If we had all day to farm resources and upgrade our characters on mobile games like Mirage Memorial Global, what a life that would be! Unfortunately, a bunch of other things – like work, for example – take up most of our time. As such, we have to make the best with the little that we have. Especially as F2P players, we have a lot to get done during our time spent in-game.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

With this in mind, we’ve designed a guide to how you can best prioritize your time in Mirage Memorial Global. Below, you’ll find essential tasks that will help you progress through content faster. We’ve ordered them according to their impact on your overall CP so that you know exactly what you should do every time you have the chance to log in.

Set Your Eyes on the Prize

How you prioritize your in-game time for MMGlobal can depend on what you hope to achieve in this game. Do you prefer PvP battles or PvE content? Do you love to collect different characters or would you rather form a main hardcore team of fully upgraded Servants? Your answers might slightly alter the list of priorities below.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

When we came up with this guide, we started from one basic premise – no matter what you love best in MMGlobal, you will have to complete as much of the PvE campaign as possible in order to progress through the game. The campaign is a great source of upgrade materials, new characters, and premium currency. To get more Servants and upgrade your existing ones, you’ll have to ace more and more new levels. To do that, you’ll need to improve your characters every day. This is your ultimate goal.

Use About 2/3 of Your Energy and Rice

Your energy resources stack up in time up to a maximum number that is determined by your current Master level. When you first log in each day, it’s important to use a generous amount of energy so that your stores go well below the cap and begin to regenerate once again. Various events and achievements will also give you Rice Packs worth 50 energy each. You can use these as you get them (if you have the time to spend the energy) or you can keep them for later – the choice is yours. The essential thing is to never let your energy reserves stay capped for long.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

As for what you should spend the energy on, we advise that you do your best to upgrade your core five Servants. For instance, the most significant upgrade you can make early on is to equip your Servants with gems and Evolve them. This changes their color from White to Green, Green+1, Cyan, Cyan+1, Purple, Purple+1, and Gold. Each new color unlocks an additional ability and greatly enhances the character’s CP. However, gems also become increasingly difficult to craft.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

If, at first, the ratio of energy to gem is roughly 5 to 1, this soon changes to a ratio of 200 to 1; sometimes more. As such, we recommend that you save your energy to gradually evolve each main Servant to Gold. Although you should spread the love equally between your five main characters, it’s best to upgrade each Servant to another color before you move on to its teammates. An upgrade from Cyan to Cyan+1 is not nearly as valuable as an upgrade from Cyan+1 to Purple, for instance.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

You’ll spend a lot of energy this way, but it’s the best thing you can do to make your Servants stronger and progress further in the campaign. Use about 2/3 of your available energy this way and save the rest for new PvE levels after you upgrade some of your characters.

Complete as Many Challenges as Possible (In This Order)

If you have more time after you empty your energy reserves, you should turn your attention to Challenges, which are another great way to obtain resources for your Servants. We recommend that you complete them in the following order, provided that you don’t have time to do all of them:

The Arena

You have 10 attempts at the Arena each day. You will gain Tomes of Training for your Mercs regardless of whether you win or lose and you can also stack up on Courage Medals if you choose your battles right. Aim for the highest rank possible because this will ensure a daily supply of Courage Medals. Once you accumulate enough of this currency, you can exchange it for valuable new Servants in the Courage shop.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

The Borderlands Defense

This is where you earn XP and Skill Cards for your Servants. You’ll need as many of these as you can get your hands on, so you should complete this challenge right after the Arena.

The Desert Shrine

Once you’ve selected your team, you can pretty much let your characters handle this challenge on their own. You’ll get Refine Stones for Servants and Tomes of Training for their Mercs.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

Team Boss Battles

This challenge is not only super fun, but also extremely useful later in the game, when you’ll want to upgrade your best gear. Here, you can select your best character to join another 4 players in their battle against a stronger NPC. The rewards include Super Upgrade Stones for enhancing gear and Refine Essences for ranking up rare jewelry.

Mirage Memorial Global on PC: How to Prioritize Your In-Game Time

Strife Battlefield (if on time)

This PvP event is only available at certain times in the day. If you happen to be online when the Battlefield is ongoing, join another 4 players and try your best to defeat as many teams of enemy players as possible. The more victories you accrue, the more Refine and Super Upgrade Stones you will receive.

If you’re still online at this point, you should have enough resources to significantly boost the CP of your core Servants. Once this is done, you’ll be able to complete at least 2 more chapters on the campaign and earn a good deal of premium crystals in the process. You can then use the crystals to pull new Servants at the Summoning Portal. Got anything good? Tomorrow, just rinse and repeat.