The new Lineage 2M is an awesome and immersive entry into the Lineage franchise of MMORPGs. With a distinct focus on storytelling and presentation, this new iteration looks and plays better than ever, featuring amazing animations, breathtaking environments and visuals, and great performance, especially since you play it both on PC and on your mobile. Of course, those who want the best experience will play it on the former since it’ll give you the best performance, though it’s nice to be able to play on the go on our phones as well.

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

Performance aside, Lineage 2M will give you a very immersive experience, with its lots of cutscenes and dialog to contextualize the player and introduce them to the many elements of the game. On the flip side, this game also features intense combat similar to the other titles in the franchise, except this time the effects are flashier than ever, which makes the fights a highlight of the experience, especially when you’re engaging against the larger boss enemies.

Nevertheless, as a Korean MMORPG designed primarily for mobile devices, Lineage 2M also has plenty of grinding involved, which is great for the players who simply enjoy turning off their brains and relaxing while slaying countless enemy minions for experience, gold, and items. In this regard, if you’ve ever played any other Lineage game, then this latest entry will be quite familiar, and yet unique enough to feel fresh and exciting.

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

With that being said, if you’re a newcomer and are interested in starting a new game in Lineage 2M, then this beginner’s guide is just for you. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find most of the basic info you need to know to get started.

The Different Races and Classes

As those who are familiar with this franchise might already know, there are a variety of races to choose from when playing Lineage, and 2M is no exception. These races, in turn, have their own classes with unique distinctions, including different stats and skills, among others. In this sense, while a Human Knight might have a similar play style and skills to an Elven Knight, the difference in their stats will make them better suited for different roles.

There are five races in Lineage 2M at the moment of writing this article: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves. And each of these races has its own classes. As we mentioned above, some of these classes are similar regardless of race, but some have a few unique skills. Moreover, their different stat distribution will allow them to take different approaches to the same situations.

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

With that being said, here’s a quick breakdown of the different races:

  • Humans: Balanced stats with a slightly defensive distribution.
  • Elves: One of the most agile races, with a focus on speed and precision over raw power.
  • Dark Elves: The strongest race in terms of offensive potential, though they are quite fragile.
  • Orcs: Unmatched in their constitution, Orcs are the best frontline fighters in the game.
  • Dwarves: This race was always known for its craftsmanship, being able to create a variety of items, but in Lineage 2M, they offer balanced stats similar to Humans.

As always, we recommend picking the class and race combo that appeals to you the most. The difference in stats, while present, doesn’t do much to change your overall play style. In this regard, your class choice is much more significant since it determines the weapons you will use, as well as the skills and abilities available to your character.

The Stats System

In order to give a better idea of the difference between races, aside from the classes, we need to talk about the stats system in Lineage 2M. To this end, here’s a breakdown of each stat in the game, as well as their effects:

  • Strength (STR): Governs melee damage, melee accuracy, melee critical hit %, and resistance to weapon damage.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Governs ranged damage, ranged accuracy, ranged critical hit %, and double resistance.
  • Intelligence (INT): Governs magic damage, magic accuracy, magic critical hit %, and resistance to skill damage.
  • Constitution (CON): Governs Max HP, HP recovery, defense, and weight limit.
  • Agility (AGI): Governs attack speed, accuracy, melee evasion, ranged evasion, and magic evasion.
  • Wisdom (WIS): Governs max MP, MP recovery, skill resistance, boosts skill damage, and boosts healing.

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

From these descriptions, we can easily see which stats are better for which class, and which race is better suited to playing specific classes. For instance, the best tanks and brawlers will, more often than not, be the Orc Knights, since they have superior CON and STR. And while the Dark Elven Knights have slightly more STR, they have significantly less CON, which makes them more suitable for glass cannon builds rather than actually tanking damage.

As we mentioned above, the best choice is simply the one that appeals to you the most. Nevertheless, knowing which race is better for each class could also be important, especially if you’re a fan of min-maxing.

Class Transitions

One last thing to know about the class system is that, while you start off as a lowly scout or rogue, you can eventually transition to better classes as you play the game. In fact, you can transition up to four times: at levels 5, 40, 65, and 80, by following the main story quests. Each class will expand upon your skillset and give you access to more abilities, while also improving your combat prowess. Moreover, each class transition changes your appearance, which is also cool.

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

Class Skills

And speaking of skills, your character learns new abilities in Lineage 2M by reading books. These books, in turn, are sold by certain NPCs, though some can be quite expensive. Moreover, other books can also be found as loot from defeating monsters in the world. Luckily, you can always open your skill book and click and hold on to a skill to read its description, as well as where you can get the specific book for it.

While not all books are necessary to fight and win battles, having more options is always a good idea. For this reason, we strongly suggest hunting for your skill books ASAP. In fact, whenever you’re not busy with the main story quests or daily missions, you should definitely consider farming your skill books. 

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

Keep in mind, however, that some of the more advanced skill books can only be purchased, and cost lots of Adena. In this sense, it might be a while before you have enough resources to unlock your entire repertoire of abilities. Nevertheless, as long as you play the game every day and complete all your daily assignments, you’ll have enough resources to acquire everything, given enough time.

The Questing System

As is the case with most other MMORPGs in the mobile platform, Lineage 2M features a strong focus on automatic gameplay, with the player being able to work on quests, and even complete objectives, simply by clicking on them on the quest list. By doing so, your character will move automatically to the quest location and attempt to complete the objectives. In this sense, players can significantly streamline their experience by using this feature. PC players, in particular, can make the best use of this feature by activating auto-questing, and simply minimizing the game to the background while their characters complete missions.

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

In a nutshell, the best way to progress as a beginner in Lineage 2M is by clicking on the main quests in the top right of the screen and letting your character blaze through these objectives. Later on, however, you’ll unlock different game modes and dungeons, as well as daily content that you can complete to earn a variety of useful rewards.

Item Codex

There are many different items in Lineage 2M, and while your character is restricted only to the weapons and armor available to their class, there are still other purposes for the gear and items you can’t use. Specifically, the Item Codex is a system in which you can submit specific items in return for activating permanent buffs that can be switched at any moment. These buffs include enhancements such as increasing max HP, max MP, weight limit, or increasing damage against certain enemy types, among many others. Furthermore, these buffs range from different categories: From the lowly basic buffs to the more advanced rare, event, and even unique buffs. 

Beginner’s Guide for Lineage 2M - The Best Tips and Tricks for New Players

In order to activate these bonuses, you simply need to collect the required items and submit them in the Item Codex menu. And just like with your skill books, you can always check where to acquire the required items through their individual entries in the same menu.

There’s a lot to see and do in the new Lineage 2M. Hopefully, with these very basic beginner tips, you have all you need in order to get started on the right track.