The economic sector in Kiss of War lays down the foundation of what players need to become successful in this game. Unfortunately, a large percentage of players fail to establish a functional economy, which is often the reason why they get overrun by experienced players in the middle stages of the game, because of lack of knowledge on the topic. In this guide, we’ll be showing the importance of the economy, as well as some tips to help players establish stability in this sector.

An In-depth Guide to Kiss of War Economy

Everything that a player does in Kiss of War will require the use of resources. The higher the player upgrades a specific infrastructure or the more units they train, the more expensive the costs will be to accomplish this. If the player fails to create a functional economy, they will be left behind, as their base will be unable to keep up with the needs of progression. Achieving a stable economy to prevent the player from ever reaching 0 resources is the first thing that they should prioritize .

The Different Resources

There are four primary resources in Kiss of War and those are: Food, Oil, Steel, and Power. There’s also Gold, which is the premium currency in the game that players can use to buy things to help them progress faster. The primary resources are the ones that players need to focus on because the importance of these can’t be emphasized enough. Although Power will only be available later on in the game, the first three will play a big part in early development, which ultimately shapes how a player will proceed in the game.

An In-depth Guide to Kiss of War Economy

Food is a resource that’s primarily used in training troops, but plays a big part in other tasks as well. Players will most likely be spending Food the most in Kiss of War, so it’s a good idea to prioritize food production over everything else. Steel and Oil are mostly used in construction, but if you are prioritizing the upgrading of your infrastructures, you might find yourself having a shortage of Steel. Always have these resources filled up when they are getting low since they are critical for development.

Production Buildings

The primary method of collecting resources is through the production buildings. The production buildings can be found on the outskirts of your base and they are allotted a set of tiles to be constructed upon. Players may only construct up to four buildings of each type, which produce specific resources according to what kind of infrastructure they are. These buildings produce a passive amount of resources up to a maximum amount according to their level; make sure you collect them before they max out.

An In-depth Guide to Kiss of War Economy

A good tip that most veteran players will give you is to build the maximum amount of buildings per resource first and upgrade them to the max as soon as possible. Players may think that the resources they acquire from these buildings are irrelevant in terms of amount, but they’ll prove to be a reliable source later on. Since your upgrades are dependent on the level of your Headquarters, it’s a good idea to upgrade your production buildings as soon as your HQ upgrade finishes.

Gathering Resource

Gathering resources is the best way to get a ton of resources. This is a military conquest, meaning that you’ll need to send an army to the overworld to occupy resource nodes and gather all the resources that you can gather here. The more troops and the better quality soldiers you send to collect resources, the better the loot will be once they arrive home. Take note that it requires the soldiers to occupy the resource node for a certain time before they arrive with the goods.

An In-depth Guide to Kiss of War Economy

Good players always send out their troops to gather resource nodes in the overworld. While you have beginner protection, you shouldn’t be scared to send your troops out to collect resources even if you think that you have enough for your upgrades. Remember that military conquests cost energy, so you should always gather resources so that you can spend this energy instead of letting it overflow. When you reach the middle stages of the game, gathering resources may be risky because you leave your base unprotected.

Economy Upgrades

Economy upgrades refer to all methods of upgrading production values, such as through research and boosts. These are crucial, as they are the primary way of increasing your production output, arguably even more than when upgrading an infrastructure. It’s advised that beginners prioritize economic upgrades first over military upgrades since inexperienced players don’t know how to maximize their army using limited resources, which often turns into a waste.

An In-depth Guide to Kiss of War Economy

The Lab is the best place to get upgrades and it’s recommended that players rush everything in the economy tab as soon as possible. Boosts can be acquired through a variety of means. For example, increasing your VIP level will unlock and upgrade your passive resource production permanently. Players may also open their inventory to use limited-time boosts to increase their production for a few hours. Always use these when you dedicate the whole day to playing the game.

Inventory Resources

Inventory resources are a huge source of loot, but don’t be fooled by the allure of using them all at once. Inventory resources are meant for players to use when they are in an economic pinch, where they have run out of resources to use for upgrades, training, or when they need to upgrade something big. However, those are only emergency cases, so if you experience these problems often, there must be something fundamentally wrong with your base economy.

An In-depth Guide to Kiss of War Economy

Most players live off inventory resources and don’t bother trying to collect resources any other way. Becoming too dependent on your inventory resources is a sign of laziness, which will bite you back in the later stages of the game. Even though Kiss of War is generous with how much free inventory resource it gives, players will eventually run out of these, which will leave them to rely on the base economy instead, which are all the other tips we mentioned above.