Kiss of War is a delicate, complicated game that involves a lot of crucial decision-making that can easily make a player’s base prosper or suffer the cruelty of war. For any veteran, targeting beginners is the best strategy because they lack the necessary knowledge to prepare a proper defense. For those who get defeated, they have two choices – to either learn from their mistakes or quit the game altogether. The biggest defense against these threats is the knowledge to overcome them.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Kiss of War

Beginners may have the disadvantage in games like these, but that shouldn’t stop them from competing against more experienced players. After all, those experienced players only got good by learning from other players or from their own mistakes. You don’t have to go through the painful process of losing and trying again because BlueStacks is here to give you the fundamentals of playing any real-time strategy game with some in-depth tips to cover Kiss of War’s gameplay mechanics. 

Maintaining the Economy

The Economy is the blood that keeps the base alive. Having a working economy will ensure that the player is free to do whatever they want in the game without delay since they will never run out of resources to use on construction, upgrading, training, and research. Everything in the game will require a certain amount of resources, which is why it’s important that you are producing more than you are spending, otherwise you might find yourself stuck waiting around for the stuff you need.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Kiss of War

We’ll give you an in-depth guide on the intricacies of RTS game economics later, but for now, the most important thing that you need to learn about is that resources should be prioritized. One thing that you can do right now is ensuring that you’ve constructed all your resource production buildings and upgraded them to their maximum possible level. It might not look like it’s not giving enough resources but if you collect it regularly, it’s the most reliable source of resources throughout the game.

The Warfront

The most important thing to remember when playing RTS games is that they are all war games and the threat of an impending attack by another player is ALWAYS present. The only reason why you’d been enjoying peace for the first few days is that beginner accounts are given a limited-time peace shield that prevents other players from attacking you. Also, most players do not engage in military skirmishes during the early stages of the server’s start since they need to focus on bulking up.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Kiss of War

Players need to be prepared in the warfront by having as many troops as possible stockpiled in their base. That means that players must always be training troops until they reach the maximum capacity or their economy can’t handle the population of soldiers anymore. This costs a lot of resources which is why we’ve emphasized having a stable economy as the top priority. Once you’ve developed your military power, you’ll have to be prepared for what’s to come in the future.

Keeping the Base Busy

Keeping the base busy means that your timers are always on. Whether it’s construction, training, research, or marching orders, players need to have a task active so that they don’t waste time. RTS games can be a big commitment, and if you really want to succeed at playing them, you need to log in every hour to check up on the progress of your base and update your tasks. Once you spend a few hours not doing anything productive, you fall behind significantly from the other players.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Kiss of War

Hardcore players never let their timers off for more than a minute. Some even buy extra builders so that they can upgrade their base faster. You also have that option, but it’s not really necessary since you can compete with the top players even as an F2P user by being consistently vigilant. The only time that you shouldn’t be doing anything for your base is while you’re sleeping. Otherwise, try to keep your base busy and always watch out for any looming attacks nearby.

Recruiting Officers

Officers are a key point in Kiss of War because they do multiple tasks for the player. The most relevant task, however, is being in charge of leading your armies towards battle. Without a commander, the army is simply an unorganized mess that has no merit whatsoever. Choosing the best officer for the job will propel your progress and strength miles ahead. This is why players need to recruit as many officers as possible early on so that they have more options for which officers to lead their armies.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Kiss of War

Officers can be acquired from the Recruitment Center for tickets. Tickets are acquired by completing missions or participating in events. Players may also use gold to purchase tickets and get new officers for their army. Officers are acquired at random using the Gacha System depending on their rarity. Naturally, officers that are of a higher rarity have better stats, and so they are better than the lower-rarity officers in terms of functionality in both the economic and military aspects.

Joining a Guild

Finally, joining a strong guild is something that beginners should always prioritize. This isn’t an RPG where you can go solo and assume that you’ll survive. Joining a guild has too many benefits to pass up such as free gifts, bonus attributes, guild help functions, and protection from your enemies. When you play solo, you won’t be expected to last until the end of the first half since you’re an easy target for big guilds to farm resources from because you don’t have anyone to back you up.

BlueStacks Beginners Guide to Playing Kiss of War

When choosing a guild to join, it’s always advisable to choose from the Top 15 guilds on the server since they are most likely active guilds that will help you out. The higher your guild is in the rankings, the less likely other players will attack you in fear of your guildmates retaliating back in full force. Obviously, that means you should also be careful when attacking other players that belong to another guild as they might avenge their guildmate by sending huge armies to march towards your base.