Smash the Competition in Magic Legion—Hero Legends With These Tips and Tricks

Smash the Competition in Magic Legion—Hero Legends...

There are many features in Magic Legion that help to set it apart from other similar games. This is one of the few RPGs that combines aspects of many games such as base-building, real-time combat, gacha summonings, and spellcasting in one neat package. Understandably, this means that you’ll need to focus on multiple areas if you wish to excel at this game, which can confuse most newcomers to the genre. Luckily, we’re here to help you out, which is our objective with this guide.

If you want to learn the most useful tips for Magic Legion and take your game to the next level, then read on!

How to Properly Use Auto Battle

Like many other mobile games, Magic Legion offers an auto-battle mode where the computer takes control of your team and attempts to lead it to victory. This mode is awesome for breezing through the stages that you’ve already completed, as well as for automating the grind associated with farming materials. However, the auto-battle is not very effective for the tougher battles since it doesn’t know how to optimize spell usage. For these cases, we recommend using our BlueStacks Combo Key to set up the best combos that will help you to automatically complete any stage. Take a look at our BlueStacks usage guide for Magic Legion if you want to learn more.

However, there’s another way to optimize your auto-battle.

When you activate this feature in combat, you might notice that your mage automatically uses his or her spells in order from right to left on the list. In this manner, you can optimize your mage’s performance in auto-battle by assigning spells in an order that would create synergies between each one. For example, if you set your Ice Thorn, followed by Shadow Arrow, you can take advantage of the freezing effect of the former and increase the damage of the latter by 20%. Since Shadow Arrow is a very strong spell by itself, the freezing effect will further increase its damage, even to the point of killing strong enemies in one hit.

Remember to Learn your Passive Spells

It’s easy to get caught up with learning new flashy spells to unleash upon your foes. We know that destroying your enemies in different ways can feel nice, but this isn’t always the best way to invest your prestige.

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While there are many different active spells, there are equally tons of passive spells that can significantly boost your mage’s power in a pinch. We recommend investing in the passive spells that improve M. Atk. and HP. You will need both of these to boost your power and durability enough to withstand the promotional trials.

Invest in Technology

In our beginner’s guide for Magic Legion, we mentioned how your passive skills and gear can help to increase your power considerably. However, another way to boost your power is by investing in the Tech Tower, which is the “laboratory” in this game. In this structure, you can develop new technologies, including those that increase the HP, M. Atk, Defense, and other attributes of your main character. With only 10 levels in the Attack tech, we gained a bonus of 1,000 M. Atk and P. Atk, greatly increase our damage output. The more advanced trees further increase your stats to even greater heights.

While it’s important to upgrade your Magical Temple, make sure to swing by the Tech Tower often.

You May Reroll Early On

Those who enjoy rerolling in gacha games will be delighted to know that the reroll period in Magic Legion is very early.

After completing the initial quests and venturing a bit into the Adventure Mode, you will save up around 1,000 gems, which is more than what you need for purchasing 10 4-star summonings. This is the cheapest type of summoning, which has a chance of granting heroes of 2 to 5 stars. This type of summoning gives you the best bang for your buck if you’re looking to reroll, especially since you should always save up for the 10x summonings, anyway.

However, if you’re not in a hurry to reroll, the absolute best method for this task would be to save 2,680 gems and invest in the 5* summoning. This is a type of premium summoning, which has a chance of resulting in a 6-star hero; the strongest characters in the entire game. To speed up this process, we suggest using our Instance Manager, which allows you to log in using multiple accounts. In this manner, you may reroll with several accounts simultaneously to have a better chance of scoring an awesome unit.

Get Familiar With your Units

In a game where battles are mostly automated—save for your main character—it’s difficult to pay attention to every single unit. However, it’s important to become acquainted with the skills of every character if you want to create the best teams.


Each unit comes with two main methods of attack, as well as a specialty. The character’s attacks are split into general attacks, and rage attacks. The former is their basic attack; the one that they use all the time. The latter, however, are special skills that they unleash when the yellow bar beneath their HP is full. Meanwhile, their specialties are passive bonuses that are always active. By examining these skills, you can learn what each unit does, and create squads with awesome synergy.

Check out the Daily Specials in the Tavern

While it’s almost always better to save gems for 10x summonings, it’s recommended to swing by the Daily Specials. In this section of the tavern, you can find heroes for sale. Sometimes, these heroes are actually pretty awesome and worth the investment. If you’re looking for a specific unit, and don’t want to risk the RNG of summonings, then we suggest getting it from the Daily Specials.

These are only a few tips that you can follow to improve your performance in Magic Legion—Hero Legends. By adding them to your daily gaming session, you will slowly rise up to become #1 in your server.

Good luck!

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