It’s been a hot minute since we wrote about a mobile MMORPG like Perfect World Mobile; there have been just too many smash hits in other genres that captured our attention, and that we’ve written about these past few weeks. However, Perfect World Mobile has been around for a bit now, and we figured that now is as good a time as any to dive into this mobile MMORPG and write a few guides on it, beginning with the most important and pivotal topic; how to get started as a new player in this game.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

In some MMORPGs, getting started can be one of the most challenging tasks, especially in those games that seldom hold your hand and have you learn everything as you make your way through the story. PW Mobile, while not as cryptic and difficult to understand as some, definitely has you making some decisions from the very beginning, which might leave you thinking that you chose poorly and will have you wanting to restart to experiment with everything it has to offer.

Luckily, we’ve created this beginner’s guide for Perfect World Mobile, which you can read to learn how to begin your journey in this game, starting with your class choice.

Picking Your First Class

Perfect World Mobile is one of those games where there are multiple different races, each with their unique classes. The distinctions between your different options here are important since some races excel at certain roles while leaving much to be desired in others, which is mostly due to the classes available for each one. We’ve gone into great detail on this aspect in our class guide for Perfect World Mobile.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

However, if you want a quick crash course and recommendations on what each class does, then read on:


  • Barbarian: Slow, sturdy, and packing a great punch. These fighters are tough and can deal lots of damage when they eventually connect with their foes. This class is ideal for those who are looking to be the tanks in their groups.
  • Vulpine: Sporting a balance in stats, this class is quite unique due to the fact that it relies on debuffs to supplement its damaging skills. Truly a class that values a subtle approach to defeating its foes as opposed to brute force and direct damage.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile


  • Blademaster: Balanced in all aspects, even to the point of offering both offensive and crowd control skills. Make no mistake, this class is purely DPS, but their unique kit makes them suited for longer encounters, and even for acting as an offtank in a group.
  • Wizard: Fragile but deadly, Wizards pelt their foes with powerful spells from a distance, and also offer some crowd control capabilities. You won’t want to take a hit while playing as a Wizard. But then again, your foes will be long dead before they actually manage to get close enough to do so.

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Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

Winged Elf

  • Archer: Similar to Wizards, Archers boast tons of damage from a distance, but with more crowd control capabilities to complement their slightly lower offense. In terms of role, Archers also behave identically to the aforementioned spellcasters as they often sit behind and pelt their enemies from afar with devastating attacks.
  • Cleric: The only support class in Perfect World Mobile. While offering relatively little in terms of offense, they excel at both supporting their teams with buffs, as well as keeping them alive with their healing powers. No group is ever complete without a Cleric, especially when it comes to challenging tough content.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

There are plenty of different classes to choose from in Perfect World Mobile. While the specifics of each are much more than what we describe here, you should have enough info to make a good choice that adapts to your playstyle.

Progressing Through the Main Story

As a game that started out on the PC, Perfect World Mobile has quite a legacy to uphold, especially when it comes to story and narrative. Those who are interested in learning more about the events that unfold can definitely do so by paying attention to the many cutscenes and dialog offered within.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

However, players who just want to advance as fast as possible can simply click on the missions list in the top left corner of the screen. Instead of manually walking to the quest objective, or even having to do any questing manually, clicking this button will make you navigate automatically to your objective, saving you much time and effort. In fact, when the quest objective is to defeat a certain number of enemies, you can click this button again to make your character attack and hunt automatically until the objective is complete.

If you ever feel lost in Perfect World Mobile, just click on your current mission and let your character find his way to the objective.

Tutorials and You

Despite having such a long legacy as a PC MMORPG, there are many people that will be new to Perfect World, especially Perfect World Mobile. Luckily, this game is very beginner-friendly as it has many tutorials to explain the numerous systems you’ll find within. However, if you’re a veteran of this genre, you’ll probably be able to get by without sifting through all the cumbersome text boxes of the tutorial.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

Fortunately, Perfect World Mobile is unique in the fact that you can actually turn off the tutorials. If you go to the settings menu, you can find a “tutorials” option. Once you turn them off, you can breeze through the main story and quests without ever having to interrupt your game with tips on how to enhance weapons, upgrade skills, and use all the other aspects in the game. In other words, leave them on if you’re new. But if you’re an MMORPG expert, then, by all means, switch off the tutorials.

Beginner’s Guide for Perfect World Mobile

Despite being an awesome game, with plenty of polish and depth, Perfect World Mobile is similar to many mobile MMORPGs out there. For this reason, most experienced veterans might have a nice start on their own. However, for everyone else, you can get a nice start with your favorite class, and blaze through the main story, with the tips we shared in this guide.

This game is now available on Play Perfect World Mobile online on the cloud now.

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