Let’s Play Overhit On BlueStacks And Collect All The Heroes

Let’s Play Overhit On BlueStacks And Collect...

And you can be sure that there are a lot of heroes to collect. As a newly released gacha game Overhit contains hundreds of them, and your goal is to build a personal army by finding the most powerful ones. After that, you get to save the world, as usual. Overhit offers amazing graphics, a couple of new mechanics, and a very big world to explore. Let’s start playing it and find out what the fuss is about.

Gotta Collect Them All

Overhit starts directly on a battlefield. Your first three missions are about killing as many enemies as possible, and learn the basic battle mechanics. Well, we will talk about them in another guide, but for now, let’s say that they are turn-based: Your party starts to run on a map, encounters enemies, kills them, moves on to the “boss” enemy. This is basically how all the main story missions work. And if you think that the graphics look really pretty, you are right: Overhit uses the latest Unreal 4 engine. Since you are not using a “phone”, you can safely maximize all the visual settings and get better graphics. Once you complete the tutorial fights, the following menu appears:

It seems we are ready to start the game.

The campaigns menu launches the main story missions. There are 15 chapters in total and each chapter contains 11 missions. Every chapter can be completed multiple times and this is actually required: In addition to other rewards, you get to collect “hero tickets” (think them as shards) this way.

“Special” category is basically the dungeons menu and you unlock them one by one while progressing in the main story. And “Challenges” category is for PvP missions, you get to fight against the hero teams of other players. This feature stays locked until you complete the first mission of the third chapter.

The Summoning System

So, basically, you get solo missions, PvP fights, and dungeons, the holy trinity of all gacha/RPG games. And speaking of gacha, Overhit offers tons of heroes to collect. As can be guessed, there are two main ways of getting new heroes. The first one is doing the story missions multiple times and collecting the tickets. And the other one is summoning them: You can make free or “premium” summons.

This is the screen where you get to make summons.

And these are the drop rates. You can also see the individual probability of every hero. However, if you make a “10-gacha” summon, at least one SR-level hero is guaranteed.

Play OVERHIT on BlueStacks

In our BlueStacks setup guide, we showed you how to make infinite summons, so make sure to read that article too. Overhit heroes have three rarity levels (R, SR, SSR) and different abilities. The holy trinity of RPGs can be seen in this game too: You need to recruit tanks, healers, and damage dealers to your party. Each party can host up to 5 heroes and you must select the best heroes for these jobs: Otherwise, you won’t be winning any fights.

Grimoire Equipment: Unique Weapons For Your Heroes

We mentioned that Overhit has a couple of new mechanics, and grimoire equipment is one of them. Basically, these are unique weapons for your heroes, which will give them new skills or greatly empower the current ones. You need to craft them with a material called “grimoire core”, and once they are created, you can start enhancing them too.

These materials can be obtained from end-level activities and crafting your first grimoire equipment will take a quite long time. If you don’t like to wait, you can craft “fake” grimoire weapons, which will still give bonuses to your heroes, but not as much as the “real” ones. Fake grimoire equipment requires “false cores” to craft and each hero has its unique weapon/item.

Overall, Overhit contains every feature we are used to seeing at gacha games and adds high-quality visuals & a couple of new features on top of them. If you like playing such games, you should definitely take a look. And we believe that Overhit will gain new features with future updates, so this will be a good time to start. We have a couple of other guides for Overhit, so you should take a look at them too. May all your summons should result in SSR heroes, good luck!

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