In a previous article, we talked about the different classes in Lineage 2M and gave a quick rundown of each, including their strengths, weaknesses, general play style, and other recommendations. After all, the Lineage franchise is known for having many different playable races, each with its own unique classes. And while most of these classes are quite similar regardless of race, we can still see how it could be confusing for new players to know where to start.

However, while choosing the right class for you is one of the most important decisions you can make early on, in Lineage 2M it’s not nearly as important, particularly since you can freely switch classes on the fly. And while starting with a class that appeals to you is always the way to go, there’s much more to the class system in Lineage 2M than meets the eye.

With that being said, in this article, we’ll be giving a general overview of the class system in Lineage 2M, going over how it works, how to unlock new classes for your character, how to switch between them, and more.

The Class Cards

Despite being able to choose your starting class in Lineage 2M, the classes in this game actually come in the form of equippable cards. And whenever you swap one card out for another, your class changes, which also changes your stats, appearance, and your equippable weapons.

Lineage 2M Class Guide - How to Unlock New Classes, Change Classes, and More

Like many other RPGs and MMORPGs in the mobile platform, Lineage 2M has a gacha system. And in this case, the system is directly connected to the class cards, as the only way to obtain most of the available class cards is by summoning them from a randomized pulling system using Class Card items. Whenever you use one of these, you will receive a random card from the corresponding pool, according to the type of class card used.

Unlocked class cards come in various qualities, though you can often improve these through several methods. The most straightforward method is simply by leveling up, as you can upgrade your main character class at several points once you reach certain levels and complete your class transfer quests. These upgrades come at levels 5, 40, 65, and 80, and they upgrade both the class stats, as well as their appearance.

Lineage 2M Class Guide - How to Unlock New Classes, Change Classes, and More

The other method through which class cards can be upgraded is by fusing them in the class card menu. By fusing four duplicate cards of the same class, you have a chance to obtain one of the same or a higher rank.

Class Paths

In the same vein as the above, the method through which your main class card is upgraded by leveling up is called the “Class Path”. This menu simply shows you your current progress in the game regarding your initial class and gives you a glimpse of when you can obtain the next upgrade.

Lineage 2M Class Guide - How to Unlock New Classes, Change Classes, and More

Keep in mind, however, that regardless of your level and rank, you will always need to complete a class transfer quest before you’re able to move to the next rank. These quests are the best way to secure a great class card for free, as your initial class card can be upgraded up to four times through this method, rising up to become quite formidable by the end.

Class Card Fusion

The other upgrade method, as we mentioned above, is the card fusion aspect. You can find this in the class card menu as well, by clicking on its corresponding tab. 

The process of fusing cards itself is quite straightforward; you simply select the combo you wish to fuse from the list, and the resulting card should be of a higher rank or class than the ones you sacrificed, though the process is not always 100% successful, nor does it always yield positive results when it works. The truth is, fusing and upgrading cards is the main time sink in Lineage 2M, and you’ll find yourself constantly grinding both to obtain new cards, as well as to upgrade the ones in your possessions.

Lineage 2M Class Guide - How to Unlock New Classes, Change Classes, and More

Regardless, upgrading cards is the most straightforward way to get stronger in this game, particularly when it comes to unlocking and upgrading the classes in higher ranks. These cards can not only be very strong but also quite versatile, being able to equip a wide variety of weapons and wield many different skills. Not to mention that they look cool, as well.

Class Codex

Last but not least, an important aspect you should know about the class system in Lineage 2M revolves around the Class Codex feature. Like the Item Codex that we mentioned in our beginner’s guide for this game, this feature grants the players unique buffs and boons when certain conditions are met. However, unlike the aforementioned Item Codex where players must collect and submit specific types of items, the Class Codex focuses entirely on the wide variety of class cards available in the game.

The Class Codex has various different entries that require players to possess and submit certain groups of cards. And whenever one entry is fulfilled, the players can activate different bonuses that vary according to the entry itself. Benefits like increasing max HP, damage, weight limit, stats, and other useful features can all be obtained from filling the Class Codex. The hard part, as expected, is actually finding and procuring the cards themselves.

Lineage 2M Class Guide - How to Unlock New Classes, Change Classes, and More

Nevertheless, if you play a bit every day and complete your daily tasks, and gradually work through the main story missions, you’ll gradually collect more and more class cards with which you can start filling your codex and reaping the useful buffs within.