Want to know how to get more wins in Rules of Survival and climb up the ranks? In this guide, we take a look at some of the top tips for securing yourself more wins, more kills, and quicker rank ups.

Before we start, make sure you read our guide on setting up your controls within BlueStacks so that you have the optimum settings ready. After that, come back here and we jump straight into the action.

Keep in mind that whilst these tips will help you to secure more wins in Rules of Survival, with everything perfection comes with practice.


Top Tips For More Wins In Rules Of Survival

We’ve listed a number of tips below. Make sure to read through them all to increase your chance to get more wins.


Tip 1: Land Safely

This has to be one of the best tips we can offer. Many players jump into the most populated areas and die immediately over and over. It’s a misconception that to get good you must fight your way through the best areas for the best loot.

Take a different approach and land somewhere quieter, away from the action. Whilst the quieter places may have less loot, you will have more time to loot safely. When you’ve finally got enough gear you can then jump into the action.

We’d suggest checking out our guide on the best spots to loot to which safe places to land.


Tip 2: Turn Your Sound Up

Sound is incredibly important in Rules of Survival. You can use sound cues to learn about where players are. From footsteps to gun shots, sound can tell you so much information.


Rules of Survival Turn Sound Up


We’d also suggest using headphones – they help you to determine where sound is coming from better than speakers can.


Tip 3: Always Play For The Zone

In Rules Of Survival, the zone is constantly shrinking. Stay ahead of the game by constantly keeping an eye on where the next zone will be. If you get sidetracked with looting or killing players, you may forget to check the zone progress and that could land you in a situation where you may not be able to outrun the deadly gas.

The best thing to do is start near the center of the map and then always be moving towards the next zone at all times. Try to minimize your time outside of each following zone and gas will never be a problem.


Tip 4: Shoot To Kill

It’s very tempting to just shoot at any person you see, but by doing this you’re giving the other player more of an opportunity to shoot you back.



If you see a player that hasn’t seen you yet, wait for the perfect moment before you start opening fire. The best thing to do is ask yourself whether you’re confident you’ll be able to kill the player if you start firing. If the answer is no, you may want to reconsider firing in the first place.

Things to keep in mind are the cover a player could hide behind if they get shot at, the speed at which they’re moving, and how far they are away from you.


Tip 5: Don’t Use Vehicles Unless You Have To

Vehicles can be a great way to get around the map quickly, but they give away your position. If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, you need to keep quiet.


Rules of Survival No Vehicles


By following tip 3, you will rarely ever be in a position where you actually need a vehicle. This way you won’t alert players and can keep your chances of survival higher.


Tip 6: Conceal Your Position In Late Game

Being quiet is important throughout the game, but it’s incredibly vital during the last few minutes of the game. There could be up to 20 players in a small area and they’ll all be trying their hardest to stay hidden.

If you see a player and start shooting them, you’ll be revealing your position to all of the remaining players in the area.

The best thing to do is keep your shooting to a minimum, only shoot when you know you can kill a player, and move position every time you shoot so that other players can’t pinpoint your location.


Tip 7: Double Check Buildings Before Entering

There are often moments in Rules Of Survival where gameplay is quiet. It’s easy to let your guard down in these moments and can often get you killed when you least expect it.

The best thing to do is always expect a player to be in a building you’re about to enter. Check each room carefully because you never know if a player could be hiding behind a corner with a shotgun.


Tip 8: Prepare Your Weapons Before Engaging

Speaking of shotguns, you should use them if you plan to enter a building. Every time you’re about to walk into a close quarters area, equip your best close quarter weapon. When you’re about to go out in the open, switch to your long ranged weapon.

You should also reload your weapons before moving into a potentially dangerous situation. By following the rules above, you’ll ensure you’re always ready for a fight should a player be nearby.


Tip 9: Scout The Area Before Looting A Player

Many players make the mistake of looting a player as soon as they’ve killed them. This is the worst thing you can do! If you’ve just had a gunfight with a player, all other players in the area will know about your location. Wait a few moments and keep an eye out for other players before looting.


rules of Survival Looting Care


You should also hide behind cover and heal yourself fully before going to loot a dead player. This way, if another player is camping the loot box, you’ll have a better chance at surviving their attack and responding appropriately.



Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on how to get more wins in Rules Of Survival. We hope the information in this guide will prove to be valuable.

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