

By the time you hit chapter 40-50 of the campaign, though, bosses do tend to get a bit tougher and you might have to get extra training done on a hero to improve their Military Quality Skills.

Heroes in the Arena

By far the most entertaining thing to do with your heroes is to participate in tournaments, where they fight against the strongest characters of other players. You can begin to do this once you have 15 heroes and one level 60 hero.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

During a tournament, one of your heroes goes against the entire team (of up to 20) of another player. Even if you win most fights, your health still decreases incrementally until, at some point, either you defeat all 20 opponents or you are defeated. You can participate in tournaments 4 times per day (with a 1h break between two consecutive attempts), with 4 different heroes. These are selected from your pool of heroes that are level 60 or above.

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

During fights, you’ll also notice that your champions have 2 stats – an attack value and their HP. Don’t be fooled, though: these have little to do with the hero’s Military stat. The former is derived from the hero’s total Quality Skill Score, while the latter is equal to his total Attribute Score. Both are important when you go up against extensive teams, but, as a general rule, you want to use those heroes with the highest Quality Skill Score (since the Attribute Score is much easier to improve).

King’s Throne: Game of Lust – A Guide to Heroes and How to Use Them

Bear in mind that there is no way to select which heroes you use to challenge other players. The only way to ensure that your best heroes are used is to keep all others under level 60. This is a good strategy at first, but not necessarily reliable once your kingdom grows and you need high-level heroes to gather more Levies. As you progress in the game, you’ll want to spread your tomes, skill scrolls, and training time as evenly as possible.

When you start the game fresh, you might wonder how you can get more heroes. The two basic ways to do this are to improve your VIP level with real currency and/or to progress in the Main Quest. There’s no Gacha involved in the process so you won’t have to try hundreds of times before you get the hero you want. If you’re patient and especially if you’re playing King’s Throne on BlueStacks to optimize your in-game time, you’ll have more than 15 heroes at your disposal before the end of your third day.

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