Leveling, Evolving, and Upgrading Your Knights Chronicle Heroes

Leveling, Evolving, and Upgrading Your Knights Chronicle...

Gaining levels is not the only way to make Knights Chronicle heroes stronger: You can evolve them, upgrade their skills, and even force them to “limit break”, which raises their level-cap. But some of these can be confusing especially for those who have not played JRPG games before: If you do not know what to do, you may have to play with a non-ideal hero team. We prepared this guide to explain the unique hero development system of the Knights Chronicle game.



The Basics of Leveling

As in most other similar games, Knights Chronicle requires you to raise both your own level and the level of your heroes. These are interlinked systems, which means you do not need to level them separately – completing tasks and events in the game provides XP points for both. However, the XP points you get will always be lower than your heroes.



Player level is required to activate certain features in the game. Hero levels determine how difficult the battles will be, and some features related to heroes only unlock at the last level. The good news is that your heroes will reach the final level long before you do. So you can start developing them in a very short time. But raising your own level will not be that easy – you need to play for at least a few weeks before you rise to a level where you can unlock all the features of the game.



In Knights Chronicle; you need to complete Challenge, Adventure, and PVP quests to upgrade your own level. However, your main XP source will always be adventure missions: These tasks also give you additional awards like SR-level heroes. Your heroes also benefit from these missions, but you can also increase their level by “sacrificing” other heroes. You can find more detailed information about this interesting system below. For more detailed information on the types of missions in the game, we recommend that you take a look at the BlueStacks Guide for Beginners in Knights Chronicle.


Leveling Your Heroes

The level-cap of your heroes is 50 and it’s not that hard to reach this level: We’ll bet you will get your first level 50 hero no more than 1 hour after starting the game. It happens so easily that adventure quests become so simple: Even a team with only one level 50 hero can easily defeat all enemies until Chapter 3.



The reason for this simplicity is that you can sacrifice other heroes to level up your main heroes. Your heroes also earn XP points by completing the challenge, adventure, and PvP missions, but that’s not their main source of XP. If you try to level up just by doing these tasks, it will take at least a week to reach level 50. However, using the “sacrifice” system, you can gain 20-30 levels within a few seconds.

In this system, you can raise the level of a specific hero very quickly by “disassembling” other heroes you do not use and/or cute creatures called “XPMon”. Take a look at the following screenshot: Our hero is level 4 and by sacrificing three heroes, he can gain almost 20 levels immediately.



Moreover, this is a non-ideal situation. The hero, who will gain the level, has Fire Aura. If the heroes we sacrificed had this Aura too, they would provide 150% more XP points. However, even in a non-ideal “sacrifice operation”, you can earn enough XP points to gain 20 levels at a time.



By using this system and spending a certain amount of gold each time, you can make all the heroes in your team level up to 50 in no more than a few days. So, what happens next? Is the game over since we can easily reach the end-level? No, on the contrary – we can now start evolving our heroes and strengthening them even more.


Evolving Your Heroes

The power and quality of each hero are determined by the number of stars it has. 6-star heroes are the most valuable ones. Heroes with less than four stars are completely useless and should only be used for sacrifice. During the game, you can win or summon 4 and 5-star heroes. With the evolving process, you can increase their star level and make them stronger. So, for example, a 5-star hero can be evolved into a 6-star hero. Evolving a hero also makes its skills stronger:



In other words, evolving allows heroes to upgrade their skills too, not only their star levels. But there is a small problem: After evolving a hero, its level will become “1”. So if you evolve a level 50 hero, its skills will be stronger but it will also become a level 1 hero. You can level him/her up again by using the sacrifice method and start all over again. Each time your hero will have stronger skills and become more effective on the battlefield. However, since six stars are the upper limit, you cannot evolve a 6-star hero.

The evolving process also uses a system similar to sacrifice. To evolve a hero, you need other heroes you can disassemble and a certain amount of gold. If you do not want to use heroes for this process, you can use fluffy characters called “Evolvemon”, which are in the game just for this job.



Upgrading Your Heroes

Once you evolve all of your heroes to 6 stars and raise them to the last level, you can continue to improve them: the “Hero Enhance” and “Limit Break” features allow you to do this. Let’s explain the two separately:

Hero Enhance: You need a 6 star and level 50 hero to use this feature. Enhancing a hero upgrades its basic stats. For example, by enhancing a hero just for once, you can increase its ATK stat by 10% and attack speed by 10 points:




Note that enhancing does not affect the hero’s star level or skills: It only increases the basic stats. You need a special currency called the “insignia” and gold for the enhancement process. You also need to use at least one advent hero material each time. You can get all of these materials from high-level challenge quests and other events in the game.

Limit Break: We have mentioned that the level-cap of the heroes is 50, but there is an exception: Limit Break. This process can only be applied to 6-star/level 50 heroes and gives 2 additional levels every time. With the limit break feature, you can raise heroes’ level to 60. At the moment, this is the maximum level limit in the game.




You need at least one material hero and a lot of gold to use Limit Break. These materials needed for this process also increase every time. For example, to upgrade a hero to level 60, you need to use three 6-star material hero and spend 300.000 gold. Note that the Limit Break feature is only important for end-game and PvP events: If you are a casual player who is interested only in the story, this feature does not really matter to you.

These are the most important things you need to know to strengthen and improve your heroes: You can read our other Knights Chronicle guides to learn more. Good luck on the battlefield!

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