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Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Thanks to their casual-friendly mechanics that feel almost like collecting trading cards or album stickers, gacha games have amassed a huge audience around the world. Mirage Memorial Global is yet another one of these games that allows you to create teams of waifu servants to set upon your foes. However, in order to power up your teams and become an unstoppable force, you’ll first need to level up your account, as well as unlock many features.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

There are many different ways to progress and unlock content in MMGlobal, most of which involve completing certain challenges, farming certain game modes, or cooperating with other people to take down powerful bosses. The endgame, like in many other gacha games, is to upgrade a team of 5 servants to the max level, and have them utterly destroy anyone they come across.

If you’re like us and don’t like being second best in any game, then you’ll need all the help you can get to unleash your full potential in Mirage Memorial Global. To this end, we have created a list of 5 simple tips and tricks that you can use for this purpose. If you’re looking to walk among the best of the best in this game, then keep these pointers in mind:

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

S Rank Every Level

In order to advance in the story and unlock new features, you’ll need to complete the stages in order. It doesn’t really matter if you do well the first time around, as you’ll receive the rewards for first completion regardless of your performance. However, it’s always in your best interest to retry each level until you get an S rank in every one. This is because you unlock certain rewards in every chapter after completing a number of stages with the best rank. These rewards are very important and go from experience and skill cards, to runes and refine stones, and even new characters.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Don’t worry about it too much if you’re struggling to complete a level with S rank at the beginning, though. If you’re having troubles, simply keep going, take a few hours to upgrade your team, and then come back later when you can easily defeat the enemies in the stage.

Have a Dedicated Healer

Following up on S-ranking every level, you’ll need an appropriate team formation if you want to have the best results in combat. This formation has to include, at the very least, a healer since staying alive is very difficult when up against hard-hitting enemies or foes that jump over your tanks and go straight for your squishy characters in the back.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

By adding a healer to your formation, you can stay alive long enough to deal with the strongest threats in the enemy team, and hopefully make it through the stage with all your characters in once piece. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much HP you end up with; as long as all five characters are standing, you’ll get an automatic S rank.

If you’re not sure on how to build a good team, feel free to check out our guide we wrote on the topic. There, you’ll find numerous recommendations of good characters for every role.

Focus Your Resources on Five Characters

In Mirage Memorial Global, resources are scarce to the point where upgrading more than a single squadron is something that you can only do around end game. If you’re still progressing through the main story and struggling to complete your daily missions in a timely manner, you’d do well to invest your resources on a single squad of 5 servants so you can power them up as fast as possible.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Once you’ve finished the main story and have more leeway to experiment, you can start pouring your resources on newer characters. Who knows; you might even discover a new meta. However, until that time comes, make sure to only use your materials on your main crew.

Nevertheless, if you messed up and invested too many resources on a single character, don’t sweat it. For a modest sum in gems, you can reset a character and recover 100% of the materials you used when upgrading her. You can access this option via the foundry menu. If you’re just starting out, however, we recommend saving your gems and simply taking the loss as you can do much more with the gems than what you could do with the resources you’ll get back.

Roll Until You Get a Good Character, and Then Save Your Crystals

Like in many other gacha games, you can opt to reroll in Mirage Memorial until you manage to pull powerful characters that will carry you through the entire game. However, as we mentioned in our guide for rerolling in this game, this process is not strictly necessary unless you’re absolutely set on having the best possible team from the very beginning.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

A viable alternative for those who don’t want to reroll is to use the gems they receive from completing daily missions on 10x summonings. The reason why this method also works in this game, as opposed to other gacha titles, is due to the way the probability of summoning stronger characters fluctuates depending on your current roster.

In a nutshell, the more S-rank characters in your roster, the better your odds of receiving a SS character from your summonings. While the probability of obtaining the latter is only 1.5% at the beginning, it’ll slowly increase for every instance of the former that you have in your roster, until the moment when you actually receive a SS servant. This mechanic is great if you don’t want to spend time rerolling as it essentially guarantees that you’ll receive a powerful champion after a while.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Once you have a few SS characters in your roster, go ahead and start saving your gems as you’ll need them for many other purposes other than summoning. Alternatively, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to reroll in Mirage Memorial so you can start on the right foot, and start saving your gems from the beginning.

If You Still Want to Roll After Summoning a Good Team, Wait Until an Event Comes Up

While summoning a team of 5 powerful characters should be your main focus in Mirage Memorial Global, it doesn’t mean that your recruitment efforts stop once you have your main team set up. You should still keep summoning once you have your squad ready since you’ll need multiple copies of the same characters in order to evolve them and upgrade your power.

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

However, if you’re going to spend gems on summonings, try to wait until there’s an event active to do so. While the summoning process is the same during these events, you have a chance to receive powerful, limited characters to add to your team. While this outcome is definitely not guaranteed, it’d still be a welcome surprise if you’re fishing for a specific character, but end up summoning a different, stronger servant.

The key to succeeding in gacha games like Mirage Memorial Global is consistency. We’ve said this numerous times across several titles, but if you manage to complete your tasks at a daily basis, then building a good team and becoming a powerful player is no longer an impossibility, but a certainty. However, you’re only as good as the tools you use for playing your favorite games, so make sure to enjoy MMGlobal on PC with BlueStacks, so you can have access to the best tools and features, and elevate your experience to the next level!

Tips and Tricks for Mirage Memorial Global on PC

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