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Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

In our efforts to make MOBAs accessible for all types of players, we’ve been writing several guides on the new Marvel Super War so that even those who are new to the genre can get started on the right foot. In fact, in our beginner’s tips and tricks article, we mentioned how there are different types of characters in the game and that it’s important to understand how these types match. This is because, even if the enemy is at low health and you have the element of surprise, they can easily turn things around by stunning and killing you if they have the type advantage and you’re not careful.

In this article, we’ll be going a bit more in-depth on the different character roles in Marvel Super War and explaining the responsibilities and capabilities of each of these.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

Bottom Lane Roles

The bottom lane is arguably the most important part of every match. This is where players come to show off their farming skills as this area is not so much about getting enemy kills but about farming and purchasing items for their builds, regardless of the methods.

The bottom lane usually has 2 characters for every team; a DPS hard carry, and a support. Depending on the specific characters that the players choose, there may either be no action in this lane, or there could be an all-out brawl with multiple engagements back to back. Regardless of the champions, here are the usual roles of the characters in the bottom lane:

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles


One of the most difficult roles in the game, and with good reason.

On the surface, DPS seems easy enough; all you need to do is kill the enemy team, right? Well, yes but also no. Being a DPS carry in Super War is more than just about defeating the enemy since you also need to farm plenty of gold in order to purchase items for your build. Without these items, all your attacks would hit like wet noodles, doing no damage to even the enemy’s squishiest heroes.

Now, while you can definitely gather all the gold you’ll ever need via killing enemy heroes in theory, this isn’t very feasible in practice—your enemies simply won’t stand around and let themselves get killed. In this sense, one of the most important roles of a DPS carry is farming enemy minions. The faster you kill enemy minions, the faster you’ll buy your gear, and the faster you’ll be able to get ready for fighting the enemy team.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

In fact, one of the best ways to outplay your opponent as a DPS carry is by harassing the enemy team and forcing them out of their lane to heal up. By making them waste time in this manner, you’re free to farm and gain the gold advantage over the other DPS. Once you’re decked out with a few good items, you can start forcing fights and either kill the enemy, or drive them out of the lane once again.


The support, just like DPS, is one of the trickiest roles to play, but for different reasons. At a glance, their main purpose is to keep their DPS alive. However, they also need to watch for incoming ganks, and harass the enemy in the lane to prevent them from farming, while also taking care not to overextend and get killed in the process.

Playing support requires knowing your character extensively in terms of their skills, attack range, movement speed, and other important aspects. This will let you know when you can risk an attack, initiate a fight, or harass the enemy, in general. However, this knowledge comes with practice, so get out there and start supporting your team!

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

Playing the Mid Lane

The middle lane is usually reserved for mage-type characters which, in Marvel Super War, would correspond to Energy heroes. These heroes are often ranged characters and can usually deal tons of damage with their spells, as well as have mobility skills that facilitate easy ganking.

Due to their proximity to both the bottom and top lanes, the person who goes mid is expected not only to farm minions and prevent the enemy from doing so, but also to travel to other lanes to gank unsuspecting enemies. Playing mid is much more straightforward than other roles and is more about personal skill rather than knowledge of the game’s mechanics.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

There’s a good reason why trolls often say “Solo mid or feed” and it’s because this is one of the most satisfying and rewarding lanes to play.

Dominating in Top

The top lane is where boys go to become men. This lane is usually handled by tank or fighter heroes that can both take a good beating and dish out significant damage. While these characters are not as bursty as energy or assassin/marksman champions, they can deal sustained damage and absorb tremendous amounts of punishment before falling. In fact, if a solo top hero manages to farm unchecked, they can easily snowball and carry the team to victory.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

The idea of playing top lane is, just like in bottom, farming minions and preventing the enemy from doing the same. The characters in this lane are usually very tanky so it’s not uncommon for fights to break out regularly. This constant engagement means that the heroes are usually at 50% or lower HP, making them a prime target for ganks from either the jungler or the mid lane. In this sense, playing top is not only about outplaying the enemy, but also about maintaining map awareness to predict enemy ganks.

Playing the Jungle

Last, but not least, we have the jungler, the role that can either make or break a team.

Like its name implies, the jungler doesn’t stick to a specific lane, instead running around the jungle killing neutral minions and farming gold and experience from them. Since they’re not sharing experience with anyone, these characters can often level up quite fast and gain access to all their skills.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

The main role of the jungler is to gank other lanes to either facilitate kills or push the enemy away from their lanes, giving their allies free reign to farm uninterrupted. In this sense, the jungler is there both to exploit mistakes and vulnerabilities, and to create opportunities for the team to score easy kills or to drive the enemy away. Ideally, if they get enough kills, they can also become massive powerhouses and carry the team to victory. However, junglers can seldom be as strong as DPS carries in terms of raw damage output.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

These are all the roles you’ll find in Marvel Super War. While the specific champions that you can use for each lane will depend entirely on your team composition, your responsibilities in every lane will essentially be the same, regardless.

Marvel Super War – Understanding the Different Character Roles

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