How to Crush Your Enemies and Build Awesome Towns in Magic Legion—Hero Legends

How to Crush Your Enemies and Build...

When it comes to awesome RPGs, Magic Legion is up there with some of the best. This game offers some great mechanics that, at a glance, might seem overwhelming. As you progress through the game and beat several missions, you will slowly unlock new features, including base-building, which is something we seldom see outside of conquest games for mobile devices. Nevertheless, this game has struck the perfect balance between all its aspects and offers an experience unlike any other.

However, it is this very variety that could make Magic Legion inaccessible for many users, especially for newcomers. With that being said, if you’re new to this game and worry about doing everything right from the start, then this guide was specially made for you. Here’s all you need to know to start off on the right foot in Magic Legion—Hero Legends.

The Battle System

The very first thing that you’ll do once you begin your journey in this game, is fighting several battles. Your town is under siege by monsters and, as the master mage, it’s your duty to bear arms and drive the enemy forces away. Once you secure your town and finish the tutorial, you will be able to travel around the world, taking the battle to the enemy’s doorstep, and kicking their butts in their own turf.

At this point, you’ll have access to the main aspect of Magic Legion, the Adventure Mode. This mode is played via levels that you must complete in order to advance. At the end of every zone, you will fight a series of bosses that guard entry into the next area. As you may expect of these games, the difficulty increases as you press onward, which makes upgrading and unlocking new units necessary if you want to succeed. We’ll talk about character progression in a bit, but for now, let’s focus on the battle system.

In every stage of Adventure Mode, you will face off against a group of enemies which, when defeated, will reward you with a ranking and prizes. Once in battle, your characters will attack automatically; you have no bearings on what any of your units do. However, your main character, the mage, is different. While this character also attacks automatically, you can choose which spells to cast by using the buttons located on the lower portion of the screen. There are many spells to learn and equip in Magic Legion, and these will greatly affect your performance in combat.

Prepping for Battle

And speaking of combat performance, there are many factors that you need to consider before heading into battle.

As we mentioned above, all your units attack and unleash skills automatically in battle. However, you can directly enhance their performance by equipping and upgrading their gear. The equipment that you receive after completing certain challenges can dramatically enhance both their offensive and defensive power. Furthermore, you may also increase your character’s level either via grinding stages or, for better results, by using Experience Potions. These potions grant a set amount of experience per use and will be paramount for getting new units up to speed with the older ones.

Powering Up Your Mage

However, the most important part about prepping for battle is, without a doubt, learning and equipping new spells. The only character that you can directly issue commands to is your mage, which can unleash up to 10 different spells per battle. However, before you summon the elements to destroy your foes, you must acquire new spells from the Magical Temple.

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In this building, you can use Runes and Prestige to add new spells to your arsenal. The type and power of spells that you can learn are limited by your mage rank, which we’ll address in a second. However, after you learn new spells, you will need to visit your formation menu an equip them if you want to use them in battle. Keep in mind that you’re limited to 8 spells at the beginning, and a maximum of 10 once you join a guild. In this sense, you’ll need to pick your spells wisely, as your choice here can mean the difference between victory or defeat in many battles.

As we mentioned above, you will need to increase your mage rank if you want to learn powerful spells. Your mage starts off as a novice and will need to complete mage trials before increasing his or her rank. You can challenge these trials in the Promotional Trial building located in the southern end of your town. These trials consist of 1v1 battles against enemies of increasing difficulty. Your mage will have to face off against these beasts in order to increase his or her rank. Once you beat a boss, you can upgrade your rank in the same building, in the Mage Promotion section. Keep in mind that some ranks also require other materials, which you’ll have to gather before promoting.

Developing Your City

As we wrote in our review of the game , Magic Legion is among a handful of games that is much more than meets the eye. Specifically, aside from battling monsters all over the world, there’s also a city building aspect in this game. In this regard, Magic Legion is a bit similar to Lords Mobile. To develop your town, you must unlock new territories, erect new buildings, and create a powerful city to fund your war efforts.

Speaking of funding, some of the most important buildings that you’ll construct are your farms, lumber mills, and other production structures. These facilities generate a set amount of resources every hour, which you can use for further developing your city. Furthermore, research facilities such as the Tech Tower requires ample resources to develop new technologies. The research conducted in this building is important since it can directly increase your performance in combat.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry very much about building at the beginning since you must first unlock territories. The only way you can do this is by defeating the boss guarding the terrain, which can be very tough at the start. But don’t worry: as you keep clearing stages, improving your units, and powering up your mage, you’ll eventually gather enough power to take your city back from the monsters. Just follow the useful tips we’ve written in this guide and you’ll do great!

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