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Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Advertised as the most romantic and fair mobile MMORPGs, Legacy of Destiny is definitely one of the more unique games on the app store. Its exhaustive auto-play feature takes care of all the grinding, including retrieving and completing quests, so it’s fairly easy to be in the midst of social interaction. Because we played Legacy of Destiny with BlueStacks, it was all the more fun and interactive. In fact, it almost seemed like we were playing a top-tier PC MMORPG.

A major feature of the game is the ability to get married to another character in a ceremonial, truly celebratory manner. After you’ve pledged your love to one another in fashionable wedding attire, you can exchange wedding rings and finalize your commitment. With your spouse, you can then hunt monsters, players, and progress through the game. The couple that kills together stays together, right?

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Now, let’s go through some of the basics of this uncommon game.

Forge Mythical Weapons

As you might have expected from any self-respecting MMORPG, there’s a way to improve the items you get. Everything your character can use can be improved by +1 every time you press the boost button, with the help of Boostones. Although this simplifies the entire process, it does mean that these stones will eventually be quite scarce, since every subsequent boost increases overall cost. Do not, under any circumstance, waste your Boostones on items that are of lower quality than purple (i.e. blue, green or white).

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

In addition, you can infuse your items with gems should you own enough of them. It’s also possible to refine, purify, and enchant your gear, but these features are unlocked as you progress further into the game. You can find out more about this and other upgrade features on our dedicated guide.

Grow an Overpowered Character

The character tab will open up a traditional MMO window where you can see what items you’ve got equipped, current stats, attire, and generally everything there is to know about your character. Here, you can also upgrade yourself through War Souls, Purge, Post, and Reincarnate. Purging increases your resilience and damage absorption, while Post improvement grants you bonuses to all of your stats.

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Aside from this, there is a skill tab where you can upgrade your Passives, inspect your Career Skills (they get upgraded automatically by using them in combat), which are pretty much bound to your class, as well as improve your Relic (PvP) ones. In order to be able to upgrade a Passive, though, you need to acquire skill books from daily events. Make sure to use these as soon as you get them – they’re really good.

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Play Legacy of Destiny on BlueStacks 4

One drawback that we weren’t really happy with was the fact that we couldn’t choose the gender of our character, while the classes feel overall restrictive and too similar to one another. Even from the character screen, you can tell that the differences between the three in terms of stats are not big enough for them to give you a different feel of the game.

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Slay Powerful Monsters and Players with BlueStacks

Combat in Legacy of Destiny is pretty much automated, at least the PvE part of it. From our experience, this can polarize players into those who like it and those who, well, don’t. Personally, we found some pleasure in seeing tens of mobs getting slashed and hacked for nice loots, but it did give us the sensation of being too repetitive at times. When that was the case, we just mixed things up by attacking a World Boss. If you’ve ever played Silkroad or Lineage, the grinding part of this game feels very much like in the former two.

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

However, when you want to PvP or take matters into your own hands in PvE, playing the game on BlueStacks can be of immense help. The Keymapping Tool allowed us to easily assign a keyboard shortcut to each and every ability, which greatly improved the speed of our combat. When battling other players in the arena, being able to move dextrously in order to avoid abilities while casting your own will definitely make the difference between a win and a loss.

Another feature of BlueStacks, the Combo Key, saved us even more time that would otherwise have been lost just scrolling through menus. Simply put, combos are sequences of clicks and movements you have to do in order to get to a particular screen or to complete an activity. In our case, we felt it takes a bit too long to get to the Gear or the Forge. Instead of performing the same movements over and over again, we recorded the clicks that are necessary to get to these windows and then assigned just one button shortcut to the entire sequence. Pretty neat, huh?

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Don’t Forget the Dailies

As with many mobile games, you get rewards for logging in every day, performing daily tasks, and participating in related events. We highly advise you to remember and complete these. In fact, make it a point to get them done before anything else. We know the action and interaction can sometimes be absorbing, so you need to set your priorities straight from the get go. All the major PC MMOs have this gameplay mechanic and we find it re-assuring that it has transitioned well to other platforms.

Every daily task completed increases your Activeness points – at times, the game’s translation is a bit lacklustre, but we find that to be the charm of this unique RPG, rather than a significant drawback. It’s not like we couldn’t understand or tell what something was about. Having 150 Activeness points guarantee you always get the best rewards, which will also enable you to upgrade your Beast Shadow for additional stats.

Make Legacy of Destiny Even More Romantic with BlueStacks

Personal Gameplay, World Bosses, and Timed Events also give out daily rewards, so don’t forget to check them out once you’re done with everything else.

Better with BlueStacks

Players of Legacy of Destiny often experience lag, disconnects, and connection problems on mobile devices. Fortunately, we have experienced none of these issues when playing the game on PC with the help of BlueStacks. Legacy of Destiny feels polished and overall fun to play, with plenty of mechanics, events and fun things to do to keep you busy when you need to kill some time.

At this point, everything we’re doing is trying to level up faster so we can see what the truly unique selling point of LoD, the wedding part, is all about. As soon as we get there, we promise to come back and give you the details of the big day. Until then, happy hunting together!

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