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Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

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Combat Rating (the equivalent of CP) may not be as important as specific stats in Lumia Saga, but it still determines many of the activities that you can and cannot do in the game. For example, many of the instances have a minimum CR requirement, which means that even if you play your class well and could hold your ground against the bosses, you won’t be allowed to queue for them until you reach the recommended rating.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

For this reason, it is essential that you boost your CR quickly, especially during the early-game. Below, you’ll find a complete guide to Combat Rating and all the different elements that contribute to its growth. If your CR is pretty high, but you’re still having trouble surviving the most difficult boss fights, jump over to this article to find out how playing Lumia Saga on PC with BlueStacks can help you out.

The Magic Cores Gear System

One of the innovative features of Lumia Saga is its unique gear system, which doesn’t work with items, but rather with Magic Cores. Your character still has the usual item slots – the weapon, chestpiece, jewelry, gloves, belt, and boots, but each of these consists of three Magic Cores with different stats and properties of their own.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

Take our Mage’s weapon, for example, which sums up all the stats and special effects of the three slotted cores. Not only does this allow us to customize the weapon’s stats more thoroughly, but it also changes the aspect of the weapon itself. Each core belongs to a different set with a unique look. When you slot Gurgle’s Weapon at the top, for instance, the top of the weapon assumes the shape specific to this set. The same holds for your Chest armor, which is actually made up of a hat, chest piece, and boots that change appearance based on the Magic Cores they contain. Isn’t that awesome?

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

You cannot boost the native level of a Core, nor can you upgrade it in significant ways. However, it is possible to improve your gear as a whole through both Enhancement and Gems. While the first requires a hefty number of upgrade stones and lots of silver, the second is only possible once you have found gems that you can slot and then improve with other, identical gems.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

Aside from this, there are a few direct modifications you can bring to individual cores. Depending on the rarity of a Magic Core, it can feature up to 6 different stats – from attack to defense, block, haste, cooldown reduction and many others. If a Magic Core has an empty slot or a weak stat, you can fill or replace it with a stat from a different Core. Furthermore, under the “Modify” section of the gear screen, you can also transfer the special effect of one core into another. In short, you can customize your gear exactly as you want it, in addition to boosting your CR.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

Level Up Your Skills and Talents (for Both Classes)

With a few exceptions, your skills will be made available to you as soon as you create a new character. One way to obtain a quick CR boost is to upgrade these skills using Silver as soon as you hit the required level. Once your character reaches level 30, it’s important to unlock your sub-class and to perform the same upgrades for your secondary skill-set. This way, you’ll get even more CR within a matter of minutes.

Play Lumia Saga on PC

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

Finally, since you’re already on the Skills tab, you should take a few additional minutes to check out you’re the Talent tress for your main and secondary class. These are primarily a way to specialize your character for AoE vs single-target damage, for example, rather than a way to significantly increase your CR. However, choosing a talent path will slightly improve your rating and, more importantly, it will help you actually perform better in instances and PvP combat.

Use Powerful Runes

Runes might not look like a big deal, but they are actually a great way to increase your character’s stats and unlock a new, formidable skill. You can create runes provided that your alchemy skill is high enough and you have enough materials or you can try your luck to find the right runes for your class during the Dark Invasion event.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

Once you have a rune in your inventory, you can access the Runes menu and place it inside the honeycomb structure. If you manage to arrange the runes correctly, you can create links between them and further improve their efficiency. The level of the Rune Disk determines how many runes you can inlay, as well as how powerful your Rune skill can become. To upgrade the Rune Disk, you need rune essences, which can be obtained from quests, events, and regular instances.

Expand Your Character’s Knowledge

A number of MMOs feature a knowledge system that rewards players for meeting new NPCs, defeating strong bosses, and killing a certain number of specific monsters. This is also the case in Lumia Saga, where your character becomes stronger as you unlock new Magic Core sets, visit certain areas, and farm mobs around the world.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

Each piece of knowledge that you unlock grants five warrior badges that you can then use to boost different stats in the Ability Chart, which you will find via the Manual menu. Some abilities will cost more than others and you should prioritize those stats that are most useful for your class. The main goal, however, is to unlock all abilities and maximize your use of knowledge.

Collect and Upgrade More Pets

You didn’t think that a mobile MMO as cute as Lumia Saga could possibly send players out into the world without a trusty pet, did you? Well, fortunately, this is not the case. There are dozens of different pets you can collect, all of which are equally adorable.

Lumia Saga on PC: How to Boost Your Combat Rating Quickly

These pets have skills that they use during combat and contribute significantly to your overall CR. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult (and expensive) to collect the best pets in the game, but at least the developers give you one free buddy to work with. Feed this Bunny well and watch him grow into a veritable killing machine!

Like with most games in this genre, upgrading your character in Lumia Saga will take patience, a lot of XP grinding, and quite a few specific materials. To ensure that you have access to all of these prerequisites, don’t forget to check out our guide to things you should do every day when you log in. We’ve organized them in order of priority so that you know exactly what to do even when you don’t have enough time to go through the entire list!

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