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The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

On another occasion, we discussed how the positioning of your defenses in Lords Watch is paramount for winning at every stage. This rule pretty much applies to every tower defense game in existence, regardless of platform. However, in contrast with other games, your defenses in Lords Watch are not structures that you build and upgrade in every match, but heroes that you unlock and upgrade.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Other tower defense games play more like an Auto Chess match, where players all begin from scratch in every match and slowly build their way to victory. Lords Watch, however, is more like a gacha RPG in the sense that you get to build your team, upgrade it, and assign them to their positions before every level. Take a look at our tips and tricks for Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG to learn how to unlock features and progress in this game.

While getting good at this game takes quite a bit of experience and know-how in the battlefield, preparation is just as crucial since even the best heroes need to be upgraded in order to unlock their full potential. And speaking of the best heroes, there are around 40 characters, at the time of writing, to unlock in Lords Watch TD.

Every hero in this tower defense game is different from the rest, offering a variety of unique skills and properties that allow them to perform different roles. For this reason, we decided to create this guide where we will list some of the best characters for each role.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

If you’re looking to create a varied roster with powerful units in this title, then you won’t want to miss these characters:

Damage Dealers

Your bread and butter. The main attackers in Lords Watch. The keepers of the frontlines. Your damage dealers are the heroes that do just that; they hurt the enemy. A lot.

These characters are usually positioned nearest to the spawn points, where they can start attacking as soon as the enemies enter the arena. Damage dealers are characters that dish out tons of damage with every attack and do so more quickly than other units. With high attack and attack speed values, it’s their duty to destroy everything that stands in their way, or at least soften them up considerably so that your other units can clean up.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Here are our recommendations for best damage dealers in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG

  • Angie: A damage dealer specializing in AoE damage. Both her regular skill and ultimate destroy everything in range. Also, she has very decent attack and attack speed values, making her a good candidate for the frontlines.
  • Kloss: The very first hero you receive in the game is also the one who can carry you through the first levels, especially if you upgrade him. His regular skill is great for sniping enemies from across the map, while his ultimate deals massive damage to the target and all nearby enemies.
  • Broxiga: Hybrid damage dealer that you can also set in the middle of the stage instead of the frontlines. His regular skill increases the attack of all nearby allies, while his ultimate deals massive damage to everyone in range.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC


Also referred to as “Commanders,” the concept of a support hero in Lords Watch is a bit different than in other RPG games. While these characters can sometimes buff their allies, the ideal support in a tower defense game like this one is someone who can disrupt the enemy and prevent them from reaching the objective at all costs. Heroes who can stun, blind, or slow the enemy are ideal candidates for this role, as opposed to the damage dealers that only specialize in killing stuff.

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The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Here are some of our picks of great support heroes:

  • Celestia: You unlock her very early on, which is awesome since she’s a very useful support with a varied kit. Her basic attacks slow down the enemy for a few seconds, while her regular skill deals moderate damage in a small circle. Her ultimate, however, blinds all the enemies in an area, making them walk backwards towards their spawn for a few seconds.
  • Oak: Pure support that doesn’t focus on disrupting enemies, but on significantly buffing their allies. With the attack bonuses that this hero can bestow, there will be no need for slowing or stunning the enemy as they will be dead long before they reach your lord.
  • Elinchard: With the ability to completely block a path for a few seconds, as well as to teleport the enemy back to the spawn point, this hero encompasses the essence of being a support character in Lords Watch.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC


Just as their name implies, finisher characters in Lords Watch are units proficient in dealing with the stragglers that break off from the horde and get too close to your lord. For this reason, these heroes are usually placed in the back, from where they can burst the stragglers down with a well-placed skill or powerful basic attacks. As such, these heroes usually have either powerful skills that take a long time to recharge, or strong yet slow basic attacks.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Some of our favorite finisher heroes are:

  • Griffon: While not very strong when you unlock him, this hero gets progressively better as you upgrade him. Nevertheless, his ultimate skill is very strong and a good way to eliminate groups of enemies that are approaching your lord, especially if they’re already weakened from pushing through your defenses.
  • Bradwarden: A great finisher hero ideal for guarding the final approach to your lord, especially when you position him perpendicular to the path. Both of his skills target all enemies in a straight line. His ultimate, however, does massive damage and can easily finish off weakened foes.
  • Muse: An interesting finisher hero that dispatches enemies with both basic attacks and skills. Her regular skill deals lots of damage to a single foe and increases in potency as you unlock her different upgrades. Meanwhile, her ultimate does massive damage to an area around her. Her skill set gives Muse lots of versatility as she can be either positioned in the back, as well as in the middle of the arena, and still perform admirably.

The Best Heroes in Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

The best part about Lords Watch is that heroes aren’t inherently better than others. Sure, some have higher stats than their peers. However, a good skill set is usually better than stacking stats. After all, it doesn’t matter if you hit a bit harder than the others if you still have no means of stopping or disrupting the enemy. With the heroes we mentioned on this list, not only will you have access to raw damage and DPS, but also to a plethora of utility and crowd control skills.

What are your favorite heroes in Lords Watch? Feel free to share your setups and combos, and help your fellow gamers to get better at this amazing tower defense game!

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