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OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Although the campaign missions in OVERHIT are certainly more entertaining than with other gacha games, the Arena remains the place where most players spend their active online time. It’s fun to learn about the characters’ pasts and follow their development throughout the story, but ultimately, it’s far more satisfying to test your team composition against others and climb the Arena ranks.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

In OVERHIT, you can do this fairly well even if you’re an F2P player. Not just any team will do, though. If you want to make the most of your five daily Arena tickets, check out the useful tips and tricks below.

Defensive vs. Offensive Priorities

In OVERHIT, Arena battles are not 100% live. In other words, while you do get to manually control your team during the battle, your opponent’s team is operated by the AI. To begin with, this gives you a slight advantage that you can put to good use in order to climb the first few ranks. But, at one point or another, you will come across those teams of fully upgraded, +5 SSR characters that, as an F2P player, you can only ever dream of when you start the game.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

This is not to say that you will never be able to put together that dream team. OVERHIT gives you plenty of opportunities to get more SSR heroes and upgrade them for free. However, P2W players will achieve this much faster and you certainly won’t like spending all that time repeatedly losing in the Arena. Nor should you have to.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Because of the way the Arena works, there is a solution. When the battle timer runs out during an Arena match, the team with the highest total HP wins. Your goal, then, should be to win by durability and healing, since you cannot hope to deal enough damage to kill fully buffed heroes in time. With that in mind, we’ve selected a team of characters with excellent defensive and healing capabilities – and it works.

The Best Team Composition for PvP

Normally, you’d want to create a team with 1 tank, 2-3 DPS, and 1-2 healers to battle in the Arena. Given that you are trying to stay alive during very difficult encounters, though, you should prioritize durability, healing, and resurrection over everything else.


A light-type character that you get from the very beginning of the game, Sophia is a cornerstone of this defensive build. If you complete enough campaign missions, you can even raise her level cap a couple of times and unlock her Grimoire ability. During Arena fights, her massive heal is your go-to ability, while her resurrection can be used whenever it is off cooldown.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Cicero or Ophelia

Cicero is an all-around fantastic tank, but what makes him particularly valuable for this build is his ability to heal several party members. Because he is an SR hero, you can easily raise his level cap five times, consistently upgrade his abilities, and bring his rank up to S. Ophelia, on the other hand, is probably the best character in OVERHIT as far as tanking goes. She is super strong, absorbs damage that would otherwise hit her teammates, has healing capabilities, and can stun the enemy healer. If you have her and can raise her level cap at least twice, she makes a fine replacement for Cicero.

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OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics


Since this PvP team focuses on defense, rather than offense, you will have to reduce the number of damage dealers to 2 and even get rid of Ash if you intend to switch out Cicero (and his heal) for a better tank. Both in PvP and in PvE, Proxy remains one of the best SR heroes (easily upgradable) with a DPS focus. He reduces the healing capabilities of all enemies, which is particularly useful against other teams who aim to outlast you in the Arena, and he even has minor healing potential.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics


A light-type character with massive AoE damage, Angelo is a must-have whenever you decide to create a PvP team with only 2 DPS. Both of his abilities hit 4 enemy units at once and he gains additional damage if any of his teammates are knocked out. What’s more, his Gravitation Singularity skill does damage proportional to his enemies’ HP, which makes him great against bulky builds.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Ash/Teze or Helena

For as long as you keep Cicero in your line-up, you can generally afford to use 3 DPS. Alongside Proxy and Angelo, the two best damage dealers to consider are Ash, with his awesome Leader buff, and Teze, with his extraordinary single-target DPS. Many players prefer the latter because he can easily pick off enemy heroes one by one. If, on the other hand, you decide to switch out Cicero for Ophelia, you should consider a second healer for those times when Sophia’s abilities are on cooldown. Helena is a perfect choice here not only because she can heal, but also because she has a decent resurrection ability.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Choosing the Right Gear

In our BlueStacks guide to gearing up your heroes in OVERHIT, we’ve discussed substats at length and made several recommendations about what gear is best for specific characters. For this Arena team, however, you might consider making a few changes.

For example, while DPS normally works best with gear that complements their offensive abilities, a far better stat to equip in the Arena is DEF. Above all else, look for gear that features Ability Cooldown Reduction – especially for characters that can heal. Remember that several substat slots can be taken up by the same stat: ideally, you are looking for 4-star items with 3 x Ability Cooldown Reduction.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Once you have a solid team together, it’s time to enter the Arena and test your endurance. It is advisable that you turn off the Auto and Speed options so that you can have better control over your heroes’ actions. When you choose your Preset abilities, make sure that you prioritize healing and resurrecting over damage. Only when your team is ahead should you try to focus down an enemy hero and reduce the total HP of the opposing team further.

OVERHIT: The Supreme Arena Guide for PvP Fanatics

Finally, don’t forget that, when you play OVERHIT on BlueStacks, you can use both the Keymapping Tool and the Combo Key features to enhance your control of characters even further. You can say goodbye to lag too, because your Arena battles will run as smoothly as possible on this emulator.

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