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Merge Magic! on PC: How to Grow Your Base Quickly

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Merge Magic! starts you off on the world map, where you have the opportunity to complete a few missions and learn the basics of merging. Once the tutorial is completed, however, you unlock a home base. This is where you’ll spend most of your time and make your most important in-game decisions. Everything you find, buy, or build inside your home base, you get to keep.

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

The ultimate goal is to merge different types of objects until you reach the final link in each branch – a legendary item with incredible powers. Getting there can take more than a year for F2P players, though, which is why you might find these base development tips useful on your journey. While the tutorial does share some things with new players, none of the essential information below is included.

Space Is Your Rarest Commodity

Resources are useful in Merge Magic!, but nothing is more precious than space. Your home base starts as a small patch of land and quickly grows as you acquire and upgrade more magical creatures. At first, the rate of expansion might seem like a lot, but you’ll quickly change your mind once you start building your first big tree. As we mentioned in our list of tips and tricks for beginners, it is absolutely essential that you merge 5, rather than 3 or 4 objects at a time, because this gets you an extra higher-tier item.

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

However, it can be difficult to keep to this rule when there’s no space to store all the necessary components. That’s why space is so important in this game. Here’s an example. From time to time, you’ll notice a few little green sprouts flying across your screen. These are Blessed Seeds, the most basic component for building flowers and trees. Naturally, you want as many of them as possible, but they take up a lot of space before they grow into Blessed Sprouts that you can then combine. You’re already tight on space because you’re putting together enough plants for a mighty Blessed Tree, so what now?

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

The trick is to keep a clean base at all times. When you first log in every day, the base will look like a complete mess. Your job is to merge everything that can be merged, use your helpers to clear out unmergeable objects, and position different objects by categories so that you know where everything is at all times.

Patience Can Be Rewarding

This is not just about the fact that you should wait until you have 5 copies of an object before each merge. It’s also about numerous types of seeds, for example, that you can combine or let grow. We’ve already mentioned that Blessed Seeds are the most basic unit for the Blessed Tree chain. The same goes for Tiny Evergreen Seeds, which can be used to grow Evergreen Trees, or Fruit Bush Seeds and Fruit Bushes.

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

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All of these seeds can be merged as usual. If you choose to do this, however, you can only get a maximum of 2 sprouts per 5 seeds. If, on the other hand, you let the seeds grow on their own, you\ can develop as many sprouts as you have seeds. That’s almost double the sprouts using the same amount of seeds! It does take some patience (and space) to do this, but, if you can manage your base properly, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Everything Needs Room to Grow

Some objects, such as the Monolith, for example, occasionally generate other items around them. This can be incredibly useful for the progression of your base and can be the only way to start certain object chains. There’s a trick to it, though, and it has to do with space (of course it does).

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

Take our Monolith. If there are 8 free squares around it, the Monolith will quickly generate no less than 8 Cobwebs that we can then use to find Tiny Evergreen Seeds. If, on the other hand, the Monolith is crowded with other items and has no room in its immediate vicinity, it becomes useless. So long as there is no room around such objects, they do not generate other items. While you’re logged in, make sure this is never the case.

Understand Your Magical Creatures

Aside from various object chains, you’ll also develop a number of magical creatures in your base. These are characterized by two important stats – Stamina and Magical Power. But when you have to choose between two magical creatures or upgrades (for instance, when you decide which eggs to buy from the shop), which stat should you prioritize?

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

Magical Power helps you unlock more space in your home base. The more powerful your creatures are, the more land you will pull from the mist and then use as your own once it is healed. This seems fairly important, especially since space is so rare in Merge Magic!, but we actually recommend that you go for the creatures with higher Stamina.

Stamina determines how many actions a helper can perform before he or she must go back to sleep. This ties in directly with the basic function of these creatures in your home base. You’ll need more Stamina to clear dead objects, generate Blessing Essences, build things, harvest important objects, and other such activities. Overall, it’s more important to be able to use your creatures more times (and thus keep your base organized) than it is to unlock more space.

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

Stay in Charge of Every Action

Helpers inside your base may be magical, but they are also pretty silly. If left to their own devices, they will make the worst decisions in terms of which objects to harvest, which can only mean one thing: you have to do everything yourself. Every time you have an available helper, try to control their actions manually by dragging them over the object you wish to be harvested. Don’t forget that space will quickly evaporate in this game, so focus on one chain at a time, when possible.

Merge Magic! - How to Grow Your Base Quickly

In our guide to playing Merge Magic! with BlueStacks, we’ve gone over several tricks that you can use to stay in control of your creatures and combos while playing the game on PC. The emulator will make your life much easier, which is why we recommend you try it now, rather than later. Anything that can bring down the 1-year development time for a level 18 Blessed Tree is a blessing, isn’t it?

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