Unlike its predecessor, Bang Bang, Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle RPG with typical Gacha features – including an impressive collection of heroes. Of course, in the spirit of true Gacha, some characters are fantastic, while others (the majority) are just there to waste your diamonds and summoning tickets.

In a different guide, we’ve covered how you can upgrade your heroes to their maximum potential, but which units should you choose for such a heavy investment of gold, hero EXP, and evolve stones? This is the question we address below.

Choosing Your Party Configuration

In ML: Adventure, it’s more important to prioritize your best heroes than a fixed party configuration. Ideally, your party should include:

  • 2 Tanks.
  • 1 Healer/Support.
  • 2 Ranged Damage Dealers.

However, there are a few situations where you might want to digress from this basic configuration. For example, some melee damage dealers are fairly sturdy and can be used to replace one of the tanks. At the same time, if you have 3 extremely powerful ranged damage dealers, you might consider replacing the support hero, at least in some battles.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Overall, flexibility is key. Consider which are your biggest strengths and make sure to deploy them whenever this is possible. Finally, don’t forget that combat success also depends on choosing the correct affinities – something we’ve covered at length in our complete guide to combat mechanics.

The Sturdiest Tanks

The combat map in Mobile Legends: Adventure consists of 2 lanes with 3 rows each. To protect both of your lanes, you need sturdy tanks that can eat most incoming damage and give your DPS a chance to diminish the enemy team. Often, the tanks will die by the end of an encounter. The important thing is how long they can hold on before they do.


 This Light affinity Tank with Crowd Control/Charge specialization is, by far, the best cannon fodder in the game. He not only has decent stats, but some of his abilities make him a veritable powerhouse. Gatotkaca’s ultimate allows him to leap to the middle or back row and stun opponents, while his 2 skills apply an ATK slow and a taunt (in addition to massive damage). His passive constantly transfers between his HP and his Armor, which gives him that extra oomf in terms of durability.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure


This one is a Martial affinity Tank with CC specialization, as well as, well… super cute! It’s like damage just bounces off his fluffy belly and did you even see that cute frog of his? Ehem – got a little carried away there. Although not as impressive as Gatotkaca, Akai has decent stats and abilities that knock down difficult enemies. His passive skill gives him a bubble shield for every skill he uses in combat, which adds significantly to his durability.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure

The Most Versatile Damage Dealers

There aren’t many spots for DPS in your party of 5, so it’s essential that the damage dealers you do have can pack a pretty punch. Any of these three below will do just that, as well as help with crowd control.


 This Martial affinity Assassin with Charge specialization is an absolute pain in the backside when he’s on the opposing team. He’s very difficult to obtain, but he’s also probably the best hero to have at this point in the game. His forte is the Puncture skill, which lets him flank an enemy on the back row for tremendous damage. Thanks also to his ultimate, which unleashes even more damage, and his passive, which puts an extra DPS debuff on the target of Puncture, Lancelot can pretty much execute a weak backliner damage dealer.

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The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure


A Dark affinity Mage with Regen/Damage specialization, this hero has both massive DPS and fantastic sustain. Her ultimate ports her in the midst of the enemy team, where she puts down a large AoE that deals initial damage to all enemies in range, inflicts damage per second for 5 seconds, and heals her for part of her Magic Power. Alice’s passive synergizes perfectly with her ultimate by stacking additional Magic Power for each used skill.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure


Stepping right out of a 1960s Western and into the fray, this Martial affinity Marksman with Burst specialization is a great single-target damage dealer that synergizes well with other heroes. His ultimate becomes more powerful with each skill used by an ally with the same affinity and can deal massive amounts of damage if at least one other Martial hero is present. Both of his skills pack a serious punch and have decent CC potential, while his passive increases the basic ATK of all allied heroes.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure

The Most Useful Supports

In ML: Adventure, supports exist to ensure the survivability and effectiveness of your other heroes. They do some minor damage and can have CC potential, but their main purpose is to heal or buff your tanks and damage dealers.


This Elemental affinity Support with Heal specialization is, hands down, the absolute best hero of his kind in the game. Of course, he’s also a very rare catch during summons, but once you do get him, he’s worth all the resources you can throw at him. His ultimate and first skill work in a similar manner – they heal 1-3 allies instantly and over 5 seconds, while also healing Estes and linking him to his teammates. While linked, Estes increases his allies’ Crit Rate, charges his ultimate faster, and deals additional damage.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure


Although not as strong as Estes, this Tech affinity Support with Heal/Bonus specialization is still a solid competitor. Her ultimate basically lets her inhabit an ally for up to 12 seconds, copy the latter’s Magic Power, and protect them from most incoming damage. When she’s not shielding a teammate, Angela can throw “Love Waves” at enemies and allies, damaging the former and healing the latter. Her passive makes a nice addition by decreasing her cooldowns with every used skill.

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Most of the heroes we’ve described above can seriously impact the turnout of an encounter, especially if their teammates are also decently leveled. When put together, these best ML: Adventure characters make an unbreakable front and can pull you through most campaign stages, arena matches, and other adventures.

Precisely because they are so valuable, you might consider re-rolling for one or more of these heroes when you start playing for the first time. If you decide to do so, don’t forget to check our guide to playing Mobile Legends: Adventure on PC with BlueStacks for some truly neat tricks!

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