Kiss of War is set in the chaotic period of WWII, so it’s only natural that war and conflict are the main hurdles that players will be facing on a daily basis. To survive in a war-torn world, having a strong army to defend your interests or to attack other players will ensure that you have a place at the top of the rankings. However, creating a perfect military is easier said than done, especially if the player has no idea how the units work and the different ways to improve it to make the military more efficient.

Kiss of War - Military Guide

To become an excellent general, players need to understand the basics of the military and how or when to use it. Just because you have an army doesn’t mean you’ll send them out to battle every chance you get. If you do that, you’ll notice that you lose more units than you gain from the skirmishes that you participate in. Having an efficient and organized military will be challenging to maintain so make sure to be prepared to invest your time and resources into developing it as soon as now.

Troop Types

There are 4 types of units in Kiss of War – Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Infantry, and Artillery. Tank, Tank Destroyers, and Infantry all counter each other, similar to a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Artillery units are weak against the other three unit types but are strong against base defenses and other types of infrastructures which makes them excellent siege units so they shouldn’t be sent on skirmishes that don’t involve trying to take down an enemy base’s walls or turrets.

Kiss of War - Military Guide

It’s important to note that each unit have different attribute spreads. Some units have more power while others have better survivability. The stats may seem insignificant but they pile up the more units you have in one army. However, the most important aspect to take note is the counter matchup. For example, if the enemy army has a lot of tanks, it’s only common sense to place a ton of tank destroyers to render the enemy’s army useless against yours and make the battle easier.

Importance of Officers

Officers lead your armies into battle and there’s nothing that wins a war better than a great general. Kiss of War may portray their officers in a more erotic manner but don’t think that they don’t play an important role in the success of any battle. Officers are assigned specialties that boost the power of an army when they have units of that specific type or when they are assigned to a specific kind of conflict. Having multiple officers ready to lead an army should be the player’s priority.

Kiss of War - Military Guide

Officers are basically the main source of strength of any army because of their passive abilities and active skills. To increase the strength of your army, you’ll need to level up your officers and promote them so that you can upgrade their skills and talents. Equipping them with weapons will also help develop the officer’s individual combat prowess. The higher your officer’s level, the more troops she can outfit into the army which makes a single march order more lethal compared to a small skirmish.

Economic Skirmishes

Economic skirmishes are the most important way to earn resources. If you’ve read our Kiss of War Economy Guide, we already mentioned gathering resources from resource nodes using your army. That’s one of the best ways to gather resources but isn’t the fastest since you can use your army to pillage other players for economic purposes. Attacking other players will yield a certain amount of resources depending on the size of their storehouse and how much they actively produce.

Kiss of War - Military Guide

Economic skirmishes or pillaging is different from a frontal assault. The aim of economic skirmishing is to gain a ton of resources while low casualties so that you don’t end up using the loot you gained to train more troops as replacement or spend them on repairs. The perfect opponents to target for economic skirmishes are bases that were previously attacked by a bigger player or those that are abandoned on the map. It’s quick and easy as long as you’re updated with the events happening around your quadrant.

Upgrading the Army

Upgrading the army is one of the tasks that players need to accomplish as soon as they decide to put priority on their military. This can be done by either unlocking the next unit tier, doing lab research for passive upgrades, and using temporary boosts found in your inventory. We’ve mentioned how an officer will play an important role for strengthening your troops but players should also prioritize the upgrades they can do by themselves so that the units themselves will become more relevant in combat.

Kiss of War - Military Guide

Unlocking the next unit tier is probably the best way to upgrade your army because it essentially doubles your combat power for only a portion of the resources that you have. Every unit can be promoted to the next tier but players will need to unlock it in the lab. There are also other upgrades in the lab that players will need and it’s important for them to max them out once they decide to put emphasis on their military sector. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to max out economy first.

Guild Rallies

The guild is only powerful when its members actively work together to defend their own and defeat a common foe. For warmongering guilds, you’ll often find that they are always attacking other players to eliminate any threat that comes too close to the base. However, the defending will always be at the advantage because they have defensive structures that boost the combat capabilities of their army.

Kiss of War - Military Guide

The purpose of a guild rally is to urge other players in your guild to join the attack in unison so that the attacker will have an easier time penetrating their defenses. As a guild member, it’s your duty to accompany your guild members in the siege against other players especially if you’re in a guild war. Participate in rallies often so that if the time comes that an enemy decides to target you, your guild will stand in your defense.