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Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

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If you’re just beginning your journey in Perfect World Mobile, then you’re in for a treat. This mobile MMORPG has many races to choose from, each with their own unique classes. These classes, in turn, excel at specific roles, considering their exclusive skill sets. Are you a natural-born tank player who feels truly alive when they’re absorbing the enemy’s blows? Or an opportunist that enjoys raining destruction on the enemy from afar? Or perhaps a supporter that likes keeping their team alive with heals and buffs? There’s something for every type of player in Perfect World Mobile.

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

In this guide, we’re going to explore each class in this mobile MMORPG and elaborate on their strengths, weaknesses, and general playstyle. If you’re interested in learning what each class can do, before actually committing to one, then read this guide. Alternatively, if you’re just getting started in Perfect World Mobile and want to learn the basics, please feel free to read our beginner’s guide for this game.

Initial Considerations: Ranged Versus Melee

While each class is different in many aspects, the first thing you’ll need to consider before choosing is their attack range. Melee classes are, for obvious reasons, riskier to use as they’re always face-to-face with the enemy. As such, they’re frequently clipped by the enemy’s stray attacks, and are always at risk of getting cleaved by an AoE. On the other hand, ranged classes can always keep the pressure up as they can not only attack from a distance, but they can do so while remaining mobile and avoiding enemy attacks.

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

In other words, ranged classes in Perfect World Mobile are usually the safest options, while also offering some of the highest damage in relation to the rest. Nevertheless, they’re trickier to use since they require proper positioning and timing to do optimal damage. Meanwhile, while melee classes lack the ranged capacities and mobility of the others, they make up for it with better defenses and resilience, in general.

Ultimately, while the type of unit is important, you should choose the class you’re comfortable with and that appeals to you the most.


Race: Untamed

Role: Melee, Tank.

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

The only proper tank in the game, and one of the “mandatory” classes when it comes to challenging tougher content in the game. These melee warriors are slow, sturdy, and can deal tons of damage in their standard forms. However, they can also morph into an animal form, boosting their defenses even further and giving them the ability to taunt the enemy.

Due to their ability to absorb copious amounts of damage and deal it back to the enemy, as well as to taunt foes during group content, Barbarians are usually very beginner-friendly and a safe choice for your first if you’re not sure what to pick. However, even though they’re tough nuts to crack, they’ll still rely on a Cleric to stay alive against the toughest bosses.


Race: Humans

Role: Melee, DPS, Off-tank

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

The only other pure melee class in Perfect World Mobile, which is even stronger in terms of damage, in relation to Barbarians. Armed with dual swords, this class boasts a good balance of offense and defense, even offering some crowd control abilities that will come in handy when playing as an off-tank. While he can’t take nearly as much damage as the Barbarian, nor does he have a dedicated taunt skill, his superior defenses, compared to the other classes make him quite a tough cookie

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Blademasters, however, are slow to start as they require multiple cultivations in order to unleash their full potential. For this reason, they could feel a bit weak early on, taking more time to defeat monsters. But don’t worry, once they get started, they become veritable powerhouses that can even morph their weapons to gain access to new skills, including one of the most powerful stuns in the game, which can stop groups of monsters in their tracks and leave them vulnerable to attacks.


Race: Untamed

Role: Ranged, DPS

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

Vulpines have a different approach to dealing damage than any other class in Perfect World Mobile. Instead of rending their foes asunder with martial prowess, or burning them to cinders with magic, or pelting them with arrows, they value a subtle approach to dealing damage, preferring DoTs and debuffs over direct damage. To this end, Vulpines wield a variety of poisons and negative effects against her enemies, which are then too weak to fight back.

Aside from that, Vulpines in Perfect World Mobile can also summon pets to do her bidding, and then use specific abilities to buff their damage for a period of time. In this sense, while not tanky at all, they can actually go toe-to-toe against some of the toughest enemies with the assistance of their loyal minions.


Race: Humans

Role: Ranged, DPS

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

One of the glass cannon classes in Perfect World Mobile, who has tremendous potential for destroying hordes of foes with a flick of their wrists. These spellcasters wield the elements to rain destruction upon their foes, though they’re quite fragile. Furthermore, while they have some crowd control abilities, this is far from what their kit is all about. While they can get away from a pinch, they’re still very fragile once the enemy actually manages to close the distance.

Luckily, while they’re fairly weak when it comes to defenses, Wizards have several skills to keep themselves safe from direct assaults, including a dodge that they can use in case of emergencies. This dodge is quite important since, due to their high damage, they often take aggro away from tanks and often become targets for the enemy. However, when paired alongside a tank and a healer, Wizards are top-tier powerful when it comes to dealing damage.


Race: Winged Elves

Role: Ranged, DPS

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

The only other glass cannon in Perfect World which, like the Wizard, can do tons of damage in a short amount of time. However, despite also being a ranged DPS, Archers differ from the aforementioned spellcasters by offering quite a bit of crowd control to keep foes at bay. Furthermore, while their special attacks and shots look magical in nature, like the Wizard’s attacks, they’re actually physical, which means that they scale with weapons and armor that increases physical damage.

When paired with a Blademaster, Archers are a great asset since they can rotate their crowd control abilities with the melee attackers and keep enemies stunned for longer than usual. Furthermore, while as fragile as the Wizard, they have a passive skill that allows them to dodge attacks with a set percentage.


Race: Winged Elves

Role: Ranged, Support

Class Guide for Perfect World Mobile

The only true support class in Perfect World Mobile, which offers skills for both healing and buffing teammates. However, they have an important tradeoff in terms of damage, since they can’t really dish out as much as any other class in the game. Despite this important shortcoming, however, Clerics are pretty much mandatory for group content as they are responsible for keeping the entire group alive. In this sense, while healers are optional in other games, Clerics are in high demand in Perfect World Mobile. Furthermore, while not very strong in terms of damage, they’re quite fun to play as you not only get to DPS the boss, but also keep your allies alive.

If you like an active playstyle, with plenty of elements to keep you on your toes at all times, then we definitely recommend playing with the Cleric.

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