Want to know how to improve your aim in Rules of Survival? In this guide, we have laid out some of the best tips and tricks so that you can increase your aiming skill.

Before we begin, keep in mind that like everything in life, improving your life does take practice. Play more Rules of Survival and your aim will slowly begin to get better. With that being said, there are some tips you can use to speed up that process.


Use An Emulator


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


The first step we would suggest, and we can’t stress this enough, is to use an emulator. When you play on your mobile, you are immediately limiting your capability. Mobiles and touch screens are great for arcade and puzzle games, but they are very hard to use when playing 3D shooter games.

Trying to aim on a mobile device is very difficult. In Rules of Survival, aim is everything, so not being able to react to people properly will land you in a difficult situation. BlueStacks is a great emulator that has built in controls so that all you have to do is download Rules of Survival on BlueStacks and you’ll be good to play right away.

You can check out the BlueStacks Xpack for Rules of Survival which is loaded with game optimizations such as a dedicated Battle Royale Mode for the emulator which provides special controls to improve your play accuracy.


Play Full Screen


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


For those that already play on Bluestacks – here’s a good tip for you – play in full screen mode. If you play in windowed mode, you’ll be at a disadvantage and there are two main reasons why.

Firstly, full screen mode gives you a bigger space to focus on the game. This means it will be easier to spot enemies.

Secondly, by being in full screen, you’ll notice that the aiming is far smoother than it is in windowed mode. If you’ve played Rules of Survival on BlueStacks before but have noticed some issues with aiming, it may have been because you weren’t in full screen mode.


Get Your Sensitivity Right


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


This is a tip that will help your aim whether you’re playing on BlueStacks or on your mobile device.

In the settings menu for Rules of Survival, there are some options for changing the in-game sensitivity. Adjusting this will help you to get more precise aim. By default, the touch screen sensitivity is quite good, but you may prefer to make some adjustments.

If you are playing on BlueStacks only, you may prefer to make some big changes to the sensitivity – it will depend on what DPI you are currently on and what kind of sensitivity you are used to playing on.

Don’t change your sensitivity too much, though – it’s important to find a sweet spot and then stick to it. If you keep changing it each time you mess up your aim, it’s just going to take even longer to get your muscle memory up to scratch.


Take Your Time With Each Shot


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


One of the best ways to get easier kills in Rules of Survival is to take more time with each shot. Because most people are playing on mobile, their reaction times aren’t the best. This means you will have more time to respond to players and more time to line up the perfect shot.

By taking your time, you’ll find it easier to get headshots – this will do more damage per hit. Taking more time to line up your shot will also mean you’re less likely to miss your hits.

If you just open fire as soon as you see an enemy, chances are you will miss and you’ll just alert that player and any other players in the nearby area.


Keep Calm


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


It can sometimes be very difficult to stay calm when playing Rules of Survival. This is especially the case during the final few minutes of gameplay. If you really want to win, however, you have to learn to keep calm.

This is something you’ll get better at as you play more often. The more Rules of Survival matches you play, the more you’ll be confident at dealing with different situations.

Just give it time and remember that if you stay calm, you’ll often play a lot better as a result.


Use Third Person


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


The third person camera angle in Rules of Survival can be very useful. You can use it to get a view of other players whilst still staying behind cover.

The image above provides a great example of this – despite being able to see the player in the picture above, that player is unaware of us.

Learn to use third person to your advantage more often and you will be able to get sneaky kills on players that won’t even know you’re there.

A big part about improving your aim in games like Rules of Survival is to be prepared and know where to aim. If you see the player before they see you, aiming at them is easy. Trying to react to a player that saw you first is much harder.


Prone For Better Sniping


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


If you like to snipe or shoot players from a distance, you may find it easier to go prone.

By going prone, you’ll be making it harder for other players to spot you. You’ll also find that it’s far easier to aim whilst lying down. This is because there is less recoil when you lie down.

Make sure you find a good long ranged scope when trying this tactic. Without a good long ranged scope you will be somewhat limited.


Can’t Aim? Make It Harder For Others To Hit You Instead


Top Tips For Improving Your Aim When Playing Rules Of Survival


If you are struggling to aim, why not change thing around and make it harder for other players to hit you instead. There are a number of tips you can follow to achieve this.

Firstly, try to keep yourself hidden for longer – stick to the edge of each zone and only fire when you absolutely have to. This way, players are unlikely to find you.

Secondly, if you do come into contact with a player, stay mobile. Keep moving back and forth. This will make it more difficult for the other player to hit you.

If you just stay still whilst engaging with other players, you are making it much easier for them to hit you.

Did you think that these Rules of Survival aiming tips helped with your aim? Let us know how things went by leaving a comment below.

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