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Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

With so many facets of gameplay in this social MMORPG, one can easily get lost in all of the possible upgrades. Whether we’re talking weapon forge or gem infusion, character skill improvement or wings advancement, keeping track of everything will certainly be difficult for a new player. Luckily, we’ve created this BlueStacks guide to upgrades to get you started on the right foot. It took us some time to figure everything out, but after 20+ hours of trial and error, we think we have it right.

Now, we’re assuming that you’ve already glanced through our guide to the basics of this game. In case you haven’t, you can go on and read through it really quick. Particularly because upgrade materials tend to be scarce, it’s all the more important that you prioritize the truly impactful improvements.

If you do this right, there’s a good chance you’ll become a master of this MMORPG, just like we are. Scroll down to find out how!

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

Character Improvement

Regularly improving your skills, purge, and post is instrumental towards an easy progression through Legacy of Destiny. The developers spared no effort in designing an intricate and highly rewarding character progression system and neither should you in figuring out the best way to spend your upgrade points and in-game currency. As you can see from the image below, all of our items are boosted, which gives us a well-rounded, versatile character that is ready to take on both PvP and PvE challenges.

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

In order for you to be able to upgrade your post, it is first necessary to improve your purge amount. Killing monsters gives you souls that can be used for this process. The higher your level, the more souls you need in order to advance the purge amount. This is the grinding part of the game that everyone has to go through. Fortunately, the auto-play function makes it easy to hunt and gather the many thousands of souls you’ll need in no time.

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

Once your power from purging is high enough, you may advance your post (or rank), which will significantly boost all of your base stats, as well as give you access to a neat title. For instance, as soon as we’ll hit 240k power, we’ll be able to promote our character to a Tier 7 Squire. One day after we hit Tier 7, we’re already halfway through Tier 8. Talk about speed-levelling!

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

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Lastly, don’t forget to check whether you have any skill advancement books available. Your regular combat skills evolve by usage, but passives will need certain compendiums that randomly drop off mobs or are given to you by quest rewards. This is why dailies are more than important in this game.

Items and Attire Improvement

After character improvement, your items come next. We’ve covered the basics of boosting items in our beginner’s guide to the game, but the game does allow some in-depth customization that we will discuss here. Item improvement is quite simple – you just have to go to the forge, click on an item and then boost it using Boostones. As you can tell from our gear screen, we favour items that give us more attack, although we made sure to spread the love a bit.

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

Don’t forget to also insert gems if you have them. These can be really handy, as they can increase maximum health, defence, attack power, and more. Level 180 or so will be required to unlock the 4th slot, while the 5th slot is only available if you purchase VIP membership. We wouldn’t go that far. Yet. The next thing on your list should be your attire items, in the following order – the artefact sword, the wings, the armour, and the mount.

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

To upgrade either of these, you’ll need the right Artifact Advancore. You could also do it with bound diamonds, but we’d suggest keeping these for later on. The former can be obtained from advanced dungeons, arenas, chieftains, and world bosses. Although the mount does look cool, we think it should be the last on your list of priorities, since most of the combat takes place without it. In fact, you’ll find that there is a personal dungeon you can challenge assigned for each type of upgrade material, in case you feel attached to a particular piece of your attire.

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

One thing that we’ve noticed and will save you a lot of heartache and stress is that, when you boost a specific piece of gear, it’s not the item that gets the enhancement, but rather the slot that you equip it in. Boy, do we wish that PC MMORPG developers would take some pointers from mobile game developers from time to time.

Pet Improvement

No MMORPG would be complete without a trustworthy pet. Legacy of Destiny does not stray from this time-honoured formula and gives you a free combat companion to begin with. Although she looks harmless at first, we guarantee that she’ll be a force to be reckoned with if you advance her properly. Aside from her stats, you can also boost her main weapon, as well as her mount. Again, we’d advise you not to enhance anything with bound diamonds, but rather farm the mats yourself. You’ll thank us later.

Legacy of Destiny: Upgrade Your Character like a Pro

We meaningfully named our companion NotAPet, but you should be a bit more careful about the name you choose. Once you’ve settled on something, changing it will be really expensive. It also doesn’t hurt to look through some of the morphs to get some inspiration. Mordred and Lady Stabs-A-Lot were tough contenders.

With this in mind, you should be ready to properly advance your hero, items, attire, pet, and mounts. We know it’s quite a bit to remember, but once you get the hang of it, the game lures you into its progression system and things can get immensely fun. One thing we really take pleasure in is the variety of morphs you can use for your armour, weapon, and wings. For us, this is what truly makes a social MMORPG – the ability to successfully role play with others and have the costumes to really pull it off.

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