Want to know more about some of the best Rules of Survival loot spots that most people forget about? Take a read through this article.

We’ll be delving into some of the best looting spots on the map that people seem to forget, or just outright undervalue. There are quite a few places on this list, so make sure to visit them all to find the spots you like the most.

It will all come down to personal preference – some spots will get you geared up very quickly, and are filled with activity at the start of the game, whilst others may take slightly longer to loot but are relatively quiet when it comes to player interaction.


Rust Bay


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Let’s start with Rust Bay. This place is a large port that is filled with buildings. Rust Bay is jam-packed with buildings and most of these buildings have a lot of loot potential.

Rust Bay gets a fairly large amount of attention from players at the start of the game, but it isn’t as busy as a spot like Bitter Lake. If you visit Rust Bay, loot up and then leave straight away, you usually won’t have any issue with coming into too many players at the start of the game.


Safe Store


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Safe Store is like a mini version of Rust Bay. It’s slightly smaller in area and has a lower concentration of buildings, but there’s usually less attention from other players.

Safe Store has a total of five different warehouses – these are the places you’ll want to visit to get the best loot. In most cases, you’ll usually see only 2-3 other players land at Safe Store, which means you’re given the freedom to get your own warehouse, loot up, and then leave.

Alternatively, you can go visit the occupied warehouses after looting to take down any players that also landed at Safe Store.


Squirrel Depot


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Squirrel Depot is a very good place to loot in Rules of Survival. Not only does it feature 4 large warehouses and two large buildings, but it gets very little attention from other players.

Because Squirrel Depot is so out of the way in comparison to the other good loot spots, it’s certainly one of the best places to go if you want to loot without getting into fights with other players right away.


Wheat Town


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Wheat Town is a very large area that has buildings spread out across a big field. Because of the way Wheat Town has been laid out, many players don’t bother looting it.

It may take longer to reach all of the buildings in Wheat Town than it does to loot somewhere else, but the loot you can get in each building is surprisingly good.

If you’re happy to spend a little bit longer in each game to avoid any fights at the start, Wheat Town is one of the best spots on the map for Rules of Survival.


Research Edifice


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


The Research Edifice has two large warehouses and a large pyramid building that is absolutely packed with loot. You’ll see a few players land at the Research Edifice, but it doesn’t get as much attention as Bitter Lake does.

The great thing about Research Edifice is that the pyramid building has one of the highest concentrations of loot in the entire game. Just watch out for campers – many players climb on top of the pyramid and wait for unsuspecting players to walk by.


Thermal Power


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Thermal Tower has 4 large warehouses and a number of smaller buildings that are great to loot as soon as you start the game. There are safer places to loot in Rules of Survival, but Thermal Power is still quieter than some of the more PVP-focused areas.

If you don’t mind dealing with a few players at the start of the game so long as you can get loot as quickly as possible, then Thermal Tower will be a good spot for you.


Bitter Lake


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Bitter Lake is one of the most hectic spots to land – everybody goes there to get quick PVP action. What’s interesting is that because so many players go here to fight, the houses on the outskirts don’t really get that much attention. These houses are packed with good loot and you’ll be ready to join in on the action in just a couple minutes of looting.

Just keep in mind that landing at Bitter Lake can be very dangerous.


Echo Valley


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About


Echo Valley is another high-risk, high-reward spot in Rules of Survival. A lot of good players will land at Echo Valley to start fighting players right away.

Even with that in mind, there’s no denying that the loot at Echo Valley is very good. The trouble with Echo Valley is that if you want to loot here, you’re almost forced to jump into the action. There’s no safe way to loot Echo Valley without running into somebody eventually.

If you want action and want to loot up quickly, choose Echo Valley, otherwise you’ll find an easier time pretty much anywhere else on the map.


Looting Airdrops


Incredible Rules Of Survival Loot Spots Most People Forget About

If you’re still struggling to get your hands on some good gear later on in the match, make sure to watch out for airdrops.

Picking the right time to go for an airdrop can be tricky, but if you time it right, you’ll rarely have much opposition when you go to loot it. If you try to loot an airdrop too early in the game, you’ll find that there will be a lot of attention on the drop because the player count for the match is still quite high.

If you try to loot an airdrop that landed near the end of the game, you may run into the same problem – there may be fewer players alive, but the playable area will be so small that everyone that’s alive will be able to see you as you go to loot the airdrop.

We’ve found that the best time to loot an airdrop is when there are 20-30 people left alive. Usually, the zone is big enough at this point that it’s fairly safe to move from spot to spot without being spotted by too many people. If an airdrop lands near you, you should have a good shot at getting it without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Keep in mind that whilst airdrop loot can be good, you can never guarantee that you won’t find somebody else there that also wants the airdrop.

What are your thoughts on these looting spots? Are there any areas on the Rules of Survival map that you love to loot that we’ve missed out? Let us know!

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