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Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Luna’s Fate is a mobile game that mixes together elements of multiples genres and of many other previous releases. We’ve talked about this at length in our review of the game, so, this time, let’s focus on how EyouGame’s most recent take on MMORPGs is reflected in the development of your character. In short, what does the game let you do to boost your CP quickly?

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

In our guide to classes and character progression, we mentioned that, once you have the appropriate level, you can advance your class for a reliable CP boost and new abilities. But there are many other ways to buff your character quickly, all of which we tackle below.

The Higher the Level, the Better the Fun

As with most MMORPGs, leveling is one of the most consistent ways to improve your character. What’s more, your Archer, Mage, or Fighter can pretty much take care of themselves when it comes to completing quests and fighting mobs. To ensure a constant flow of EXP, all you have to do is to let the game run in the background while your character does his or her thing. If you’re playing Luna’s Fate on BlueStacks (link to “How to Play Luna’s Fate on BlueStacks”), you should have no problem reaching level 300+ in under a week!

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Every now and then, you will hit a soft wall as you progress through the main quest – your main source of EXP. At this point, you have a couple of options. First, you can hop into an EXP dungeon, which you can complete twice a day for several levels each. Second, you can look through your list of sub-quests and set your character to bot through a few of them for a quick level boost. Or third, you can send your character to farm in an area while using an EXP pot.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

If you have any offline botting cards, you can use these before you log off (at night, for example), so that no time is wasted. By the time you return to the game, you’ll certainly have the necessary level to continue your progression through the main storyline, as well as a ton of useful gear.

Enhance Your Gear

Another fast way to boost your CP is by means of the Forge. You can find the Forge icon at the right side of your screen once you expand the general Menu. Here, you can use (lots of) gold to “enhance” your gear slots. Bear in mind that when you do this, you do not actually improve a piece of gear, but rather the slot it is in. For example, if we ever decide to exchange our chestpiece with another item, we get to keep our enhancement progress.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Still at the Forge, you can click the “Gem” tab on the right side of the menu to slot your items with gems. Like with enhances, whenever you use a gem on a piece of equipment, the former becomes bound to the slot, rather than the item. As such, you should never be afraid to use your best gems as they become available to you. Even if you have to switch to better gear in the future, the gems you’ve used will simply get transferred.

Upgrade Your Wings, Relic, and Artifact

These are three features that work very similarly to one another. By expanding the general menu on the right side of the screen, you can access the tab called “Character”. Here, you’ll be able to check your current progress on your character’s Wings, Relic, and Artifact, as well as upgrade the three with the right materials.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Play Luna’s Fate on BlueStacks

Wings, for example, require Feathers to be upgraded. Three types of Feathers – primal, intermediate, and advanced can be used to grant 100, 600, or 3000 Wings EXP each. In addition, you can improve your Wings further by changing their appearance through Transmogrification. New looks (and stats) can be purchased for real currency or obtained with each Class Switch.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

The Relic and Artifact are exactly the same, although they do require different materials to be upgraded. You can learn all about the current status of the two, as well as the reagents you need to level them up in their respective tabs.

Boost Your Mount, Pet, and Deity

As is expected from an MMORPG, Luna’s Fate also gives you the chance to obtain and level a bunch of companions. More specifically, as your character progresses, you can unlock a pet, a mount, and a deity – in that order. Although they do have different functions and abilities, all three work exactly the same in terms of upgrades.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Take the mount, for example. By using Mount Advance Orbs worth 10 EXP each, you can boost your mount through 10 stars (or ranks) before improve its grade. You can grade a mount 10+ times and, with each new improvement, you get a new skin, as well as new abilities. Not only does the mount help you get around in style, it also provides consistent healing during battles and even an evasion buff at max level.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Meanwhile, your pet and deity are upgraded using different materials and have abilities that focus predominantly on dealing damage to surrounding enemies during combat. For more information on them, you can easily access their respective tabs while in the Mount & Pet menu.

Get Guild Skills and Marriage Boons

Joining a guild can help you socialize more in Luna’s Fate, but it’s also a great way to boost your character’s basic stats. With the guild menu open, you can access the “Tech” tab at the right side of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to spend Guild Points, which are obtainable from killing random mobs and guild weekly quests, in order to upgrade stats such as ATK, DEF, HP, and Def Pen.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

Similarly, while getting married in-game can help you make a new friend (or several, why not?), it’s also a good idea to do it in order to improve your character’s CP even further. Your marriage token or ring can be upgraded for better stats and you can even have a baby together, who somehow adds to your combat prowess, rather than take up all of your time with feeding and dirty diapers. The fairies take care of those tasks, we imagine.

Luna’s Fate: How to Improve Your Character Quickly

As you advance in level, more and more upgrades become unlocked together with better class switches. During your first week of gameplay, though, you can gain access to all of these just by letting Luna’s Fate run on BlueStacks in the background. Isn’t it wonderful when you can put these games on your PC instead of having to worry about your smartphone’s battery or performance?

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