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Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Marvel Super War is the latest MOBA game to hit the market, allowing players to choose from a wide variety of Marvel characters and take to the fields to defeat the enemy. In essence, this game is similar to Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, only with our favorite superheroes as playable champions.

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

Due to Marvel’s popularity, it’s very likely that this game will get a lot of attention, even from players who have never tried a MOBA before. if this is the case, and you’re just starting out for the first time, then you’ll find the following tips and tricks very helpful:

Use Appropriate Control Schemes for Your Heroes

One of the most important parts about playing MOBAs is being able to actually control your hero correctly. If you’re playing Super War on your phone, you’d do this by moving your character with a virtual joystick and using their skills by pressing the buttons on the right panel. This setup leaves a bit to be desired since you get no feedback from pressing virtual buttons, and it’s also tougher to control and aim your skills with precision.

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

If you’re playing Marvel Super War PC with BlueStacks, however, you can choose to control your characters using your mouse and keyboard, just like you would in a PC MOBA. Check out our BlueStacks guide for this game to learn how to set it up on your computer.

Nevertheless, even when playing Super War on PC, you still need to choose the correct control scheme for your heroes. This is because some characters have 3 skills, while others have 4. BlueStacks comes with 2 main control schemes: WASD and MOBA. The former allows you to both move and fight using only the keyboard, while the latter is more akin to PC MOBAs, allowing you to move the character with the mouse and activate skills with your keyboard.

Your choice of scheme here will depend solely on personal preferences. However, it’s very important to remember to alternate between the “3 Skills” and “4 Skills” configurations depending on the hero that you select. If you select the wrong scheme for the hero you’re using, then you’ll have issues with the controls.

Get Those Last Hits

While Super War is much faster than PC MOBAs, last hits and creep kills are still as important. In this sense, you must spend part of the early game—at least 5  minutes—farming for gold by getting last hits. Even if you manage to push the enemy heroes out of their lane, you would benefit considerably from delaying destroying the turret so that you can farm uninterrupted for more time.

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

Your gold advantage over the enemy is what’ll set you apart from them, allowing you to snowball into victory much easier. With a good early-game farm, you’ll be diving into teamfights with reckless abandon and getting those double and triple kills easily. Maybe you’ll even get a few penta kills if you’re good enough!

Once you feel you’ve farmed enough, it’s time to destroy the turret and start roaming for ganks. Just remember to always communicate with your team so that they know you’re coming to help them, in order to perform a coordinated gank.

Consider Your Champion Matchups Before Fighting

It might be tempting to jump on that low-health bruiser or to pounce on that champion in the mid lane who’s slightly too far from their turret. However, it’s crucial to consider the matchup before you commit to such fights as some characters can easily defeat you with a few skills if you’re not careful.

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

For instance, if you’re playing a support, you might have skills to stun the enemy or heal allies, but you’ll seldom have abilities to burst down the enemy or defeat a fleeing champion with low health. And even if they’re low on HP, some enemies can easily incapacitate and stun you before running away or turning things around and killing you.

Sometimes, you might need another player to initiate before jumping in yourself. Don’t get greedy just because the enemy is low on HP; wait until your team can organize a good gank. This will help both to secure the kill, as well as to avoid potential losses.

Experiment With the Different Roles to Get a Feel for Them

This might not be very relevant depending on your experience with MOBAs, but a good idea to learn about the flow of every match is to practice with the different roles in the game. After all, a hard carry character is vastly different from a support. Similarly, a fighter/bruiser type is leagues apart from mid-lane or jungler characters.

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

Experimenting with different characters and roles will give you perspective on what each hero can do and what the responsibilities of every role are. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect of every role:

  1. Hard Carry: Usually goes to the bottom lane alongside the support character. Their responsibility is to farm by getting last hits and completing their builds by purchasing crucial items. In the late game, they’re the ones who will frequently erase the enemy team with their powerful attacks.
  2. Support: Accompanies the hard carry in the bottom lane either by keeping them healed with certain skills or by facilitating kills and farming by harassing the enemy team.
  3. Mid-Lane: Usually consists of mage characters with powerful skills. Their role is to farm last hits, while also periodically running to the bottom or top lanes to help gank the enemy team.
  4. Jungler: They wander the jungle and farm by killing neutral minions. Their main responsibility is to gank enemies that overextend in lanes. Junglers are opportunists that can easily help the hard carries to snowball by facilitating kills.
  5. Solo Top: Usually bruisers or tanky characters that can take a beating and farm lots of minions. If they manage to get a good farm or to get fed on kills, they can easily carry the team to victory.

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

The important part about trying out different roles is learning how each of them are supposed to behave in most matches. While each hero is unique, their basic roles are always unchanged.

These are just a few beginner tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing Marvel Super War for the first time. Feel free to share your own strategies or pointers to help your fellow newbies out!

Marvel Super War – Tips and Tricks for Laning and Fighting

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