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The Ultimate Weapons Guide – Rules of Survival

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

In this guide, we take a look at all of the weapons currently in Rules Of Survival and compare them amongst each other. Take a read through to learn about which weapons are best for different situations in-game.

Currently there are 17 weapons in Rules Of Survival. We’ve split all of these 17 weapons into 4 different tiers. You’ll be able to know whether you should drop a weapon for another if the weapon you’ve found is in a higher tier.

It’s been a while since we created this guide, the game has seen several updates since. Thus, to account for the updates, we have created a new version for the Weapons Guide for 2019, do check it out.

Tier 1 Weapons

The Ultimate Weapons Guide – Rules of Survival

Let’s start with the best of the best. These are the most powerful, rarest items currently in Rules Of Survival.

Currently, the tier 1 weapons list consists entirely of assault rifles and snipers. Generally speaking, close ranged weapons are only useful at the beginning of the game, so it’s always best to swap out your shotguns and SMGS for a long ranged weapon like those in the tier 1 list.

Assault Rifle – M14EB

The M14EB is the perfect blend between sniper rifle and assault rifle. It’s accurate and fires faster than all snipers but still has 40 rounds to go through, so it can easily double up as a mid-range weapon too.

Assault Rifle – M249

If you like getting up close and personal, the M249 is the weapon for you. It’s only found in supply crates so it’s quite hard to get hold of, but it’s well worth the effort. This weapon has 100 rounds per magazine and can shred through players quickly, especially at close range.

Sniper – Barrett

The Barrett is the best sniper in the game. It one-hit kills all players and can only be found in supply crates. If you see this weapon, it’s always worth going for. Our only complaint is that it’s hard to come by.

Sniper – AS VAL

Whilst in the sniper class, the AS VAL is better considered as a weapon for medium distance engagements. It has a fast fire rate and a 20 round mag. It is also exclusive to supply crates.

Tier 2 Weapons

The Ultimate Weapons Guide – Rules of Survival

Tier 2 still includes a number of great weapons, but they’re not god tier level like the weapons above. This tier also includes the only two close ranged weapons that are viable later in the game.

Assault Rifle – AR15

The AR15 is a very stable assault rifle that can take a lot of attachments. If you’re lucky to find the right gear, you can turn this into a long ranged AR-sniper hybrid. Unfortunately, the damage is low in comparison to other assault rifles.

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Assault Rifle – M4A1

The M4A1 is essentially the middle ground for assault rifles. It has a moderate stability and a moderate damage rating. It has a number of unique attachments that make it a potential beast if you can find the right equipment.

Shotgun – AA12

The AA12 is a fully auto shotgun that can shred through players at close range. It’s a great weapon for players that struggle to aim, but later in the game it loses its value.

Sniper – AWM

The AWM is a rare loot item found outside of supply boxes. Unfortunately, the AWM damage is very poor. The long range makes it a worthwhile choice despite the low damage.

Sniper – SVD

The SVD is essentially the same story as the AWM – it’s another sniper that can be found in buildings. It does low damage for a sniper but the long range make it a better choice than most other weapons.

SMG – Thompson

Most SMGS aren’t worth picking up, but the Thompson’s insane fire rate makes it formidable at close range. At long range, the Thompson is once again useless.

Tier 3 Weapons

The Ultimate Weapons Guide – Rules of Survival

Tier 3 includes the weapons you may have to use if you find them, but you should get rid of them as soon as you find something better.

Assault Rifle – AKM

Out of all assault rifles, the AKM deals the most damage. The trouble is, the AKM stability is terrible. Trying to aim this thing is almost impossible, which makes it a terrible choice, especially at range.

Shotgun – M870

The M870 is slow-firing and is only useful in close quarters. It’s not worth picking up when the slow fire rate can be unforgiving and the limited range makes it useless later in the game.

Pistol – Desert Eagle

Both pistols in Rules Of Survival aren’t worth using unless you don’t have another weapon, but the Desert Eagle does more damage than the G18C so it’s worth picking up over the G18C.

Tier 4 Weapons


If these are the first weapons you find, you may have to pray that luck is on your side because they’re all terrible in comparison to the other weapons in the game and should be thrown away as soon as you find better alternatives.

Shotgun – Model 1887

There’s nothing about this shotgun that makes it a viable option unless you’re point blank in another player’s face and are good at aiming. This weapon has only two shots per reload and it’s incredibly slow firing. If you’re not close enough, you may not even be able to kill somebody even if you hit both shots.

Pistol – G18C

The only reason you should pick this up is if it’s the first weapon you find. The damage is very low and at long range it’s very hard to use. The only positive to the G18C is that it has a very fast fire rate.

SMG – PP19

Terrible stability, low range and very little damage make the PP19 one of the worst weapons in the game.


The MP7 is similar to the PP19 but it does have slightly better stability.

Melee Weapons

You shouldn’t use a melee weapon if you have an actual gun, but always pick one up anyway. If you can, find the Rubber Chicken because this weapon can give you faster running speed.

Besides that, all of the melee weapons seem to be the same in terms of damage. Here’s an overview of the melee weapons available:

  • Frying Pan
  • Crowbar
  • Rubber Chicken


Thanks for reading our expert items guide! Which of these weapons is your favorite? Do you find yourself using weapons in tier 2 or tier 1 the most often? We would love to hear from you!

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