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Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

There are many MOBAs floating around in the market, even on mobile devices. However, Marvel Super War is the first one based on our favorite superheroes in the Marvel universe. This game offers most of what we’ve come to expect from titles in this genre, except with Marvel characters, which frankly, makes it feel like a new and refreshing experience.

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

If you’ve played other MOBAs before, then you’ll already be very familiar with Super War. And if you haven’t tried one of these games before, and found this game while looking for Marvel titles, then you’re in for a treat. Make sure to read our beginner’s tips in order to get started on the right foot. Also, we strongly recommend playing Marvel Super War on PC with BlueStacks in order to enjoy the game at max graphics and with the best performance.

Whether playing the top lane, in the middle, or farming in bot, there are ideal characters for every position in this game. That’s why we want to talk about the different heroes in this game. Specifically, we’re sharing our picks for best characters in every role.

The Different Character Roles

We’ve already written an in-depth guide on the character roles in Marvel Super War. Feel free to take a look if you want to learn more about this topic. However, here’s a quick recap of the different roles in the game:

  1. Solo Top: Typically a fighter or tank character. Their job is to defend top and farm as much as possible.
  2. Mid Lane: Typically energy heroes with powerful spells and mobility skills. Their job is, besides farming, to gank top and bot when the opportunities present themselves.
  3. DPS Carry: Typically a marksman or assassin character. They require lots of farming in order to purchase the items for their builds. They’re often the strongest characters in the game once fully built.
  4. Support: Their role is to protect the DPS in bot while they farm, as well as to harass the enemy DPS and prevent them from farming.
  5. Jungler: They roam around the map, farming the neutral enemies in the jungle. These characters are opportunists that can gank enemies in any lane.

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

The Best Characters for Solo Top

The top lane is the ideal place for fighters and tanks who have lots of sustain skills and can survive for long periods of time without having to return to the base to heal. These characters build defensively and become the designated initiators and tanks of the group, often forcing teamfights and harassing the enemy squishies with their superior defenses while their teammates wipe out the other opponents.

Some of the best picks for solo top include the following champs:

  1. Hulk: Powerful sustain combined with gap closers and CC that allow him to farm and thrive in fights.
  2. Thanos: Though lacking Hulk’s sustain, Thanos is a powerful initiator with plenty of CC, who also has a permanent shield that allows him to absorb extra damage in fights.
  3. Ancient One: A powerful heroine that’s also quite difficult to use. However, she’s a good example of a champion that doesn’t necessarily have to be tanky to thrive in top. She has lots of harass and skills that allow touch-and-run tactics to drive the enemy away.

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

The Best Characters for Mid

Like in top, the objective in mid is to farm, while preventing the enemy from doing so. However, since mid characters are also expected to gank other lanes often, they need to combine high damage with good mobility.

Some of the best characters with these traits include the following:

  1. Doctor Strange: A powerful hero who, like the Ancient One, is quite difficult to use. However, his Interdimensional Portal skill gives him an unparalleled ability to harass, engage, and even to flee from enemy ambushes. A good player uses these portals to take down fleeing targets or to engage against the enemy during ganks.
  2. Mysterio: Has plenty of powerful ranged abilities that allow him to pick targets off from very far away. When fully-charged with his unique Deception resource, his skills hit much harder and can apply negative effects to the enemy.
  3. Storm: She has powerful ranged skills that can also stun and slow the enemy, making them easy targets for her allies when ganking.

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

The Best Characters for the Bottom Lane

This lane is one of the most important since it’s where the DPS carry will do most of their early game farming and purchase the first few items of their build. As such, a combo of good support with a skillful DPS is pivotal for success.

Some good DPS characters include:

  1. Vision: He’s a tough character, combining invincibility, mobility, damage, and CC into one neat package.
  2. Gambit: Has one of the best ults in the game, which allows him to turn invincible while dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

Alongside DPS Carries, you’ll need good support champions, which include the following:

  1. Cloak & Dagger: They can not only harass the enemy with slows and deal considerable damage, but they can also heal their DPS to keep them in the fight for longer.
  2. The Thing: While he doesn’t have skills to heal his DPS partner, he has tons of support and initiation, which can facilitate kills in the early game. He’s better off with an aggressive DPS like Gambit.

The Best Junglers

Last but not least, we have the jungler champions, who require both skills for farming quickly, as well as gap closers or mobility skills to facilitate their ganks. Some of the best junglers in Marvel Super War include the following:

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

  1. Quicksilver: True to his comic book counterpart, Quicksilver is fast and can easily close distances with his blink skills. He’s also quite bursty, which is great for picking off fleeing targets after a successful gank.
  2. Black Panther: While King T’Challa is quite slow, he can both leap to the enemy, as well as slow them down with his skills. Furthermore, his powerful swipes can easily burst down squishies, even at full health. His ultimate is the best ganking tool due to its high burst damage.

And those were some of our top picks of best characters in Marvel Super War. Of course, there are many more characters with their own strengths, weaknesses, and situational uses. However, the ones we mentioned on this list are the champions that can thrive in most situations, regardless of team composition.

Marvel Super War Hero Tier List – The Best Heroes for Every Role

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