In Luna’s Fate, your character works tirelessly to grind monsters, gain EXP, and score better gear. Once in a while, however, they also like to kick back and enjoy the good life – we presume. For this, they have guilds and life partners, which also happen to be great opportunities for you to socialize with other players.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

When all the farming and botting makes you feel lonely, the game gives you plenty of chances to connect with others in guilds or through marriage. What’s more, both of the latter provide unique in-game bonuses that ultimately boost your character’s CP even further. Even if you’re not in it for the friends or the romance, you should still take advantage of these aspects of Luna’s Fate if you want to top the CP leaderboards on your realm.

How to Find and Join a Guild

EyouGame’s most recent MMORPG features fairy typical guild options. You can create your own guild if you want to start a group with your friends or you can join an existing guild if you’d like to meet new people. Unfortunately, the guild chat is not very active in most groups, which is why you want to look for a top name before you make a pledge.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

Although most guild are “open access” for all players, there are several benefits to joining an active bunch of heroes that ranks well on your realm leaderboard. Together with your guildmates, you can defeat world bosses and other players, as well as improve your guild score and level for cross-realm prestige. By doing things together, all guildies are rewarded with contribution points that they can then use to purchase better “Techs”.

Guild Contribution Points and Tech

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you can take part in the Guild Quiz Event and answer random trivia questions for massive amounts of EXP and guild contribution points. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can join your friends inside the Defense dungeon, where you battle monsters to protect an Ancient Statue for even more EXP.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

Yet perhaps the best guild event you can join is the War that takes place every Sunday, where your team vies against those of other players to control footholds and resources. This weekly event is not only great fun, but also a decent source of EXP and guild contribution points.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

As for how you should use all of these contribution points, the answer is simple. While in your Guild menu, you can access the Tech tab by pressing the corresponding button on the right side of the window. Here, you can choose to spend your points to upgrade various stats – from HP to DEF, DMG, ATK, and more.

How to Find a Partner and Get Married

While joining a guild is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons, getting married is slightly more complicated. As it should be, right? There is no way to “advertise” yourself as an available partner in Luna’s Fate apart from using the world chat. Basically, you have three options.

First, you can use the world chat to find a player who owns a character of the opposite sex and would like to get married. If you opt for this route, you should make sure that you both log in at approximately the same time so that you can take advantage of the EXP bonuses while you’re online.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

Play Luna’s Fate on BlueStacks

Second, you can marry someone you know in real-life and who is also playing Luna’s Fate, especially since it doesn’t take a lot of farming to get a character to a “suitable” level. Or, third, you can bypass all the bother by marrying yourself! You won’t be able to marry two characters on the same account, but you can create two different accounts with an Archer and a Mage/Fighter.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

Of course, both characters will have to be only for you to organize the banquet, but, if you’re playing Luna’s Fate on BlueStacks, this won’t be a problem for you. You can always use the BlueStacks Multi-Instance Manager to log into two different accounts, level the characters to 210, and get married. Some might argue that marrying yourself is a little sad. But is it, though? Or it is just… ingenious?

Partner Dungeons, Rings, and More

Once you’ve spent a good amount of Bound or Unbound diamonds on your wedding ceremony and your rings (or “tokens”, as they are called in-game), you can start your new married life in Luna’s Fate. But what are the benefits?

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

For one, you and your partner can join a special dungeon twice per day – either alone or together – in order to obtain Friendship Hearts, Roses, and Bear Biscuits. You can use the Hearts to add 10 EXP to your marriage tokens per piece and ultimately boost your stats, while Roses can be offered to your partner to increase your intimacy level.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

As for Bear Biscuits, well, you might not believe this, but once you are married, you and your partner can have a baby. Strange, we know, especially since the characters look like children themselves. But, hey, who are we to say no to better stats? Bear Biscuits can be used to improve your baby girl or boy by 10 points and eventually rank them up for significant CP boosts.

Where Do Babies Come From?

The truth is – we don’t know. Luna’s Fate doesn’t exactly tell us how it happens, but we suppose one Friendship Heart leads to the next and, before your wedding is over, you’re saddled with a baby! You receive a default little guy or gal once you get married, but, unlike in real life, if you don’t like the way they look, you can always change them up with a different skin.

Luna’s Fate: Everything You Need to Know about Guilds and Marriage

Naturally, this makeover will cost you; and we’re not talking Bound Diamonds. But each baby comes with his or her own skills, which you can actually use in battle. From HP boosts to improved ATK, DMG PEN, and abilities that can be used to greatly improve your survivability when your character is under 20% HP, these babies seem to have it all. Remember to choose wisely, however, because even though you can change your mind later on, you won’t like the price!

So there you have it – everything you need to know about guilds and marriage in Luna’s Fate. If your friends, partner, and baby are not enough to exhaust you, first, do share your recipe; second, don’t forget to check out our guide to things you should do every day to progress even faster in this MMORPG. And finally, we love weddings at BlueStacks, so throw us an invite to your big day if you have an opening!

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