Kiss of War can be a bit complicated during the early stages of the game because players need to keep so many things in mind despite having so few resources to work with. A lot of players end up failing or quitting during the first half of the game because of poor planning that leads to unenjoyable gameplay or veterans taking advantage of these beginners. In this game, having the knowledge to be a decent player is the best weapon that you can wield against all of your opponents.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Kiss of War

The biggest problem that beginners have is that they don’t know how to maximize their advantages in the game. Kiss of War gives players a ton of different ways to stay ahead of the curve but not some in-depth tips on when and where to use them. Luckily, there are veterans that are willing to help other players to become stronger in the game using the resources that they have available. We’ve prepared some tips and tricks to help you have a successful start in this game!

Use Your Speedups!

It can’t be emphasized enough that players need to use their speedups since it’s the one thing that can really help them stay ahead of the game. In Kiss of War, the stronger players will only remain stronger while the ones left behind will eventually get bullied out unless they join a guild and become dependent on the protection of the strong. The best way to get strong early is to upgrade your base quickly so that you’ll produce more than other players and have an established army as early as possible.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Kiss of War

There are two types of speedups in the game which is the consumable speedup found in your inventory or by spending Gold. Players use both depending on the situation. Ideally, players want to use inventory speedups while they still have it and use Gold only if they run out. When you don’t have much play time or are upgrading an important building like an HQ, the Lab, or the training structures, it’s a good idea to have them instantly finished so that you can continue your tasks.

The Guild Hive

The Guild Hive refers to the area in the world where all your guild members are expected to clump together. Once you create a guild, your area will be the designated headquarters for your guild hive. Creating a hive is important for strategic purposes such as coordinating defense and attacks. Guild members can move to the hive by using the Newbie Teleport that the game gives them at first few weeks of the game. Do this immediately so that you’ll gain protection and other advantages as well.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Kiss of War

Most players don’t like the idea of moving to the guild hive because of the competition in resources. This might be the case for bigger guilds but players will always find nearby resources so don’t be afraid to do so. If you really need the resources, you can even ask your guild mates in the hive to leave you a resource node or simply ask them for help to give you a designated farming spot. Getting to know your guild will really benefit you since they’ll be able to help you in more ways than mentioned here.

Completing Daily Missions

The game also features a mission and achievements system that gives players various rewards according to the amount of missions completed or the difficulty of the achievement. If you are playing to become a competitive player, it’s a good idea to complete daily missions so that you gain consistent rewards from the game. The rewards that you gain from missions can range from speedups, hero items, or even resource packs that will really help in progressing your base.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Kiss of War

There is only a specific set of missions on your dailies that you can complete before the daily reset. Once you complete all of the daily missions, you’ll earn chests according to the amount of points you gained during that day. Those chests give even better rewards than the missions itself which is why it’s a good idea to complete them as early as possible. If you fail to finish your missions before the server resets, you’ll lose all your progress on that day and need to start over again.

Raise Your Power

Raising your power is the best way to show players that you’re not a player that they can mess with. Power is the total average value of all your assets inside the base such as your structures and their levels, number of troops, and the strength of your officers. The better quality those assets are, the more points you’ll be awarded in your power. The troops are the biggest contributor to your power so you should aim to have a massive army inside your base to become a real threat.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Kiss of War

Raising the quality of your troops is already mentioned in our Military Guide so check that out if you haven’t already. Remember that a player’s power value can be inflated in the sense that they have good buildings and officers but don’t have that many troops. Inversely, it can also be undervalued if the player only has troops but doesn’t have good buildings. Make sure to have both so that you don’t end up easy prey for stronger players.

Always Check the Railway Station

The Railway Station is a place where players can buy various stuff for their base. The base is visited by a train during random intervals which becomes more frequent the more attractive your base is. This means that if you have higher-leveled structures and a good economic and military standing, the train will visit your base and bring goods more often.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Kiss of War

The train features a trading system where players will have to pay with either resources or gold. Some of the items found here are extremely good so it’s a good idea to visit the railway station often to check if they have some stuff that you might need in the future. Don’t be afraid to spend your resources here since the investment is worth it if you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition.