OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best...

Making sure that your characters are wearing the right equipment is one of the first steps towards a successful team in OVERHIT. In fact, exceptional gear is probably the most powerful upgrade you can give a hero, so it’s important to know how to get, upgrade, and equip the best items for each champion.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

At a glance, gear might seem a little complicated, but don’t worry. In what follows, we’ll straighten it all out and clarify exactly what you should try to loot and craft. In OVERHIT, there are four types of items your heroes can equip:

  • Weapons,
  • Armor,
  • Accessories, and
  • Grimoires (unique to each character).

Each piece of equipment features a main stat, a fixed substat, and 1-3 variable substats. But let’s take a closer look to get a better idea of what each of our heroes should wear.

Weapon Types and Stats

From swords to staves, books, bows, and more, you’ll find several types of weapons in OVERHIT. Whether you equip your tank with a sword or a book, however, is of little importance. What truly matters is how well the substats on these items match the role of each specific hero.

In the case of weapons, the main stat is ATK. In other words, all weapons will buff the wearer’s attack damage, regardless of their type. The higher a weapon’s level, the higher its ATK buff.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

The fixed substat for weapons can vary between Crit Rate, Accuracy, Status Effect Success Rate, and Healing Ability. Although it cannot be changed, this substat can be enhanced by raising a weapon’s level cap.

Finally, the variable substats for weapons include Crit Rate, Damage Dealt, Accuracy, Status Effect Success Rate, and ATK. These stats cannot be altered, while the number of variable substats on a weapon is determined by the latter’s rank. A 3-star weapon, for example, will only have 1 variable substat, while a 5-star one will feature 3.

Armor Main and Secondary Stats

Armor items work just like weapons. The main stat on armors is DEF, while the fixed substat can range from Block Rate to Damage Reduction Rate, Healing Received, and Status Effect Resist Rate.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

The possible variable substats for armor items are Block Rate, Damage Reduction Rate, Healing Received, Status Effect Resist Rate, DEF, and Counter Rate.

Accessory Buffs and Stats

Hero accessories, on the other hand, have HP as their main stat, which can be improved through fortification. The fixed substat on an accessory can be Skill Cooldown Reduction, Crit Damage, Pierce Rate, Pierce Damage, and HP.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Depending on the rank of a particular accessory, the latter will feature one to three of the following variable substats: Skill Cooldown Reduction, Crit Damage, Pierce Rate, Pierce Damage, HP, and Fixed Damage. It is not compulsory that the variable substats on one item are unique. For example, you could have a pair of earrings with 3 x Crit Damage.

The Best Secondary Stats for Your Heroes

Before we move on to Grimoires, which are slightly different from all other types of gear, let’s take a moment to consider all possible item substats and whether they are suitable for your particular heroes. In OVERHIT, a team usually consists of 1 tank, 2-3 DPS, and 1-2 healers, so you’ll likely want to know what the best gear is for each of these three roles.

Tanks and healers, although very important for any composition, perform a fairly fixed job, so they are the easiest to gear. Tanks, for example, work best when they have weapons that feature Status Effect Success Rate, armor with Damage Reduction Rate, and accessories with HP. Healers, on the other hand, should equip a weapon with Healing Ability, armor with Damage Reduction Rate, and accessories with Skill Cooldown Reduction.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Gear choices are not as clear-cut when it comes to damage dealers, mainly because each Assault character tends to do his or her own thing and is, therefore, best complemented with specific substats. Ash, for instance, is a great single-target DPS with exceptional Crit potential due to his first ability. As such, the best gear for him includes Crit Rate on the weapon, Damage Reduction Rate on the armor, and Crit Damage on the accessory.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

How to Get More Gear and Upgrade Materials

You’ll find various types of gear during your first clear of most campaign stages. However, these items are usually fairly weak and are only suitable to be used as upgrade fodder. Two places where you can consistently find decent gear, as well as upgrade materials, are the four Raids (under Special) and the Warrior’s Armory (under Special > Terra Shift).

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

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To upgrade gear, access your Inventory and select an item. Then, you can either fortify the item (raise its level and its main stat) by sacrificing other pieces of gear of the same type and using upgrade materials or you can raise the item’s level cap (and fixed substat) by sacrificing a duplicate.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Still, in the Inventory, you can press the “Synthesis” button to combine 4 pieces of gear of the highest level (and of the same type – weapon, armor, or accessory) into 1 item of higher rank. If you have a lot of useless 3-star weapons, for example, you can easily fortify them to level 40 and then combine them into a delicious 4-star item.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Unique Grimoires and Additional Hero Abilities

Unlike all other types of gear, grimoires are unique to each hero. Our healer Sophia, for instance, can only use her specific item – the Solar Staff – to further improve her stats and unlock an additional ability. Grimoires are incredibly powerful pieces of gear, but they are also particularly slow to obtain.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Some, you will receive from completing missions and achievements. Most grimoires, however, you will have to craft. You can enter the crafting screen from the Lobby and, once, inside the forge, you can spend 10 Grimoire Cores to summon chests with 1 random piece each. Obviously, you’ll have to do this a few times in order to get the specific grimoires required by your team composition.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Once you’ve obtained a grimoire, you can upgrade it in two ways. First, like all equipment, grimoires can be fortified. To raise their level, however, you’ll have to use Untamed Sand, rather than other items. Second, you can raise the grade of grimoires by using Star’s Tears, another rare reagent that you can only find in specific events.

While some grimoire materials will be awarded to you during the campaign, you will find the bulk of your reagents in the Untamed Sanctum (under Lobby > Special). Since bosses tend to get feisty at higher levels, you might want to consider joining a guild that can help you win more encounters.

OVERHIT : How to Get the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Like your heroes, your heroes’ gear is fairly sophisticated business in OVERHIT. We tend to like this aspect of the game because it adds more complexity to pre-battle planning and, as such, makes every fight slightly more strategic. If you’re having trouble defeating opponents in the Arena, for example, you can bet on the fact that they gain their edge from all of these little details that have to do with hero and gear improvement.

Luckily, we’ve put together thorough BlueStacks guides to each and every aspect of the game, so don’t forget to check them out before you jump into the next battle.

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