If your New Year’s resolution is to put together the best team on Marvel Future Fight, then you’ve come to the right place! In what follows, we’ll go over the five characters that we believe are currently the best and most useful to have in the game. Plus, since there are so many heroes and villains available at this time, we’ll also look at 4 runners-up that you can easily rely on if you’re unable to get one or several of the top 5.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

The date is January 7th, 2020, so our list is based on Marvel Future Fight Version 5.6.1. It’s likely that some changes will be made throughout the course of the year, but generally speaking, you could never really go wrong with one of the characters below. These heroes are not only veritable beasts in combat, but they are also extremely fun to play.

1. Deadpool

Deadpool has had a phenomenal year in 2019 and continues to be the absolute best character in early 2020. Obtainable from the X-Force Epic Quest – which will also give you plenty of upgrade materials when completed – this big-mouthed merc combines a few essential features into a fantastic whole.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

For starters, he does not require a Uniform in order to shine, which means that you do not have to spend a large amount of Crystals to maximize his potential. Secondly, he is one of the most effective self-healing characters thanks to his “Healing Factor”, a passive ability that heals him for 45% of his total HP whenever he falls under 20%. With a 20% chance to appear on hit, he also makes a phenomenal striker for other team members. Finally – and most importantly – Deadpool is considered to be a godly DPS. In other words, his abilities (as well as his CCs) synergize with one another to weaken the opponent and deal massive amounts of damage. In short, there’s nothing this guy can’t do… at least for now.

2. Jean Grey

Another unmistakable powerhouse in Marvel Future Fight, Jean Grey specializes in telekinesis and telepathy in order to deliver deathly blows to her enemies. Acquired from the Rebirth of the Phoenix episode in the epic quest called Rise of the X-Men, she will need the X-Men Red uniform to achieve her maximum strength, but will never disappoint once she is fully equipped.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

Her “Bonds of Destiny” skill allows her to regen a fair amount of HP per battle, while her “Resurrection” passive returns her to 100% HP upon death. At this point, you might think that she cannot possibly get more OP than that… but she does. Casting her “Phoenix Awaken” skill followed by her fourth, second, and first abilities in this succession groups all enemies together and unleashes a storm of AoE damage at once. Need we even add that her Leadership skill removes debuffs from all party members as they are applied?

3. Quicksilver

A beloved mutant for all X-Men fans, Quicksilver has recently gone up a few spots in most MFF tier lists. Obtained from World Boss events, he does not require a uniform to become a noteworthy force. Aside from his accessibility, however, his most praised quality is actually a mix of self-healing and impressive damage over time.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

His main source of healing is his “Not Yet?” ability, which is certainly not as impressive as Deadpool’s passive, but that can be used every 15 seconds for a 5% HP recovery and an increase in dodge rate and damage. His “Speed Tornado” and “Days of Thunder” can be cast at the beginning of combat and will continue to deal damage for several turns, thus increasing Quicksilver’s total DPS significantly.

4. Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange is not considered to be quite as powerful as the characters mentioned above, yet he has been a constant presence in MFF tier lists across 2019. Unlocked and upgraded during the Sorcerer Supreme Epic Quest, he is a formidable adversary thanks to his mix of high DPS and reliable CCs.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

Although you will need a uniform to unleash his full potential, Doctor Strange features a great Leadership skill from the very beginning. The latter allows all allies to ignore 10% of their target’s dodge rate while also adding a 5% increase of Energy Attacks. The character’s “Sorcerer Supreme” ability grants him immunity for 7 seconds and resets all CDs (apart from Sorcerer Supreme) to 1 second! Why is this so amazing? Aside from the obvious additional damage, this ability allows Doctor Strange to cast his CCs more often, while his “Master of the Mystic Arts” passive continues to freeze enemies in time on 75% of hits.

5. Thanos

The melancholy and brooding villain Thanos is the last character in our top 5 for 2020, but he is not far behind the others in terms of strength. Obtainable from World Boss events only, he will need a uniform to become a noteworthy opponent, but the cost will all be worth it once you see him perform in battle.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

His excellent Leadership skill, “Mad Reflection”, adds a 6% boost to the attack and defense stats of all villains in your party. Meanwhile, his “Mad Titan” passive is comparable to that of Deadpool and will heal Thanos for 30% of his total HP about 25% of the times he is hit. Finally, his main source of DPS is the irresistible combo of “Titan Punch” – which pulls all enemies together – and “Cosmic Drop” – which hits everyone in front of Thanos for massive damage. Sustainability and high DPS delivered in one villainous package!

Honorable Mentions: Luna Snow, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel

There are some characters in Marvel Future Fight that never go out of fashion. Luna Snow, with her high self-sustain and decent DPS, as well as Captain Marvel, who is slightly squishier, but can deal tremendous damage when played properly, are just two such examples. Patches have come and gone over the course of 2019, but these characters have not budged from their privileged positions in MFF tier lists.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

Rogue is also an all-time veteran as far as MFF is concerned, but she has only recently become powerful enough to mention. Her main advantage is her extraordinary self-sustain, although her DPS is not to be trifled with either. Last, but not least, we’ve included a new addition in the form of Scarlet Witch, a phenomenal leader and a godlike striker who also happens to boast a handy self-heal passive ability to boot.

Marvel Future Fight on PC: Top 5 Characters Updated for 2020

Of course, in a game that features more than a hundred fantastic characters, a list of only 9 heroes and villains is bound to miss out on a few important names. Bear in mind that this is a compilation of our favorite MFF characters. As such, the selection was based on merit, but also on whether or not we enjoyed these heroes. When you put together your core team, you should keep the same considerations in mind, even if that means you have to stray (a bit) from the canonic tier lists!