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Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

We talked about the importance of completing Legacy of Destiny dailies in our general guide to the game. Aside from giving you much needed rewards, these quests will unlock accumulating experience and combat power bonuses that will make your gameplay much easier, not to mention more fun. Naturally, your combat power also depends on whether you’ve upgraded your character, items, and everything else in a proper manner. For more information about that, feel free to check our BlueStacks guide to LoD enhancements.

This guide, however, will be focused on which dailies to do in order to get the most out of your playtime experience. At the end of it, you’ll be rewarded with a powerful 2-hour auto-play card that will make your character grind mobs, items, and souls while you are offline. That’s right, you’ll be able to progress without even playing, at least for a little while. In addition, unlike items or attire pieces, your Beast Shadow can only be upgraded through activeness points which you get from successfully turning in your daily quests.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

Just take a look at how cool ours is!

The Hit List

Once the day passes, your list of dailies will be refreshed. Before proceeding to any other activities in Legacy of Destiny – and yes, by that we do mean even before flirting with your spouse – you ought to work your way through this list of tasks. They are that important. It’s not just the amazing rewards you get, but also the bound diamonds that can be used to purchase various powerful items in the Bound Diamond Mall. The catalogue might seem intimidating to begin with, but we promise it’ll be over by the time you know it. Never, and we mean never, try to exchange completing quests instantly for bound diamonds. It’s a terrible deal.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

The most time-consuming part of your everyday assignments will be the daily chain quest, which requires you to complete 20 quests. We promise it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Each and every one of these will take you to harmless monsters that are either under your level or too weak to pose any threat. It took us an average of 20 minutes to get them done, although we did slack a couple of times looking around at other peoples’ gear. Oops.

Look at how much experience we can get just by finishing the chain.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

Arenas and Dungeons

These are usually the fastest of your dailies. We always finished our quota of arenas in approximately 5 minutes or less. The reason for this is that, as a beginner player, you’ll most likely be ranked with others who are less powerful than you. The arena battle system is automatic, so when you challenge somebody else, it’s going to be the AI playing, not them. One important thing we learned from our challenges is that ducking at the right time will help you mitigate a ton of damage while giving you the chance to cripple your opponent.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

As you can see, after just a few days of playing we’re already rank 226. Maintaining a good rank will guarantee you get nice rewards at the end of each day, including Bound Diamonds, Wings Advancore, and prize boxes filled with Gems.

By doing the two Bound Diamond dungeon runs, you can get even more diamonds, whereas the EXP dungeon will give you a bucket-load of levels. The latter is so impactful that, so far, it’s been our main source of progression. Don’t forget about it. Ever. The Saintower one will also give you purple diamonds in addition to Doomsday Tokens which are required to promote your character. Since progressing in rank gives an immense boost to stats, we also need them. Pretty badly.

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Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

Despite the fact that these are just as easy to complete, Scenario dungeons are a good source of valuable items you can equip, chests that contain even better ones, as well as the materials you need to open these containers. It might seem like a complicated way to get items, rather than just farm them, but we actually found it to be enjoyable. You can still get pieces of armour or weapons from mob drops, but they are less frequent.

World Bosses and Guild Quests

As you may have already guessed, because this MMORPG follows in the lines of Lineage and Silkroad, there are World Bosses you can defeat either on your own or with the help of a squad. The only disadvantage to doing it on your own is that they take a bit of time to down. Fortunately, we were playing the game on BlueStacks, so we just let it fight in the background. With bosses that are your level, there’s no need to worry about dying, as they barely make a dent in your handsome attire armour.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

Unlike World Bosses or the Personal Gameplay dungeons we’ve talked about thus far, guild quests are only available upon joining a guild. This may be difficult, since a lot of them are looking for strong players, rather than newbies. Your best bet is to befriend someone, talk with them, and show them what you’re made of. Then, just ask nicely if you could join their guild. Just look at us now, a member of a powerful Legacy of Destiny guild.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

Level Faster with BlueStacks

When you do join a guild, make sure to also complete the 20 guild quests. Aside from experience, completing these tasks will give you many coins you can use in the guild shop. The goodies are really worth the bother, since they can help you upgrade your stats, as well as reincarnate once you get to level 200. Yes, please.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

Because we were playing Legacy of Destiny on BlueStacks, we were able to surf through all of the daily quests and benefit from increased experience, bountiful rewards, upgrade items, and even bonus EXP potions. From our vantage point, it just doesn’t make any sense to not do these dailies and grind it out. Over a long period of time, levelling with dailies and quests is lighting fast compared to traditional mob hunting.

Sitting in at just over 460k combat power and level 190, just look at how handsome our character is. Does it get any better? Maybe. You just have to try and see for yourself.

Legacy of Destiny: Lightning Fast Levelling with Dailies

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