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Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

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It’s a rare occasion when we get to write about a genre other than MOBAs, battle royales, or war games since the most popular titles in the platform frequently fall into any of these three categories. However, we’re pleased to have come across Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG, one of the newest games to grace the tower defense genre.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Tower defense titles offer a unique type of gameplay in that, instead of running and gunning your enemies like in an FPS, or ordering your troops to attack a target like in a war game, you place your defenses in strategic spots on the battlefield, and watch as the battle unfolds. Meanwhile, the enemies deploy from specific spawn points and march towards your lord. The objective is to destroy all enemies before they manage to overwhelm your lord.

To this end, your characters attack the enemy as soon as they’re within reach, which makes the gameplay predominantly automatic. However, there is some player input involved since you can manually target your heroes’ skills for maximum effect, which you’ll always want to do at all times. Nevertheless, despite its seemingly simplistic gameplay, these games have a decent learning curve that you’ll need to master if you want to get far.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Luckily, we’ve prepared this short guide with 5 great tips and tricks for Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG. If you’re just getting started in this tower defense game, consider the following:

Place Your Units in the Best Positions

In Lords Watch, the layout of the stage changes in every chapter. As such, you need to position your characters in optimal positions from which they can affect the most enemies with every attack. These positions will vary depending on the character in question, as well as depending on their special abilities.

Some characters have special abilities that affect enemies in a straight line, while others have targeted AoE attacks that hurt all enemies within a certain area. For the former, you’ll want to position them so that they can unleash their skills down a straight corridor as this will allow them to hurt many enemies in one attack. Meanwhile, you’ll want to position the latter heroes right around the middle, from where they can unleash their abilities on any part of the stage.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want your heavy hitters positioned near the enemy spawn point so they can start attacking as soon as your foes enter the area. Your support characters that can place negative status effects on the enemy should be positioned in the middle. Meanwhile, you should have at least one strong character with powerful finisher attacks positioned in the back so he can finish off any stragglers.

Equip and Enhance Your Heroes

In most tower defense games, the upgrade of your towers and defenses is performed within the same match. However, in Lords Watch, your defenses are not just structures that you simply build every match; they’re unlockable heroes that can be upgraded significantly to improve their prowess in combat.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

First and foremost, you can increase a hero’s level by investing experience potions. You receive these potions as rewards for completing dungeons. Leveling up a character is the most straightforward way to boost their power as, for every level they obtain, they receive a nice bonus to their stats.

Another crucial aspect to unlocking a character’s potential is the rune system. After completing certain levels, you may receive specific runes as a reward which, when equipped on a character, grant permanent stat boosts. However, while these bonuses are definitely a welcome addition, the true potential of runes lies in the fact that they can unlock a character’s hidden abilities.

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If you manage to equip a character with his 4 corresponding runes, you’ll unlock their secret ability, increasing their power in combat in many different ways. There’s a hidden ability for each rank so, once you unlock the first skill, you can equip them with 4 additional runes to unlock another ability, and so on, until you unlock all 5 of them.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Lastly, the final aspect of upgrading your characters that you should be aware of, at least at the beginning, is increasing their star rank. By collecting shards of a character that you’ve already unlocked, you can use them to increase the star rank of the said hero, increasing the stats they receive on every subsequent level up. Furthermore, these stat boosts are retroactive, which means that they also get powered up depending on their current level as well.

Use Your Skills at the Right Moment

As we mentioned in the introduction, the timing of your skills is of critical importance when it comes to maximizing your damage output in Lords Watch. This applies not only to your characters’ abilities, but also to the environmental objects you can interact with on certain levels. A well-placed skill can turn a potential loss into a resounding victory, especially if you’re using characters that do more than just damage your foes.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

There are characters in this game with abilities to incapacitate or apply negative status effects to the enemy, which can help to buy you precious time. For example, one of your starter characters, Celestia, can significantly cripple the enemy with her ultimate skill, Stella Flash, which deals damage and blinds all targets. While blinded, enemies walk aimlessly for a few seconds, giving your other characters free rein to attack them some more.

Like Celestia, there are many characters with effects such as these. These aren’t your standard tower defense units, after all! However, these abilities are wasted if you can’t hit your targets, which is another important aspect of proper ability usage. While you might be tempted to unleash hell on your foes as soon as your abilities come off cooldown, it’s better to sometimes wait until the enemy is properly lined up in order to affect the most targets with a single skill.

As we mentioned before, some skills affect a circle, while some deal damage in a circle. Meanwhile, others are simply single-target and hurt a single enemy. It’s important to learn how each skill functions in order to get the most out of them. Additionally, we strongly recommend playing Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on BlueStacks as you’ll enjoy better controls thanks to the Keymapping Tool, and will be able to aim much better by using your mouse and playing on a large monitor.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Lastly, keep in mind that your skills have two levels of charge. Once the gauge fills completely once, clicking on a character will use their regular skill,. However, if you let it fill twice, clicking on the character will unleash their ultimate skills, which are significantly more powerful than a standard attack and usually come with added effects, such as the aforementioned blind effect on Celestia’s ult.

Don’t Forget the Gacha Aspect

Since this game also has many gacha elements, you’ll need to frequently complete specific tasks in order to earn materials for upgrading your troops and increasing your power, in general. Similarly, Lords Watch also offers many daily freebies that you should always claim. This is what we like to call the “gacha aspect,” and is something that rarely differs from title to title. Whether it’s a turn-based RPG, a MOBA, a war game, or a tower defense title, if it has gacha elements, then you’ll likely find yourself grinding the same repetitive tasks in order to farm for materials.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

In Lords Watch, there are many different quests and freebies that you’ll visit daily in order to empower your team, farm for materials, or unlock new characters. To this end, you’ll need to become intimate with these aspects as they will be instrumental for powering up your team at a feasible pace. Without these tasks, you’d likely run into a wall soon after starting due to the lack of items necessary for enhancing your heroes.

Some of these important daily tasks and freebies in Lords Watch include the daily quests, the arena, the sign-in bonuses, the free daily summonings, and so on. Each of these grant many different items and benefits, so make sure to visit them every day.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Consult the Monster Info Before Entering Combat

They say that fate favors the prepared, and in order to properly ready yourself for the coming battles, make sure to consult the monster info tab in the preparation phase. In this menu, you can see exactly what type of enemies you’ll be fighting in the current stage, which will come in handy when selecting what characters to deploy. Are there any fast runners in the level? Use a character that can stun or slow the enemies. Are there big brawny enemies? Bring a strong damage dealer that can take them out with a single attack.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG on PC

Winning any battle in Lords Watch is all about positioning and preparation. Upgrading your characters and learning about the different enemy types is instrumental to your victory, and will be something that you’ll pick up as you go along. Luckily, the tips and tricks we’ve shared in this guide should be more than enough to help you get started.

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