Knights Chronicle Heroes: Which Ones to Keep, Which Ones to Sacrifice?

Knights Chronicle Heroes: Which Ones to Keep,...

There are more than 100 heroes in Knight Chronicle even without the “fluffy” creatures used for evolve/sacrifice. Just a few hours after you start playing, you will see that your hero-box is quite full. This is because summoning is not the only way to get new heroes: You can win them by completing in-game activities too, like adventure missions. However, you only need 5 heroes for the job: There is no need to raise an army of heroes you will not use. In this guide, we will talk about which heroes you should choose and which ones to discard to create the ideal team.



Basic Rules of “Sacrifice”

Your team can only have 5 heroes. You can manage a total of 6 teams at the same time, which means there will be 30 heroes you need to deal with. However, this is still a big figure: You actually need one team for PvE and one team for PvP missions. In other words, we will focus on a total of 10 heroes. If you build your PvE team right, you can use it for PvP missions as well. For this reason, our first goal will be setting up the best possible PvE team.



First of all, let’s talk about the basics: You can see how strong your team is by looking at the “Team Class” score. Ideally, you should always target over 15,000 points. Difficult tasks like Boss Dungeons require 25,000 points and over.



When setting up your team, you first need to set a leader. You can assign any hero as a leader, but we advise you to decide according to the skills of heroes. Because every hero gives his team an additional bonus, according to his abilities. For example, we chose Riho as the team leader for our team because she can increase the chance of multi-striking for all other heroes.



Ideally, all team members should be SSR-level heroes. This is not going to happen right away, because getting 5 SSR heroes depends mostly on luck. For this reason, you should initially set up a team of
SR-level heroes. Do not use N-level heroes in any team: They should be used for sacrificing and evolving only. In addition, make sure that all of your team members have at least 5 stars. If you have only 4-star heroes, you can evolve them into 5 stars.



The “Check-List” of Heroes

When choosing the heroes you will add to your team, we recommend you pay attention to the following points:

  • Always use heroes less than 4 stars for sacrificing and evolving other heroes,
  • Use 4 and 5 star N and R level heroes to strengthen heroes with higher levels of rarity,
  • Add only 5 star and minimum SR-level heroes to your team.

It’s not that difficult to set up a team consisting only of 5-star and SR-level heroes: After only 3 days of play time, we were able to do better:



Of course, this is a matter of luck: Building a similar team may take longer or shorter for you. At any rate, however, you can be confident that forming a team of SR-level heroes will not take long. After building such a team, you can now focus on further developing your heroes. To learn how to do this, we recommend you to read our Leveling guide. In this guide, we will touch on another topic: To create the ideal team lineup and to focus on the best heroes in the game.


Forming The Best Team

Knights Chronicle is a JRPG, which means you can use the classic “tank-healer-damage dealer” setup. In other words, every member of your team must undertake a different role. You may not have noticed it since the battles are quite dynamic, but Knights Chronicle uses a turn-based battle system. In this system, the side that will attack first is decided according to SPEED points, and buffs and debuffs are of great importance in determining the outcome of the war.



For this reason, your five-member team must have the following heroes:

  • 1 Tank, to gain the attention of the enemy and protect other members
  • 1 Healer, to heal and buff team members
  • 2 Damage Dealer (DD), to give the highest possible damage to enemies
  • 1 Crowd Controller (CC), to debuff the enemies

Below, we’ll give you a list of the best heroes that can undertake these tasks, but these are the things you need to focus on. If you find other heroes who can perform these missions, use them – you do not have to fixate on finding the “best” heroes. You can see your heroes’ abilities by pressing and holding the corresponding button for a long time and see what kind of task they can be used for:



Best Heroes In Knights Chronicle

Before starting, let’s say this is not a fixed list: Knights Chronicle is a fairly new game and almost every update adds new heroes to the game. Therefore, even after just a few weeks, this list may lose its validity. But the heroes below will still give you an idea of ​​what you need to pay attention to.

Best Tank

This title belongs to Cordelia. She is one of the rare heroes with “Taunt” ability and can bring AOE (area of ​​effect) attacks to the battlefield. If you succeed in finding Cordelia, first complete all evolving steps and raise her level later. Do not forget to give Cordelia the runes that increase her health points.




Best Healer

There are many good healers in the game, but we think Ester is the best. The reason for this is that she also has the ability to “revive”. She can revive two heroes at the same time and this is a skill that you will need the most in boss dungeons. As we mentioned in other guides, finding a hero with the revival skill is of great importance.




Best Damage Dealers

In general, we can say that the best DDs in the game are Cain and Saya. Cain has the ability to stop the enemies from healing themselves.




Saya can disable enemies with the “Sleep” spell and increase the cooldown (CC) duration of their special abilities. In other words, they have skills that complete each other.




Best Crowd Controller

There are not many heroes with crowd control skills, so Bonnie is a very rare hero. She can reduce the attack power of enemies by 30%, and prevent enemies with this debuff from using their special abilities. With the Skill Enhance method, you can further increase these rates.




Now that you have learned how to set up the ideal hero team to win battles, it is time to test your knowledge in the battlefield. We are confident that you will build a strong team in a short time with these tips. We encourage you to read our other guides for further tips and tactics to make you more effective in the game. You can learn everything you need to know about Knight Chronicle by reading our guides.

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