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Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Knights Chronicle has some peculiar mechanics and if you have not played a JRPG before, some of them may seem quite strange. For this reason, the process of getting used to the game will be longer, especially for beginners. Do not worry: Using this guide, you can get some tips about the game, build your hero team faster, and play the game more efficiently. Let’s begin: There are more than 100 heroes to collect and a huge planet to save.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


Evolve Before, Level Later

The heroes of Knights Chronicle can become stronger both by leveling and evolving. (We recommend you to read our Leveling guide for details about this process). But you do not have to do these in order. In other words, to evolve a hero, you do not have to raise it to the last level. Even a level 1 hero can evolve. In fact, evolving a level 1 hero can sometimes be more advantageous because it allows you to raise the basic stats and skills of heroes. If you have found a hero you want to use during the end-game phase, you should evolve it first. However, you will not be able to use this method for all heroes, because evolving requires more resources than leveling. Nevertheless, if you find valuable heroes at SSR-level and have enough resources, evolve them first, level them later.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


Re-Rolling May Be An Alternative Too

If you have lots of free time, this method can help you get the best heroes at the beginning of the game. However, you really need to have lots of free time: This method can take days and still gives no guarantees. (Or, you can take advantage of the BlueStacks multi-instance feature, as explained below.) Because it depends entirely on luck, you might spend a lot of time and get nothing in return. The method requires uninstalling and re-installing the game multiple times. When you start playing the game for the first time, you get enough resources to summon 11 heroes in a couple hours. If you do not like the results of summoning, you can uninstall the game, install it again, and start all over. Those who use this method try to find the best heroes in the beginning. Instead of playing the game at its normal pace and keep summoning heroes, they build the “perfect” team at the start and completely bypass the need for additional summons. Let’s repeat once more: This method may require days (even weeks) to work and there is no guarantee. Those who use re-rolling are usually after finding Cain, Ashley, Ruby, and Rue at the start; as these heroes are considered to be the most powerful ones in the game.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


However, there is a faster and more efficient way to complete this process. By taking advantage of multi-instance feature of BlueStacks, you can “re-roll” without the need to uninstall and install the game every time. Just start another instance on your BlueStacks and use the .apk file you downloaded to add Knights Chronicle to the new instance. In just a couple seconds, you can start another session in the game and try your luck once again. This way, you can complete the re-rolling process in hours, not days.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


Do Not Forget To Equip Runes

In Knights Chronicle, there is no “equipment” you can give to your heroes, such as weapons, armor, and accessories. But there is still an item they can use: runes. These tiny stones help to raise the basic stats of your heroes. If you find a complete set, the benefits they provide become much more.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


You will collect lots of runes while doing adventure missions and other activities but you won’t be noticing them since their screen is not easy-to-find. It is under the “Heroes” menu. Check your Rune screen often to make sure your heroes are using the runes you find.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


If you collect enough material, you can upgrade runes and improve them too. This is called “rune enhancing”. Runes also have a star-level quality system and in exchange for 20 enhance materials, you can upgrade their star numbers.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


Make Sure You Have A “Buffer” Hero

Your team (especially your arena team) must have at least one “buff machine”. The heroes with this skillset do not only heal other heroes, but they can raise their stats for a temporary period. For example, for 10 turns, all your heroes can get 10% extra DEF points. When choosing a healer, make sure he/she has buff skills as well. This is especially important for Arena battles as even a simple buff may give you the chance to land the final strike. Likewise, make sure you have a “debuffer” hero on your team: Heroes (like Cain) who can limit the opponent’s healing abilities for a certain number of turns make it easier to win the battle.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


You Can Upgrade Hero Skills Too

If you have two of the same hero, you can improve one’s abilities by sacrificing the other one. You can do this independently of leveling and evolving, so you can even strengthen the skills and stats of a hero who has been upgraded to the latest level and completely evolved. Each skill can be upgraded up to 6 levels and becomes 10% stronger every time. So, for example, you can upgrade a skill that deals 100 damage to 160 damage. Remember that you will need gold every time you do this.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


Best Way To Get Free Gems Is…

Timespace Void dungeon is one of the best options to get free gems, which is the base currency of the game. This is a vertical dungeon that consists of 15 floors and you get 100 gems when you reach the 15th floor. Moreover, you can win 4 and 5-star heroes when you clear a floor. Timespace Void battles are a bit boring: You keep fighting the same enemies until the boss comes. But the rewards are extremely satisfying. Start using this feature as soon as it becomes available: You will earn better prizes than the adventure missions.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


You Can Win a SSR Level Hero With Daily Login Awards

If you have not succeeded in summoning an SSR-level hero, do not worry: You can win one by logging into the game every day for just 7 days. The Knights Chronicle daily login awards are highly satisfying and within a week, you can add a SSR-level hero to your team. To give you an idea, you need at least 30 days to do the same in Idle Heroes.


Knights Chronicle Advance Tips & Tricks


These are the tips and tricks we can give you about Knights Chronicle: we are confident that you can play the game much more efficiently now. We encourage you to read our other guides to learn more about the game. Good luck on planet Garniel!

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