Although ML: Adventure is an Idle RPG, its well-thought out combat system can be immensely fun to play with, whether you’re trying to overcome a pesky Campaign boss or attempting to climb to the next floor of the Tower of Babel. Naturally, you’ll want to select only the best heroes to upgrade. However, when you’re just shy of getting these, you might want to make sure you have enough champions of each type and class in your line-up.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

Why do we say this? Well, as it turns out, the game’s Power System can tip the scales of even the hardest battle in your favour. At a first glance, it may seem a bit unfair, but so long as you have a versatile team of heroes that can be rotated in and out of your core team, it will most often give you a significant advantage.

The Power Triangle and Class System

Combat in ML: Adventure starts with the power triangle. The latter basically tells you which heroes are vulnerable to what. As you can see, Elementals are vulnerable to Martials, who are vulnerable to Techs. The latter can be countered by Elementals and they can easily counter Martials. Light and Dark only oppose one another, so it may be a bit trickier to devise a strategy against them. Just take a minute to memorize this scheme. We guarantee it’ll pay off in spades.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

Next up, you have the hero Roles. Each role can harbour more kinds of power heroes, which gives you immense versatility in terms of preparing for a specific encounter; say, the 50th floor of the Tower of Babel. Akai, for ecample, is a Martial tank. He’s great against Elementals, but suffers against Techs. In a line-up mostly comprised of the latter, you should probably have Grock standing by to replace Akai.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

The towering elemental might not be the best hero choice, but he’ll get the job done. Next up you have damage dealers and this is where things get truly complex and fun. DPSers can be Fighters, Mages, or Marksmen. Each hero belonging to a particular class also has a specialty. For instance, Bruno is a Marksman with great Control abilities, while Mia is a Marksman entirely focused on dishing out the most damage. Similarly, Eudora is an AoE mage, whereas Cyclops is better suited at burst magical damage.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

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Lastly, you have the supports. There aren’t many of these in the game currently – just Rafaela, Angela, and Estes. Although the latter is generally considered to be one of the best units in the game, Angela’s no weakling either. We’d love to see more versatility in this role, to be honest, and especially more supports focused on de-buffing the enemy team.

Arranging Your Champions

Let’s consider the way you arrange your team on the battlefield. You can either have:

a) 2 heroes on the first line, 2 on the second and one on the last,

b) 1 on the first, 2 on the second and 2 on the last, or,

c) The 2-1-2 formation.

Which configuration works best is entirely dependent on the kind of fight you’re looking at. One thing you need to remember, though, is that melee heroes will always get in range of their opponents, even if they are placed more to the back.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

Let’s take a look at this PvP match-up we were facing. For some reason, our opponent slammed Layla on the first row next to their Tigreal. They might have wanted to increase their overall DPS, but they exposed a great damage dealer to the CCs of fighters. Our Aldous will get to her immediately and she’ll most likely die without being able to cast her high damage ultimate.

In the following example, the 48th floor of the Tower has two melees up front, Tigrael and Balmond, both of which are highly durable. By putting just one fighter on the first line, we ensure that the two opposing ones immediately clump together. If there were another fighter on the second line of the opposing team, they would have joined in as well.

Although this might seem counter-intuitive, this strategy ensures that the AoE spell of Aurora and the AoE attacks of Akai land on as many enemies as possible, not to mention the powerful abilities of our Eudora.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

As a general rule, the lines will stay put unless either of the corridors gets overwhelmed. For instance, as soon as your adversary’s front liners die, the remainder of your team will advance. Consequently, it’s much more useful to put your mages in the back, as they will be most protected there. This works in most encounters, except for those where you’re up against Aldous, Lancelot, or any other heroes that can either teleport or push through lines all the way to the back.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

More importantly, you can use this clumping tactics to keep enemy damage dealers from your own fighters. Everything you have to do is place them on the second line and they will be safe from harm. At least initially.

None of these tactics are useful, however, if you don’t properly level your heroes. For more info on that, you can check out our BlueStacks guide to levelling ML: Adventure champions as fast as possible.

Win with BlueStacks

As you may have noticed, the heroes don’t always cast their ultimate abilities when you need them to. At times, you’ll see them healing your entire party when just one unit is missing 20% of their HP or wasting a high-damage single-target shot on an enemy that’s almost dead. To avoid this, we recommend you don’t auto the fights that are most challenging since this will allow you to time your abilities precisely when they are needed the most.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – The Complete Guide to Combat Mechanics

More importantly, playing the game on BlueStacks gives you a clear edge over your enemies: you can use the Keymapping Tool to bind each and every one of your heroes to a single button on your keyboard. In a challenge when you’re up against stronger enemies, this will make sure you get the upper hand by stunning them on time, as well as by killing them before they get to cast their ultimates.

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