The open beta for Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global version has been available for a while in certain countries. Players who live in these countries certainly had a head start when it came to overall progress and party development. Western audiences might have a disadvantage having to play the game a little late, but it’s not exactly impossible to catch up to the beta players. Catching up is fairly easy, as long as you know the proper tricks to get you started on this route.

Fastest Way To Catch Up in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

To be completely honest, catching up does have its costs, and there’s no real way to do this without burning a ton of gems that aren’t for summoning new characters for your account. Despite that, even F2P players can use these methods but will have to sacrifice a lot of their hard-earned gems without using them to get characters or Divine Amulets that would otherwise be helpful in creating the perfect team. Don’t worry; it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Reroll For The Perfect Team

The best way for you to stop worrying about spending gems on other expenses is to create the perfect team right off the bat. If you play on BlueStacks, you can use the Multi-Instance Function to roll for the perfect characters in no time at all. You’ll want to reroll before you commit to an account to save time because while a full reroll might take a few hours, it’s necessary to get two to three 3-star characters for your team. Read up on our BlueStacks Rerolling Guide to learn more about how you can do this.

Fastest Way To Catch Up in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

This method benefits F2P players the most since they’re the players who are generally scarce on gems. Once you’ve built the perfect team, you’ll be able to progress through the game quite quickly and breeze through the content with as few hurdles as possible so that you can do a quick run through the game. Rerolling, in itself, is pretty fun, and you can decide to keep more than one account if you’re seriously thinking about playing competitively.

Mana Exchange

Starting out in Priconne, players are literally flooding with Mana because of how little the costs of upgrading characters and gear are. There are a few advantages to buying from the Mana Exchange, which you’ll need to do anyway to accelerate your progress and catch up to players. The most important advantage, of course, is the Mana. Mana is used for almost everything regarding upgrading aspects of your account and investing in resources that you’ll need in the future.

Fastest Way To Catch Up in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

The other important feature that you get from the Mana Exchange is Skip Tickets. These tickets make your life a lot easier and make farming Character Equipment quicker because of the Skip Bonus that you’re rewarded when you finish a quest using them. Buy as many Mana Chests as you can buy as long as you reach the minimum 30 chests bought for a greater bonus. Don’t split the purchase to 10 per day because it’ll yield a lower value from the overall daily bonus that you get.

Buying Energy

The biggest hurdle in catching up is the energy system. Energy refills every 6 minutes, meaning that you only get 10 energy every hour, which is only enough for one Main Quest stage. Waiting at least 8 hours each day to get a full energy bar is one of the worst feelings in energy-based games like these and can actually limit the amount of progress you make.

Fastest Way To Catch Up in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Buying energy is relatively cheaper than buying from the Mana Exchange and can cost 40 energy, which increases each time you buy a new refill. Those 40 gems are easily earned back by progressing through the storyline or watching character stories that you’ll need anyway to upgrade your characters. Spend as many gems as you feel you’ll need as long as you have the resources for your characters to catch up. 

Buying From The Shop

The shop contains a lot of things that you’ll need to upgrade your characters. The equipment, memory shards, and even upgrade materials are all necessary to catching up when it comes to Party Power. Most of the items in the item shop can be bought using Mana, which – if you splurge most of your gems at the Mana Exchange – is something that you’ll have an abundance of, so don’t be cheap about getting as much mana as you can buy this way.

Fastest Way To Catch Up in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

There are also some currencies that you might need to buy stuff from the shop. These include Arena Coins, Dungeon Coins, and future currencies that will launch when the game receives an update. A great feature on the Shop is the Bonus Shop that appears randomly when you complete a stage on the Main Quest. It sells rare items that would otherwise be more difficult to get on the regular run and will save you a couple dozen energy points.

Unlock All The Content

Unlocking all the content in the game is one of your highest priorities. The more modes you can play each day, the more rewards you’ll get on a daily basis. This means that you’ll have to work double-time on the Main Quest. You’ll have to do that while you slowly progress through all of those stages that contain materials needed to Rank Up your characters or ramp up their stats (if you equip them). Just make sure that you still keep the standard of completing each stage with 3-stars so that you’ll receive gems.

Fastest Way To Catch Up in Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Some content is still soft-locked on the Global Server and will take some time before they’re made available outside the Asian server. Make sure that you’re one of the people who are already waiting in line to complete these game modes. The more stuff you can spend your energy on, the more productive your leveling process will be. Finally, never leave your game with a significant amount of energy so that you don’t log in with an overflow that will go to waste.