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Want to know how to get yourself more wins in Rules of Survival? Take a read through this massive list of tips to find out about the biggest tips and tricks most players don’t yet know about.

Some of these tips are nothing more than general common sense, whilst others aren’t so obvious. When you use all of these tips whilst playing Rules of Survival, you’ll immediately be increasing your chance to win the game.

Play Rules Of Survival On BlueStacks

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

The first tip we can offer is to make sure you’re playing on an emulator like BlueStacks. Whilst it may seem more convenient to play on your mobile, you’re mostly just giving yourself a disadvantage for doing so.

Trying to move around and aim on mobile has a number of disadvantages. The better aim you can get from playing on BlueStacks just can’t be matched when playing on a mobile device.

Turn Your Sound Up And Use Headphones

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

Another tip that goes hand in hand with playing on BlueStacks is making sure you have your sound turned up. You should also use headphones if you can. With this, you’ll be able to hear vehicles footsteps and gunshots much clearer.

By being able to hear more clearly, you won’t be caught off guard as easily. Mobile phones do have built-in speakers but it can be very hard to hear where sound is coming from when using mobile speakers. Using headphones is a far better way to hear everything in Rules of Survival as easily as possible.

Always Pay Attention To The Zone

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

Before we even think about trying to outplay other players, make sure you’re not getting outplayed by the game itself. As each game in Rules of Survival progresses, the playable area will get smaller and smaller.

You should always pay attention to the playable zone so that you don’t get caught out. If you stop paying attention you may end up being caught in the gas – once this happens, it can be very difficult to get back into the playable area without being killed by the gas first.

Fortunately, there are plenty of prompts for when the zone gets smaller. The easiest prompt is to see the white circle on the mini map in the top right corner of the screen.

Crouch When You Can

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

Mobile players don’t particularly have the best in-game perception. They are given a very little screen to play on and most of that screen is taken up by their hands so that they can control the game.

To make yourself harder to spot, you can use the crouch button. You could also consider using the lie-down button to go prone. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to stay out of sight of most players just by playing it a bit safer and by not running around everywhere.

Don’t Stand Still

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

Here’s another great tip that’s useful for playing against mobile players. Try to stay mobile at all times.

Once a mobile player manages to get their crosshair on you, they’ll get a bit of auto aim that will help them to stay locked onto you. To avoid this from happening to you, try to move about as much as possible.

Move left and right when in a fight, for example. If you can’t stay hidden, do your best to stay out of the crosshairs of other players instead.

Look For Backpacks, Helmets, Armor And Med Kits

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

Before you go rushing in to get more kills, make sure you’ve got the basic equipment first. The most necessary items in Rules of Survival include a backpack, armor, a helmet, medkits, and of course a weapon.

Without all of these things, you’ll be at a disadvantage to players that do have these things. Helmets and armor will mean you will take less damage per hit. Medkits will let you heal up when your health is low and backpacks will let you carry more items and ammo.

Stay At The Zone Edges In The Late Game

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

For a better chance at surviving in the later stages of the game, try to stick to the edges of the playable areas.

If you move right into the center, you’re putting yourself in more danger. This is because most players will be looking inwards towards the center of the play area.

If you play at the edge of a playable area, you won’t have to worry about looking behind you and you’ll find it easier to conceal your position until you absolutely need to engage in a fight.

Always Heal Up

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

It’s very easy to forget to heal up after winning a fight in Rules of Survival, but if you forget to heal you’ll be at a disadvantage in your next fight.

Always pay attention to your health and if it gets below 80%, heal up with a medkit or some bandages. This way, you will have a better chance to win your next encounter with another player because your health will be higher.

Watch Out For Bombing Zones

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

This is another tip that just requires you to pay a bit more attention during a game. If you see a message on your screen that reads ‘you are now in the bombing zone!’ you should get inside as quickly as possible.

If you stay outside whilst in a bombing zone, you have the chance to be hit by a bomb. This will instantly end your run. It’s really not a fun way to go.

Pick The Right Server

Rules Of Survival: Ultimate Expert Tips List

As a final step, make sure that you pick the right server. You can pick your server on the main login screen. Go for a server that has the least ping. If there are two servers with relatively similar ping, don’t go with the busiest server.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that game performance is at its absolute best.

What are your thoughts on our expert rules of survival tips list? Are there any tips in this list that have helped you to get more wins?

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