Let’s Play Knights Chronicle: A Beginner’s Guide

Let’s Play Knights Chronicle: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve played Idle Heroes before, most Knights Chronicle mechanics will be familiar. However, this is still a JRPG game and if you have not played such games before, we are sure that it will take quite a long time to discover some features of Knights Chronicle and start using them efficiently. Do not worry: Even if you are just starting out, you will have a clear idea of what you need to do after reading the guide we have prepared, and you will play the game more efficiently. We are about to begin our adventure on planet Garniel: Join us and let’s start our journey.



What Is Your Goal In Knights Chronicle?

Knights Chronicle falls into a special category of games known as “gacha”: This term means “capsule toy”. Simply put, this is a term used for “Pokemon-like” games: You have hundreds of heroes to collect and you are trying to set up the best team among them. So your main task is to set up a team of heroes to complete all the tasks that the game gives you.



In this context, you have three main objectives:

  • Create a team by summoning heroes,
  • Level up your heroes, give them equipment, and strengthen the team,
  • Complete the PvE and PvP quests with your team.

Let’s start with summoning: Knights Chronicle allows you to summon 11 heroes at a time, in exchange for gems, the base currency of the game. You can summon a single hero every 24 hours for free too. There are two indications that show how good the summoned heroes are: Their “star” and “rareness” levels. The six-star heroes are the most valuable ones, but you cannot summon them directly. Summoned heroes are either 4 or 5 stars. However, by evolving these heroes, it is possible to upgrade them to 6 stars.



Star levels are not the only factors that determine the quality of heroes: Rareness levels are more important in this regard. The letters in the lower left corner of the heroes’ portraits show how rare they are. Here are the meanings of these abbreviations:

  • N – Normal
  • R – Rare
  • SR – Super Rare
  • SSR – Special Super Rare



As you can guess, SSR level heroes are the most valuable ones. For this reason, your main goal is to set up a team consisting entirely of SSR heroes. Remember, you can raise a hero’s star level, but you cannot change their level of rarity: You have to continue summoning until you get a lot of SSR heroes. You need to spend 200 gems every time you summon heroes, and this setup is the monetization system of the Knights Chronicle game.



Mission Types and Rewards

After you’ve set up a team, you can start completing the missions in the game. Knights Chronicle has three mission categories: Challenges, Adventure, and PvP. Let’s examine them separately:

Adventure: This task category is the single-player mode of the game and consists of various chapters. Each chapter has at least 9 sub-chapters. By completing these, you gain various items and XP points for both your heroes and yourself. Some chapters also award you new heroes that you can add to your team. There are 11 chapters and more than 90 sub-chapters in the game: Once you complete a chapter, you can unlock the next.



It is also possible to replay the chapters you complete with changing the level of difficulty. But first, you have to complete all chapters and the single player story for this. Adventure missions require “stamina” points every time. In general, we can say that you need to spend 2 – 10 stamina per mission. This is not a high value, and you can easily get the stamina points you need to complete all adventure missions with in-game activities. Completing the adventure missions also allows you to earn a certain amount of gold each time.



PvP: This category allows you to fight against the heroes of other players. The battles are offline, so you can fight against a player’s team even if that player is not online. PvP mode has its own ladder and season. The higher your arena points, the bigger your prize is. PvP battles are important as they give an important reward: You can get the base currency of the game (gems) for free.



Arena battles, however, are more challenging than the PvE mode: We recommend that you create a separate team for them. Do not play this mode unless you have a level 50 and SR quality team of heroes. Because you won’t be just losing a battle: Your ranking will also decrease.



Challenges: There are different types of tasks in this category, but all are PvE missions. Special Dungeon, Boss Dungeon, and Timespace Void missions are available.


Challenge Missions

Special Dungeon: These are multiple dungeons that you can enter alone or with other players. They are made up of multiple stages like adventure quests, and after beating a couple of “normal” mobs, you get to meet with the “boss”. There is no fixed list of dungeons and they are available only for a couple hours, so you need to complete them within this time limit. Especially the dungeons you enter with other players are extremely fun and rewarding. However, each special dungeon requires an average of 50 stamina points. One of the most popular end-game activities is the multiplayer dungeons.




Timespace Void: This is a 15-floor tower and you fight multiple enemies on each floor. As a reward, you can win gems and 4 – 6 star heroes. In general, we can say that Void prizes are more satisfactory than adventure missions. We recommend that you complete the floors of Timespace Void tower every day. The battles are simple: After fighting generic enemies for a few stages, you fight with the boss and collect the rewards. It takes less than five minutes to complete each floor.



Boss Dungeon: These are like special dungeons, but you fight only one boss. Each boss is active for a certain period of time, and you must beat it before this time is over. Boss Dungeon mode has its own ladder system and you can get the most valuable rewards in the game by completing these battles. Remember, however, that battles have a turn limit and that your team must contain heroes of certain elements. You do not have to spend stamina points for boss battles, but you need to have a very strong team: These are the toughest battles in the game.




These are all the things you need to know to start playing Knights Chronicle, but the game offers a lot more. We have not yet talked about the “Town Mode” and the “Hero Evolve” system. Fortunately, we have prepared separate guides for these and many other features in the game. We encourage you to read our other guides if you want to learn more and to form the best team of heroes as soon as possible.

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