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Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

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In Merge Magic!, there are dozens of combination paths that can be explored by eager players. A world that is deceivingly simple becomes a series of tough choices and strict priorities once you set your eyes on a wonder. It can take a long time before you finally merge those last few pieces into a beautiful top-tier tree or bush, but the effort is well worth it for fans of the series. For us, too.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

However, a year of waiting seems excessive to us. Yes, we understand the value of patience, but we also want to optimize the growth of our base and get new items as quickly as possible. Did we mention that we want all that for free? To achieve our goal, we needed resources – and lots of them. So we set out to understand each currency in Merge Magic! and find out how to get more. After some pretty intensive farming, we came up with this guide.

The Four Different Currencies in Merge Magic!

Although there are many merge paths in this game, only 4 resources behave as currencies to be used in shops and to unlock more land. All other objects fulfil one function or another in the generation of these currencies:

Gold Coins

The most basic currency in Merge Magic!, Gold Coins are used to buy starter eggs in the magic shop. They are also required for Coin Storage houses, which can increase the amount of Gold Coins you can store at any given time. These houses might not seem necessary at first, but, as you will see in a moment, it’s actually essential to be able to store large amounts of a specific resource in order to help your base grow. Once you’ve purchased a few eggs for fun, we recommend you prioritize Coin Storage.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

Wood Logs

Most buildings are purchased from the magic shop using Wood Logs. At first, you’ll use them to build Small Tree Cabins, which are the structures that allow your helpers to rest between actions. The higher the level of your Tree Cabins, the faster your magic creatures will complete their sleep, so it’s important to upgrade these as quickly as possible. If you build no cabins whatsoever, you might soon realize that your creatures no longer fit in the available accommodations. This will slow down their rest and, ultimately, the growth of your base.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

Magic Gems

The premium currency in Merge Magic!, Magic Gems are predominantly obtained with real currency. However, there is one way to get some Magic Gems for free and it involves a special merge path – the Magic Crystal. From time to time, you’ll find these Crystals inside your base or by shaking purple reward stars. You can use Magic Gems to buy special eggs and creatures, as well as to purchase resources and unique buildings.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

Blessed Essence

This resource doesn’t buy anything per se, but it is incredibly useful both during missions and inside the base. Blessed Essences are shiny baubles with the power to heal corrupted land. The bigger the essence, the more healing power it has and the more land you can clear. You won’t need many to begin with, but as you expand your base, you’ll needs thousands of these to properly take control of the land.

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Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

The Rule of Patience

If you’ve read our tricks and tips for Merge Magic! beginners, you already know that you should (almost) never combine objects in threes, no matter how tempting this might be. Instead, you should wait patiently until you have five copies and obtain an extra item in the process. In the case of currencies, however, there’s more to this rule of patience than meets the eye.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

These resources can come from completing missions, but you’ll most often get them from popping certain objects. For Gold Coins, for example, you’ll use different types of coins. For Magic Gems, you’ll pop Magic Crystals and so forth. The thing is, it only makes sense to use the object once it was upgraded as much as possible.

Take Gold Coins, for instance. A level 1 Old Coin will grant you 1 gold. A level 2 Bronze Coin will grant 4, which means that even if you break the 5-merge rule and only merge 3 Old Coins into a Bronze Coin, you still obtain 30% more gold if you wait for the upgrade. The sums continue to grow exponentially as you advance the coins further, but be careful not to reach too high a number. Remember that you can only store a limited amount of Gold Coins at a time. If your max storage is 200 and you’ve just merged a coin worth 550 gold, you’ll no longer be able to use it effectively.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

The exact same rule applies for all four currencies. Whenever this is possible, you should merge your Wood, Magic Crystals, and Blessed Essences into higher-level items before popping them for resources.

Spending Tips for Premium Currency

You start the game with a few hundred Magic Gems, after which this resource becomes more and more scarce. There are a number of things that the game will throw at you to convince you to spend this currency, but it doesn’t mean you should listen. Instead, we recommend you set a few priorities.

For instance, once you merge a high-level item, the game will give you the opportunity to purchase a copy for Magic Gems. The deal is one of the best you can get in Merge Magic!, although the tutorial won’t tell you that you can do it until it actually happens. We recommend you save most, if not all, of your available Magic Gems for this purpose.

Merge Magic! on PC: The Starter Guide to Resources

Other great deals include doubling your rewards during Challenge missions, opening highly valuable chests, or supplementing your score during an important event. Buying eggs and resources from the magical shop is almost never a good idea, although, if you’re hoarding gems, you can spend them on special, extra-cute creatures.

Finally, don’t forget that, short of Blessed Essences, you can find resources during world missions too. Although you can’t bring back trees or other objects from these foreign lands, you do get to keep whatever coin, gems, or wood you collect on your way. With this in mind and a little help from BlueStacks, you’ll be on your way to a full warehouse in no time!

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