Looking for the best places to land and loot in Rules of Survival? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve listed some of the sweetest loot spots as well as some of the biggest PVP areas.

Whether you’re after some quick action, a safe looting experience during the early game, or anything in between, this guide will have the information you’re looking for.

We have split this guide into two sections – the best places for quick PVP and the best places for safe looting. Take a look at our top picks below.


Learning The Map


Rules of Survival Map


Before we showcase where the best landing spots are, take a look at the map screenshot we’ve provided above. Get accustomed to the different areas and their names.


Landing For Loot


Rules of Survival Best Loot Places


If you’re looking for spots to land where you can get kitted up without having to worry about too many players getting in the way, this first section of looting spots will be for you.

Whilst it can be great fun to jump into the action right away, running around trying to find a gun whilst other people shoot at you isn’t fun. Using the loot spot below will ensure you’re able to get all of the gear you need without having to engage whatsoever.

Typically, these places have few people landing nearby. As a result, the loot isn’t as good as some of the high value areas, but with a few minutes of safe looting you’ll be geared up anyway.


Observatory and Surrounding Houses

The observatory area and the buildings surrounding it are perfect for looting for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are many houses to check. This means that even if a player lands near you, you can most likely find your own house to loot, away from danger.

The loot here is reasonable, especially in the observatory area. You’re most likely to find players right at the observatory area and fewer players in the houses scattered around nearby.


Wheat Town

Wheat Town is the perfect spot for those that want to loot quietly and then jump straight into the action once they’re geared up. You can loot the farm houses scattered around the town and then once you’ve got the weapons and armor you need, you can go to the Defense Fort to pick off any remaining players.

Chances are by the time you’re looted up from the Wheat Town area, most of the players in Defense Fort will either be dead or will be healing up from fights, so you should be able to take kills from afar and then clear up all of the dead players’ loot.


Buildings Near Chemical Depot

The Chemical Depot is very similar to the Observatory when it comes to density of players and buildings to loot. The only reason you may want to go to the Chemical Depot instead of the Observatory is if you’d rather avoid hotly contested Training Base.

Because the Chemical Depot is the furthest from any major landmark, it’s usually slightly quieter than the Observatory as well.


Logging Camps

The Logging Camps area doesn’t have many buildings to loot in comparison to the other areas listed above. If you don’t find any good gear you may be forced to charge into the Thermal Power station which is usually filled with players.

The plus side to the Logging Camps, however, is that it’s usually rare to see many other players land here.


Squirrel Depot

Squirrel Depot itself rarely gets much attention. With it being in the bottom right corner of the map, it’s often far away from the end circle, so most players avoid it.

With that being said, it can be one of the quietest places on the map. If you want to find a place even quieter, the field to the left of Squirrely Depot is even better.


Landing For PVP


Rules of Survival PVP Places


If it’s action you’re after, you may not care about spending time to loot up. If this is the case, the top PVP spots we’ve listed below are perfect for landing at.

Be warned – land at these spots and you’ll be thrown straight into the action. Make sure you grab a weapon as quickly as possible because you’re going to need it.


Bitter Lake Apartments

Bitter Lake in general is an incredible spot for lots of action, but most of the fun goes down in the big apartment building. This multi-story area is filled with good gear and dozens of players land here at the start.

There are two tactics for Bitter Lake Apartments. You either run in and find a shotgun as quickly as possible and then fight it out in the apartment rooms, or you find an assault rifle and fire at the apartment players from afar.


Training Base

Training Base is very close to Bitter Lake so it makes sense why it’s also a hotspot for activity. This place has a lot of great gear to pick up but because it’s such an open area, you’re very vulnerable from long ranged fire.

Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings for a chance to fight it out and survive in the Training base.


Thermal Power

Thermal Power is never as busy as Training Base or Bitter Lake, but it still usually gets half a dozen players landing there. The big power station building in the middle is filled with assault rifles and high value loot, so it’s worthwhile to make your way into there.

Just make sure you watch out for players camping the tight corners in this building.


Rust Bay

Rust Bay is massive and slightly disorientating when you first land, but with some experience you’ll be king of Rust Bay in no time. In terms of player count, it’s somewhere in between Thermal Power and Bitter Lake.


As Soon As You Can Jump

If you’re bored of going to the same areas, consider spamming the mouse button to be let out of the plane as soon as you’re able to leave it. Many players jump right out of the plane as quickly as possible so this can be a great way to get into combat quickly in some unique areas of the map.



Thanks for reading out guide on the best places to land and loot in ROS. Go try these spots out in game and then let us know which are your favorites!

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