Back in its heyday, Perfect World was one of the big MMORPGs, sharing the market with the other popular titles like World of Warcraft and Lineage 2. Unfortunately, the game has since faded into niche status, with only a few players populating the servers. However, this all changed in late 2019 when Perfect World Mobile released, giving players the opportunity to come back and continue enjoying the game that most of us spent our teen years grinding on.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

Just like most MMORPGs on the market, Perfect World Mobile has a steep learning curve. While the gameplay itself is quite straightforward, especially if you rely on the auto-combat and auto-navigation features, you still need to know what to spend your time doing in order to progress at a steady pace, instead of wasting your energy on things that won’t pan out in the future.

In this guide, we’re going to share a few tips and tricks for Perfect World Mobile that you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re just getting started.

Play on BlueStacks to Enjoy Superior Controls and Performance

We’re going to go out and say it: Mobile controls are not very good when it comes to enjoying games. Especially in longer sessions, your hands might start to cramp up by using the virtual buttons spread around a small screen, which can really put a damper on your fun. For this reason, the best way to enjoy Perfect World Mobile is, without a doubt, by playing it on PC.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

But how can you do that if it’s a mobile game, you ask? Well, by using BlueStacks, you can play Perfect World Mobile, and virtually any other mobile game on your PC, with just a few minutes of setup.

The best part about playing on your PC is being able to crank the graphics to the max and not having to worry about battery drainage, overheating, or performance issues. If you were playing on your phone, you’d need to have an expensive model in order to get good performance. This is not the case with BlueStacks as, by simply fulfilling our reasonable PC requirements, you can get the best FPS and graphics in any game.

Moreover, BlueStacks has several features to improve the player’s experience, one of the most important of which being the Keymapping Tool, through which you can create control schemes involving your mouse and keyboard for any game. For Perfect World Mobile, this means you can have better accuracy and reaction time in combat, and enjoy an experience similar to the original game back in the 2000s.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

Check out our BlueStacks guide for Perfect World Mobile to learn how to install and play this game on PC.

How to Level Up Fast

Leveling up in this game is important for two main reasons:

The first is that, by increasing your level, you will inherently become stronger by getting stat boosts. If anything, this is reason enough to invest time in grinding your level. However, the second reason is that, as you reach higher levels, you’ll also unlock other features that will be pivotal for upgrading your character in other areas, or accessing tougher challenges and other aspects of the game.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

There are several ways to increase your level, with the easiest being simply completing quests. By clicking on the missions in your quest log on the upper left, your character will navigate automatically towards the objective and attempt to complete it. This is the fastest way to quest in the game, and you can even do it while busy with other tasks on your PC. Simply click on the quest you want your character to complete and minimize BlueStacks to the background. Just remember to check back in a few minutes so you can send your character on another quest.

The other methods are a bit more involved and require completing specific challenges and dungeons. Some of these challenges include Phoenix Vale, Phoenix Creek, Stone of Madness, and Monster Massacre, among others. These challenges are limited and the allowances reset every day, so your priority should be to complete them whenever you can.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

You can check the list of available EXP challenges in the “EXP” tab of the Events menu, which is to the left of the minimap.

Do Those Cultivation Quests

Cultivation quests are another way to upgrade your character via unlocking new skills to add to your repertoire in combat. You must always do them whenever they become available as the quests not only help to advance your cultivation, but also give good experience on completion.

Once you reach level 9, you will unlock your first cultivation quest. And every 10 levels from then on, you’ll be able to challenge the next cultivation quest. This goes on until level 69, after which you’ll have to choose your cultivation path, which will impact your character’s development somewhat. However, until you reach that point, remember to always do your cultivation missions when they become available. You can always check the requirements of the next quest in the cultivation menu.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

Keep Your Skills and Gear Upgraded at all Times

As you unlock new challenges and missions, you’ll notice that they become tougher and tougher to beat with your base stats. Even if you increase your level, you might feel that the monsters are simply too strong for you to defeat consistently. This is because, just like with your level, you also need to focus on upgrading your gear and skills to get that extra push that will make things much easier.

Luckily, upgrading your skills and gear is pretty easy and straightforward; simply access the corresponding menu, select the skill or item you want to upgrade, and simply click on the appropriate button. For gear, you’ll need to “refine” the pieces, while for skills, you’ll simply need to “upgrade” them. If you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it, feel free to use the “Auto-Refine” and “Upgrade All” features, which will make the game do it for you.

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

Perfect World Mobile - Beginner Tips for Fast Leveling and Progression

Perfect World Mobile is by no means a difficult game to approach. However, by knowing how to proceed beforehand, you can get a headstart on your quest to become the strongest player. If you have any, leave us your best beginner tips and tricks in the comments below to help your fellow gamers out! 

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